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It's 5.30 a.m.


It's dark outside

We are now

On the way to the airport

We arrived in Valencia

Valencia is a Spanish city

It is the third largest city

Let me say it's the third largest city

I'm not afraid to say that you haven't done your homework

Valencia is at south, so the weather is nice

We have been walking for a long time now

Because today is January 1st, so

Almost all restaurants are closed

Finally, do you know where we eat?

We eat now


Here is what I ordered


There are tortillas

I can't see

the chicken

I am behind the Colombian market

It looks like that

I feel like everything is closed here

This is a 100% soccer fan

He's coming here now

To see the stadium

I'm in front of the Mestalla stadium

So the Valence stadium

So we can see it behind


This is the stadium that hosts Valencia CF matches

It's the bus!

Oh no...

Just now the bus we wanted to take

Passed before us

We've been walking for an hour now

Deep inside, I feel

Really happy ...

Because this person


Insists on walking to the beach



That person...

Remember this person well!

We have to go now

We still have thirty minutes on foot

I don't understand what she's saying, but it looks mean to me.

A walk of more than an hour ...

We walk all late afternoon

In other words

When we will get to the beach

It will be completely dark

I feel like I can wait there and watch the sunset ...

No, watch the sunrise ...

Too happy...

Baby, are you happy?


You're happy?

I am very happy!

He is really happy ...

We are entering now

In a restaurant by the sea

This restaurant is amazing

It is divided into two parts

The first part is the restaurant

The second is a night club

So now everyone inside the night club is jumping

You can hear the noise inside

Let me show you

There are still a lot of people waiting in line

Look, three stupids guys are inside


It's so big!

This is a snail

This grilled pork chop is particularly delicious

Sweet and tender

This person just said that rabbits are too cute and that it should not be eaten!

She's scared and tries to avoid the pieces of rabbits

She eats this piece and its most likely rabbit meat

Excuse me

Have you changed your mind?

No, I did not eat rabbit

I don't know if it's rabbit meat

I did not eat rabbit

It's because it's mixed

So we cannot distinguish

Chicken and rabbit

In fact, I don't know what is what

look at this

A boy who doesn't waste food

He's almost going to eat the stove

Today is January 2nd


The whole city is living again

There are a lot of people

Shops are also open

Let's go now

Basile will buy his jersey


My name is Basile


After buying the jersey

We are going to breakfast

Although it is 11:30 am

After having breakfast

We will visit the city center and its historic places

So let's walk (???)

(Tongue twisted)

Let's walk!

He's really excited now!

We are climbing a tower now

The stairs are moving a lot

My boyfriend's dizzy because he's afraid of heights

I'm not climbing anymore, ok?

Do you agree?


Well it is cool here, isn't it?

Oh yeah!

We are climbing now

It's okay?

Yep I'm fine!

He is completely dizzy

I'm not afraid

I'm not dizzy

Given the height ...

Behind that, you can see the panorama

Without having to queue in front of the cathedral

We are now

On top

I checked, this tower is called

Tower of Quart (In fact it is the tower of Serranos)

It's near the city center

You can see the houses behind

Everything looks beautiful

With lots of colors

Xiaoting, we can see you!

Its too scary here

Guess where we're going now

We're going to see Eddie Peng

Essential Phase!

We go to the blue wall

Eddie Peng took pictures there

So I'm going to take the same photo as him

That's it, but it's closed (I wanted to eat in this restaurant)


This wall is still there!


Ah it was Eddie Peng who was there?

Look, that's it. I will take the exact same photo

Look at this person

It's like that?

She takes the same photo as Eddie Peng

We chose an empanadas with bacon

It's weird!


It is like a pizza, actually?

Yes, no but it's too good!

It's lunch time

This rice is black because of the cuttlefish ink

It's a black "paella"

With cuttlefish ink and other things

Which rice do you think was better?

The cuttlefish rice was the best!

Which is cuttlefish one?

Is it the black one?

It is the one that looks like plums dried.

Dried plums, not plums dried (Error in Chinese)

I just talked about plums dried

What's the plan now?

Tomorrow we're going to go to a medieval town

Called ... Peniscola

Look at the station at night

It's super pretty

Here is

Potatoes and fish

There is



And mashed potatoes

For dessert, here is what I ordered

A creme brulee

I can't catch them

He will pick oranges

In these trees

These oranges can be picked



The others look at me

So what?

I can't choose

Jumped up!


So fresh

Here is the dessert after the meal

It's good?

Pretend it's sweet!

Pretend it's sweet!

Pretend it's sweet!

We're gonna pretend it's sweet for the others to eat

It's sweet

It's sweet?

You tried?

Hey, he said it's super sweet!

Huh? !!

It's super sweet!

Too sweet

I hope you won't have any disease tomorrow!

You want to try?


What about you Karen?

Its sweet!

It's sweet?

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