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Hey guys, Tyler here, your Puzzle Master Insider and today, I'll be giving you an

inside look at a metal puzzle from Pyrigan & Co., called Model #360.

Model #360 from Pyrigan & Co. in the United States is a metal puzzle

and I really actually don't know a whole lot about it.

There is a blue ball here in the middle, that rotates around. You can

move it with your fingers through these holes. And there's four holes as you go around the puzzle.

There's also these cut lines here. Now you can see right there,

there's two there and they kind of join side over and again and so it looks like

these two pieces separate like that.

It's a Level 9 on the Puzzle Master Difficulty Rating Scale which runs from 5 to 10.

It's actually a limited edition mechanical puzzle. This is one of 100 of these made and apparently it's

marked I believe maybe on the inside as that. And it's actually solid

aluminum that is nickel-plated. And the objective of the puzzle is to free that

ball in the middle here.

And so you got to get that out. And then I really-- no one

here knows the solution. These are a limited edition, so we haven't played

around with them a whole lot and they are going to be moving out the door

pretty quick here, I believe. So it's something that is really cool, it's a

heavy duty puzzle, heavy duty metal and it's got a few different symbols on it

too, here. It's got this-- this kind of like triangular thing with almost looks like

a pie shape. I don't know what that is on the inside; if it's a hint towards the

solution there. And then it's also got this stamp on the back here that says

Pyrigan & Co. Model #360. My thought is with that 360 thing is that

there's some sort of spin involved in this. So it's probably centrifugal

force when you move this back and forth and kind of hear pins moving around.

And it sounds like more than one pin. Now the interesting thing too, is that I

was told that you should-- when you open this thing, you should do it over top of something.

There's stuff apparently that's gonna fall out or something.

I don't know if it's pins or balls or what. There's something in here that's gonna

fall out and it's apparently not uh-- not

super complex is what I've been told, but it's a Level 9

There's very-- there's almost nothing that moves on this,

it's pretty crazy. So yeah, I don't know what else to tell you about this, it's a

great looking puzzle

and one that like I said, limited edition. So get them while you can.

Model #360 is available at PuzzleMaster.CA and you'll find a

link to it below in the description.

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