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chapter 1 the sailing ship may was a

beautiful month in the land of the

Algonquin Indians there were tall trees

and colorful flowers everywhere the sky

and the sea were deep blue Pocahontas

was the favorite daughter of Chief

Powhatan she was an Indian princess

Chief Powhatan was a powerful chief of

the Algonquin tribe Pocahontas was 11

years old she was a lovely young girl

with black hair and dark eyes she wore a

buckskin dress and moccasins

she had a feather in her hair Pocahontas

was always happy she ran in the forest

and danced in the fields she sat on the

hill and looked at the blue sea

on May 6 1607 Pocahontas sat on the hill

and she saw something strange in the bay

it was a big sailing ship she was very

surprised the sailing ship was something

new it had big white sails and flags she

looked at it for a long time where did

it come from

why was it there she was very excited

Pocahontas ran to her village to tell

her father and brother the news

fatherfather she said there's a big

sailing ship in the bay it has white

sails and colored flags

her father Chief Powhatan was outside

his longhouse he was a tall man with

long black hair he wore the feathers of

an Indian chief on his head he listened

to the news but he was not happy the

white men are here Powhatan said sadly

this is bad news for our people there is

no peace with the white men here

non-aqueous was Pocahontas 'as brother

he was 18 years old he was a strong

Indian warrior he looked at his sister

and said in the past the white people

killed the Indians they want to take our

land owned on tacos let's go to see the

white people let's go to see their big

ship said Pocahontas you can go to see

them but don't go near the ship stay far

away be careful said Powhatan remember


white men are dangerous non talk was and

Pocahontas went to the river there were

many canoes near the river they got into

a small canoe then none takwa paddled

down the river to the bay in the bay

they saw the big sailing ship there was

a tall white man on the ship he smiled

at them there were other white men too

they all looked at the small canoe and

at the two Indians

Pocahontas smiled at the white man let's

go to the ship she said no said none

Aquos it

it's dangerous we don't know who these

white men are we can look and then go

home we must obey our Father the white

man on the ship smiled again look and

antiquus said Pocahontas that man has

red hair and white skin he's smiling at

us look at his clothes they are strange

non tacos

turned the canoe and paddled up the

river when they arrived home Nantucket

I saw a big sailing ship there were many

white men on the ship Powhatan talked to

his medicine men and tribe advisors they

all sat inside the longhouse for a long

time he said white men bring us problems

they have a strange magic they carried

thunder sticks to kill our people they

want to take our land our Lakes our

rivers and our forests they can stay for

a short time but they cannot stay here

forever let's watch them and see what

they do chapter 2 Pocahontas meets John

Smith Captain John Smith and his men

were happy to be in Chesapeake Bay they

wanted to establish a small settlement

there Captain Smith called the big river

the James River after King James the

first of Britain on May 13th 1607 he

established the small settlement called

Jamestown Jamestown was on the James

River in Jamestown the settlers built

some huts a storehouse and a church

there were about 100 men in Jamestown in

1607 most of them were English gentlemen

they came to the new world to find gold

and riches they did not want to be

farmers John Smith was angry with them

he said you must fall plant crops hunt

and fish you must not be lazy in

Jamestown there was little food one day

captain Smith and his men went into the

forest to look for food they walked for

a long time then they met a big group of

Indians the Indians attacked them with

their bows and arrows they killed one of

Smith's men John Smith and his men

killed two Indians then the Indians

captured John Smith and took him away

after a long walk

John Smith stood in front of Chief

Powhatan and his tribe everyone was


Pocahontas stood next to her father she

looked at John Smith he was very tall

she looked at his red hair his blue eyes

and his white skin he was very different

from the Indian men John Smith spoke to

the Indians in sign language and a few

Indian words great chief I am a friend

my men and I want to live in peace with

you Powhatan and his medicine men did

not like him John Smith gave a compass

to the great chief

Powhatan looked at it he turned it

around in his hand

why did the needle always point in the

same direction he tried to touch the

needle but a piece of ice was in front

of it the ice wasn't cold it didn't melt

Powhatan thought it was magic all the

Indians of the tribe looked at the

compass they were surprised at the white

man's magic Pocahontas

liked John Smith and his magic but her

father didn't like him that afternoon

John Smith and his men killed two

Indians Chief Powhatan and his tribe

were very angry now John Smith must die

to Indian warriors pushed Captain Smith

to the ground they put his head on a

very big stone then the Indians picked

up another big stone they wanted to kill

John Smith

when Pocahontas saw this she said no

father please don't kill him he isn't a

bad man Powhatan said no he and his men

killed two Indians he must die

the two Indians were ready to kill

Captain Smith one Indian raised his hand

no said Pocahontas she jumped forward

and put her head above captain Smith's

head please father

he must not die save him said Pocahontas

Powhatan looked at his favorite daughter

he immediately told that two Indians to

stop everyone was surprised at

Pocahontas courage

Pocahontas saved John Smith's life

after this Pocahontas and John Smith

became great friends John Smith taught

her English and she taught him the

Indian language he gave her beautiful

beads and trinkets he told her about

London and its enormous buildings

Pocahontas listened to Smith's stories

the king of England is called King James

the first he lives in a beautiful palace

in London said John Smith is he your

chief asked Pocahontas yes he's our

leader said John Smith what did the

English ladies were asked Pocahontas

