Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teen Wolf Cast Comic Con 2017 ✗ Feel Again

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Tyler: "It's hard to explain how close this show is to my heart and how close everybody

here is to me, and they make me happier and they save my life, and they show me that love

is alive and they're all so incredibly talented, every single one of them, every single person


Jeff, thank you for giving us the coolest opportunity ever, man.

We're the best buds ever, and this wouldn't have been possible without you."

"What, what this?"

Shelley: "Those are personal photos."

Tyler: "How did you get those?"

Shelley: "How did you get that?"

Tyler: "I sent them out."

Shelley: "Ah God dammit."

Tyler: "I was really excited.

Jeff: "...different cast in late season shows, so they love each other ya.

So it's like a family reunion."

Shelley: "No, don't do it."

Dylan: "This show started that way and then it always became home throughout, even when

I got another part or did something else in between on a hiatus, I just couldn't wait

to come home.

I couldn't wait to suit up as Stiles again.

I'd get all pumped, I'd get so excited that I'd get to go back to Stiles because I love

him so much."

"We got a trio of familiar faces coming back into Beacon Hills.

We have Stiles, Jackson, and Derek walking the halls."

Tyler: "Sick."

"What was it like having all three of those guys back...

I know he's..."

Charlie: "Excuse me."


Charlie: "I'm lucky that my character didn't die.

The saying is that nobody ever dies on Teen Wolf, but I was definitely grateful to have

run off to wherever I went to as Ethan."

Shelley: "The claws made it hard to use the bathroom."

Tyler: "I felt it made it more enjoyable to use, the claws."

Shelley: "You would."

Tyler: "I do.

Hey yo."

Dylan: "Hey yo."

Linden: "To me it was watching these kids

grow up.

I'm not their dad, and they got perfectly good dads, but...

God I couldn't be more proud of you guys.

I couldn't be more proud."

Melissa: "Greenberg and I have really come together."

Linden: "And how."

Melissa: "And how.

It took a little bit.

It took six seasons, but we finally go there and I think everyone will be very satisfied

with that."

Colton: "Love at first sight I think."

Linden: "And it's not PG either.

It's R rated, maybe hard R."

Shelley: "And he asked if I wanted to stay

on as Malia, and I was like, will you make her funny?

And he's like, well are you funny?

And I was like I guess we'll find out.

And that's how I joined the show."

Tyler: "You can't get pregnant at 18.

I've looked it up."

Shelley: "No, you can."

Tyler: "You cannot, I tried."

Cody: "Disclaimer out there that these are not fact checked."

shelley: "Smart.

Why do I hit people so hard, sorry."

Jeff: "Were you happy with your death scene?"

Dylan: "Ya."

Shelley: "You were really good in it."

Dylan: "In the death scene, ya.

Someone kicked me in the nuts in the death scene, so that wasn't nice, but other than

that is was..."

Shelley: "Sorry."

Tyler: "What?

Someone kicked you in the nuts?"

Dylan: "Ya, in my death scene."

"Tyler, nice lightsaber."

Tyler: "Thanks, I brought it from home."

"You brought it from home?"

Tyler: "I did.

Careful, it's real."

"Careful, this is your pack here.

Protect them."

Tyler: "I hate my pack."

"No you don't."

Shelley: "That's why the show is over."

Tyler: "One word?

Oh God."

Dylan: "Fear."

Khylin: "Fear."

Charlie: "Sex and death."

Tyler: "Sex and death."

Shelley: "Dylan, Malia winds up with Scott maybe."

Jeff: "Be careful here because somebody from the audience will throw something at my head."

Colton: "Where are you getting your juice McCall?"

Tyler: "What?"

Colton: "Where.

Are you.


Your juice?"

Tyler: "My mom does all the grocery shopping."

Dylan: "To this day, and I'm sure this will still maintain true for the rest of my career,

I'll always look back at Stiles being my ultimate favorite.

It's just the best character I could have asked for.

It's the best first thing I could have asked for."

Shelley: "We're not going anywhere."

Tyler: "We're not going anywhere guys."

Charlie: "You are all the best fans in the world."

Khylin: "In the world!"

Charlie: "And thank you.

Thank you, we love you."

Shelley: "In all of the universes."

Dylan: "Universes."

Tyler: "There's lots of them."

Charlie: "Multiverses."

Khylin: "We love you just as much."

Shelley: "All the colleges."

Dylan: "All the colleges."

Tyler: "Ya, thank you guys for sticking with us through the weird, the good, the bad."

Khylin: "The sex and the death."

Tyler & Dylan: "Sex and death."

Tyler: "Hang out with us to see what's next.

We have things that we're going to do outside of the Teen Wolf, and hopefully we'll come

back to the wolf one day.

I don't know about you guys, but I love these people, and I love you, and I really hope

that we did a good job at entertaining you, and showing you that we're normal real people,

and we just like to have fun on camera."

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