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today I'm going to share my top 10 makeup tips that every woman over 50

should know hi I'm Schellea and welcome to fabulous50s today I'm going to share

with you my top makeup tips that have been taught to me by my teachers and

educators who were all makeup artists and they're used on celebrities and

everyday women just like you and I and one of my favorite teachers is Rae

Morris and she's renowned as one of the world's most influential makeup artists

and I've just done a masterclass with Rae and she has lots of really great

makeup books that teach you different techniques so these techniques here that

I'm going to show you today relate to you a woman over 50 with mature skin

and they're really cool so let's get started tip number one is so cool and it

helps you work out how to do your eye makeup so you do one of two things

ask yourself do you like to wear your hair in a high ponytail or do you like

to wear your hair in a back ponytail and if you answered a high ponytail it means

that you want to bring your face up which is probably most of us because we

all would like to bring our faces more up than down and if you do wear your

hair in a high ponytail to get that look you use an eye makeup that comes up like

this and it brings your eyes up and if you chose the behind ponytail just one

pulled back behind your head it usually indicates that you like to widen the

look of your face because that's pulling your face that way

so this is a really great tip to know because you automatically if you go to

pull your hair up you pull your eyeshadow up and it's going to give you

that lift whether your hair is up or down and if you pull your hair back

normally you bring your eyeshadow out this way and your eyeliner and that

widens the look of your face I will do another video on those makeup looks but

that's a whole big video but just to get you started work out high

or back ponytail and play with your eyeshadow up or out tip number two how

to get rid of dry flaky lips I learnt this tip from dr. Obagi and he has a

skincare range called ZO health and before that it was called a Obagi like

his surname and his tip is to get your finger and rub your lips vigorously

while they're clean before you go to bed and stimulate all the blood flow and

just go to bed with no lip balm on them and do this for a week and by the end of

that time you will have exfoliated all of the dryness out of your skin and if

you do have very very dry lips it could be because you're dehydrated so make

sure that you keep your water up and try this trick and see if it works for you

let me know if it does tip number three staying with dry lips is this product

here it's lansinoh and it's a nipple cream but it is amazing this particular

product only has one ingredient and it's a lanolin and you put it on your lips

and I feel amazing and look how big it is really a lip balm

usually comes in a size like this for about $20 or you know you can get them

cheaper but for this quality but for this you can decant it into a smaller

container like this and you can keep one beside your bed and in your handbag and

in the bathroom and in the car and then also with your leftover you can get some

of these and gift them to your friends or your children my boys would love this I

think so yeah this is a really great tip and try this let me know if you've tried

it because I love it tip number four is about highlighting

now this is a really great tip so when you highlight you curve the highlight on

your cheek slightly because when you're curving it you're going to draw the eye

up and when you actually highlight down like this you're making your cheek look

longer and that makes you look older so oh my highlighter I dropped and it broke

but I have a trick to fix that but for now I'm just going to show you this is

the Becca highlighter and the reason we use it is to make it look like our skin

is naturally glowy and luminous but if you can see product on there and if

there's a heavy amount of product or if there's a straight line of product when

you go outside it's really noticeable and then it defeats the purpose of it

looking like your naturally really healthy and glowy so I'm going to show

you the way to do it so you just gently curve up like this and you're sort of

following your cheek so see here and go up and up instead of going all the way

down so I really love knowing that it's just little tweaks with makeup

application that make all the difference tip number five is adding the contrast

color to your eye color on your eyes to make them pop and this is perfect for

mature women because if we just want to use a minimal amount of makeup using a

contrasting color on your eye even if it's just in a small way makes your eyes

pop so it automatically brings your face alive I've got these color charts here

for each color eye and you can see for your particular eye color what colors to

use to make your eyes pop the only one here I don't have is grey eyes and the

reason is because grey eyes are considered neutral so grey eyes can be

brightened using any of these colors but you can use these colors as a light

dusting of eyeshadow or an eyeliner I'm not saying to cover the whole eyelid in

in this color that would look not great but if you use a color that's on this

chart for your eye color it will enhance today I've got to go

old eyeshadow on top of my eyeliner and because it's gold and my eyes are blue

it's in the family the golden orange kind of family and it makes my eyes pop

and it just lifts them that little bit more as mature women we all love a lift

and this will do it for you for sure tip number seven this is more of a

recommendation than a tip and this tip is for women who get mascara bleed and

that's when your mascara ends up under your eye or on your eyelid and it's

really annoying and the reason for this is the product mascara when mixed with

oil dissolves and it's just like if you use an oil makeup remover to take your

makeup off it'll take it off straight away and we have oils in our Foundation

and our moisturizer and our serums and we have lots of natural oils in our eyes

as we're getting older there's one product that I know of that does

actually work and doesn't bleed it's the Mac it's in a blue container and it's

the only blue one Mac have and I'll leave a link where you can buy it but

when you put this on it won't dissolve with the oils in your skin so this is a

really good tip for those of you out there who have that panda eyes problem

tip number eight is about lipstick on mature lips so lipstick is made up of a

waxy substance and because it's a waxy substance it melts as our body heats up

just like normal wax does so if you'd like to avoid lipstick bleed the best

thing to do is get a lipstick with a high pigment and wear a lot less of it

if you're wearing a creamy lipstick with a low pigment and more cream it's going

to melt off you during the day and there's lots of products that have a

high pigment color that you can either tap on to your lips so you've just got

the color and it stays there all day or that you can layer on as a lipstick I'll

share a list of lipsticks that are high pigmented and they're really great for

mature women because we don't want that bleed and adding a little bit of color

to our face just lifts us so much so try that next time you're out

shopping for a lipstick and you can do something like you know just take a

little bit of lipstick and Pat it on and just get that color and when it's a very

high pigment it'll just stay and a high pigment means that the color is the

ingredient with a few other things added and some other lipsticks are the colors

added with a whole lot of other ingredients so great tip for women with

mature lips to stop all that bleeding tip number nine when you're wearing a

lipstick particularly a red lipstick without foundation the color of the

lipstick is going to draw out the red in your face

so as mature women that can be a problem for many of us because we get these

little red veins here and our skin can be blotchy so the perfect thing that we

can do is to get a really good base on our skin first and then add color so if

you're going to wear lipstick to lift your face which is great make sure that

you've even out your skin tone first so that you're not bringing all that

attention to the red in your face tip number ten is to reapply to freshen up

your makeup during the day as opposed to packing on a whole lot of makeup in the

morning so what you can do is buy something like this

and this is just a three compartment little container and if you put your a

little bit of foundation blush and highlight in here and carry a Beauty

Blender and then put it in a little case or something that you can throw in your

handbag and your makeup will look a lot more fresh and dewy and youthful

if you reapply during the day after lunch or after a meeting or before a

meeting rather than pack it all on so it stays all day because when we have that

look and you go outside it might look good in the mirror but when you get

outside it just screams I've got a lot of makeup on so you're better off to do

something like this and reapply during the day and you're going to look more

beautiful and more fresh more alive and more awake I would love

to hear what your favorite makeup tip is to share with all of us so leave a

comment below and let us know if you enjoyed these makeup tips please give a

thumbs up and share it with your friends thank you so much for watching and have

a beautiful week

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