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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How she got an American Accent - 8 TIPS

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in this video you will get some advice

from one of my students who completely

transformed her accent she sounds so

good and sometimes people even think

she's a native speaker of English she

will tell you exactly what she did and

how she practiced I believe she will

really inspire you and after we watched

the video with her I will come back and

I will give you some very important

advice about practicing and also some

advice about learning languages in

general you did a lot of work on your

own and I was really impressed so I

would like to hear from you what did you

do to get your accent to be so good so

Anita practiced on her own before she

came to me I'd like you to hear how she

sounds I think she sounds amazing

alright for Anita tell us and then what

advice would you give thank you so much

Lisa it means a lot coming from you such

a great teacher two years ago I started

being more aware of my accent and I

wanted to improve it so because I'm an

actress and I wanted to have access to

more roles and to be more versatile and

so I would find my accent was a little

bit limiting me so consistently I

started working I would say five days a

week at least one hour a day okay so uh

so that consistency is really important

yes I found that it's you have to be

persistent and consistent sometimes it

can get frustrating but if you keep

going you improve what part of it gets

frustrating yeah sometimes when people

don't understand something that you're

saying or instantly they ask you out

where are you from and you want people

to just not ask you that question but I

guess it matters if you're an actor and

you want to sound like an American what

did you do to make such good progress

how did you do it so a few things if

he'd different things first I would say


I listen to audio accent reduction

exercises and repeat also another thing

that I used to do and I still do

actually is reading articles out loud

record myself and let and then listen to

see where I sound off and how my pace is

if my pace is fast enough because I

found that sometimes with foreigners we

don't speak as fast as natives I'm a

little bit aware of the phonetic

alphabet so the symbols of sounds

because I I did study English in my

country although it was focused more on

the British accent so sometimes I have

some difficulty and sounds that I'm used

to pronounce differently or

mispronounced and here it's just

different okay great well yeah that's

fantastic yeah yeah a few other things I

have an app on my phone that trains you

and having the right pace and also not

using this all the words that are water

a watering down our speech if people

don't understand what watering down

means can you explain what that is yeah

we use some words in our everyday speech

like basically anyways whatever so like

just that make our pace they're slowing

down our pace and it just doesn't sound

very confident so those words and what

does app do the app tells you how many

of those fillers you used so it actually

counts the fillers yes it does and it

shows you if your pace was slow a little

bit slow or if it was good and you found

that helps you it's pretty helpful so

you talk about a subject it might be

about famous people though the weather

food college and you talk for 30 seconds

or one minute

gives you different questions and then

it shows you the results that's

fantastic so Anita what is the number

one tip that you can give yours want to

sound like you you are a great role

model for everybody what's the best

technique that you have if somebody

wants to work on their accent yes so

it's very important to practice

consistently at least five days a week

one hour per day and be aware of the

axon all the time listening to people if

you watch TV listen to the actors in

their speech try to read out loud some

articles every day and then record

yourself and then listen and see if you

sound like natives or where your issues

are and then you can also talk to

yourself or talk to some native speakers

daily I have a vocabulary notebook with

the words that I don't know that well or

some expressions that I want to learn

that native speakers use everyday so I

read five pages from the notebook so you

make how many pages is your notebook I

think I have to

so maybe 50 pages fantastic yeah that's

great so it sounds like hundreds of

words hundreds of expressions yes yes

and also watching your favorite TV show

with sometimes with English subtitles

and you can write down some slang so you

pause it

you pause it and you write down um some

expressions that you don't know because

me because I learned English in a

different country we use some

expressions that you don't really use

here right so it's sometimes kind of

weird for people when they hear them it

throws them off

right that's great how many times do

people ask you where are you from I

don't think you get that question that

much yeah not anymore people from other

countries they think I'm American but

sometimes Americans either think that I

am from a different state or different

state in the United States United States

yeah or they tell me oh so you were born

in Greece you weren't born here but how

many years have you lived in the United

States this is my fourth year Wow only

four years in the United States that's a

fantastic you made great progress

Anita is such a wonderful role model but

she did the work that's required she was

motivated to practice every day and she

said she practiced one hour a day yes

you can change your accent but you have

to be willing to work hard and do you

find it fun I mean do you enjoy

practicing I do because it's a process

and I gives you more confidence because

I would find that sometimes I would

avoid talking to people or saying some

words because I would feel embarrassed

if it didn't come out right so it gave

me a lot more confidence and I'm more

expressive now Anita is a perfect

example of the transformation that can

happen if you are motivated to work hard

if you are motivated to practice every

day you can definitely improve your

accent and Anita has only been in the

United States for four years but she is

determined you have to have a reason for

wanting to change your accent usually

it's because it's going to change your

career somehow your life is going to be

better and sometimes it's you're going

to be more successful in your business

you're going to get a promotion and your

job or in this case you're an actress

and you will have a lot more roles

available to you if you sound more

American thanks Anita guru thank you so

much graduation as you think you

appreciate it you're welcome as you can

see you can change your accent but you

have to be willing to work hard and my

number one tip is don't get discouraged

too soon don't give up too soon

that's the biggest mistake that people

make a lot of people give up when it

gets too difficult don't give up and

don't say I don't have talent for

languages some of my students say but I

don't have a good ear for music

therefore I'm not going to be good at

learning an accent or they say I've

never been good at languages

remember persistence is much more

important than Talent I love this quote

hard work beats talent when talent

doesn't work hard so hard work is much

more important than talent when it comes

to learning languages and when it comes

to changing your accent remember when

you're learning a language or when

you're trying to change your accent

often progress doesn't happen like this

it happens like this no progress no

progress and suddenly you jump and

you're at the next level and then once

again it seems like you're not making

any progress and then you jump again and

you're suddenly at the next level so

it's very important to keep going even

if you don't feel like you're making


I have studied foreign languages I love

learning languages and that's how

progress happened to me sometimes I felt

like I was not improving but I had such

a passion I had such a strong desire to

learn languages I didn't stop and

suddenly I became fluent that can also

happen to you to keep going when it gets

difficult and you will be on the other

side and suddenly your accent will sound

great Anita did it many of my other

students did it and you can too

let's summarize some of the techniques

that Anita used I think they're

fantastic techniques the first thing was

she reminded us that it's important to

be consistent and persistent consistent

means you keep going and you do it

regularly and persistent means you keep

trying and you don't give up very easily

she also talked about listening to

accent reduction audio material and in

my video courses you can watch and

repeat both video and audio it's really

important to repeat after someone who's

teaching you the correct sounds she also

read articles as she recorded them she

listened to her speech Anita also knows

the IPA the International phonetic

alphabet that helps her to pronounce the

sounds correctly when she doesn't know

how a word is pronounced she can look in

the dictionary and she can see the IPA

symbol which will help her to pronounce

the word correctly

I like the next one she talked to

herself when you don't have anyone to

talk to it doesn't matter you can talk

to yourself you're practicing that way

she also keeps a notebook with the list

of words new words words that she

doesn't know that way she's expanding

her vocabulary she watches her favorite

TV show and she pauses

and she repeats and she also writes down

expressions that she's learning new

expressions that she can look up in the

dictionary later she has an app on her

phone it's called like so the app counts

how many times she uses filler words for

example how many times she says anyway

like so basically you know actually she

tries to eliminate those words those are

all excellent practice techniques and I

recommend that you do them as well don't

get discouraged keep practicing and you

will see the changes as so many of my

students have made just like Anita


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