Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #RechtAufZukunft - Greenpeace bringt die erste Klimaklage Österreichs ein.

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I don't think it should be called climate change.

I think that's a wrong word. Becauce change isn't a bad thing.

I don't want to be asked by my grandchildren one day:

"Grandpa, you have seen how the world didn't change to the better.

What did you do?"

Big political changes are necessary.

We have the right to live.

We have the right to be protected from harmful impacts.

It's a crisis. It's a crisis. And it's 5 past 12.

We have to claim these rights now.

And that's why we make this climate lawsuit.

We have the big opportunity that Austrian laws

are changed to be "climate-fit" laws.

I participate in this climate lawsuit

because I'm convinced that the state

holds the resposibility to create a future worth living

for it's citizens and all future generations.

If we all work together on this - we can achieve it.

My name is Alexander Egit.

I'm Michaela Krömer.

I'm Gerhard Zoubek.

My name is Chris Lohner.

I'm Veronika Winter and I fight side by side with Greenpeace

for my right to a better future!

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