they wear long colorful dresses shoes

and hats they also wear jewels are the

English ladies beautiful

Pocahontas asked the his some are

beautiful and some aren't said John

Smith Pocahontas laughed and listened

she dreamt about London chapter three

winter in Jamestown the hot summer

passed and the cool autumn arrived the

Jamestown settlers had little food to

eat many settlers were ill and weak they

needed help when winter arrived there

was no food Pocahontas helped the

Jamestown settlers she asked her father

for corn meat and other food Pocahontas

and other Indians brought the food to

Jamestown in big baskets the courageous

Indian princess helped the settlers to

live during the cold winter ships came

to Jamestown from England

Hatton was not happy about this more

white men came to the New World

Powhatan was afraid of them he was

afraid of the future one winter day

Powhatan sent an Indian messenger to

Jamestown he had a message for Captain

Smith my Chief Powhatan wants to speak

to you follow me

John Smith followed the messenger to

Powhatan's village

Powhatan was in his longhouse John Smith

sat next to him we have no more food to

give to your people you must all leave

this land now said Powhatan why must we

leave asked John Smith the two men

talked for a long time at midnight

Powhatan said it is very late you can

sleep in the small cabin near the river

Captain Smith accepted the invitation he

went to sleep in the small cabin during

the night John Smith heard someone at

the door he got up opened the door and

saw Pocahontas in what a surprise to see

you Pocahontas please come in Oh Captain

Smith your life is in danger my father

and the medicine men want to kill you

tonight they don't want white people to

stay here you must run away now dear

princess you are saving my life again

how can I thank you what can I give you

asked captain Smith run away now save


Pocahontas touched his hand and ran away

John Smith ran out of the cabin he

walked to Jamestown in the middle of the


when he arrived in Jamestown he told the

settlers that Pocahontas saved his life

again after this adventure Captain Smith

returned to England in Pocahontas

village everyone thought that captain

Smith was dead everyone said that he was

killed by a gunpowder explosion chapter

4 Chief Powhatan declares war more and

more white settlers came to Jamestown

Jamestown was part of the Virginia

Colony Chief Powhatan was angry he

declared war on the little colony there

was a lot of fighting Pocahontas was 17

years old

Powhatan wanted to protect his favorite

daughter he sent her to live with the

Potomac tribe the Potomac Indians were

friends of the white people Pocahontas

was safe with them Parton said to

Pocahontas you must stay with the

Potomac Indians you must not go to

Jamestown we are at war with Jamestown

yes Father

Pocahontas liked her life with the

Potomac s-- chief jabba's AHS was the

head of the Potomac tribe

his wife was Pocahontas his friend chief

Jabba's AWS and his wife were friends of

Captain Samuel Argyll

captain Argyll was an English explorer

he lived in Jamestown one day captain

Argyll went to visit chief Jabba's oars

when he saw Pocahontas he said to the

chief come to see my ship

I want to show you a lot of interesting

things we can eat on the ship you are

very kind said Pocahontas I want to see

an English ship chief Jabba's oars and

his wife wanted to see the ship

- captain Argyll took Pocahontas chief

Jabba's oars and his wife to the big

sailing ship they looked around - the

big ship they saw the tall masts and the

white sails then they ate delicious food

Pocahontas was very happy and said thank

you for a wonderful day captain Argo at


chief Jabba's oars and his wife left the

ship in a canoe but Pocahontas did not


she was captain Argyll's prisoner he

tricked her why can't I go with my

friends asked Pocahontas she looked at

the canoe and saw her friends

chief Jabba's wife had a new copper

kettle and a basket full of colored

beads chief Jabba's oars and his wife

helped captain Argyll capture Pocahontas

the copper kettle and the colored beads

were their payment Pocahontas cried she

had no true friends she asked what is

happening why am i a prisoner captain

Argyll said I don't want to hurt you

Pocahontas I want to take you to

Jamestown and keep you there when your

father returns the weapons he took from

us I can free you then you can return

home your father loves you he must

return the weapons Pocahontas was a

prisoner but she was not afraid of

Captain Argyll she was not afraid of the

white people

captain Argyll took her to Jamestown

everyone in Jamestown liked polka

they remembered that she saved captain

Smith's life twice they also remembered

that she brought them food during the

long winter everyone in Jamestown was

kind and friendly the women gave her

English clothes to wear Pocahontas was a

beautiful young woman she learned

English manners and customs she made

many friends

Pocahontas became a Christian and her

Christian name was Rebecca

Powhatan did not return the weapons he

sent some corn and some broken weapons

the war continued captain Argyll was

furious because his plan did not work

he kept Pocahontas in Jamestown

she was his prisoner but she was not

unhappy she liked Jamestown because she

learned new things every day

chapter 5

Pocahontas falls in love after many

months Pocahontas met John Rolfe he was

a young tobacco farmer John Rolfe was

very kind to her she loved him and he

loved her they were very happy together

John Rolfe wanted to marry Pocahontas

but Pocahontas wanted to speak to her

father first one day Pocahontas and John

Rolfe went to visit Powhatan the great

chief was pleased to see his daughter

Father this is John Rolfe I met him in

Jamestown he is a very kind person I

love him and I'm going to marry him you

are a young woman now puh countess

it is time for you to marry the man you


Powhatan embraced his daughter and John

great chief I love your daughter and I

want to take care of her said John Rolfe

in April 1614 Pocahontas married John

Rolfe in the Anglican Church she was the

first American Indian to marry a white


Pocahontas wore a beautiful white dress

she had flowers in her hair she and John

Rolfe laughed and danced on this special

day all the people in Jamestown

celebrated the marriage

there were great festivities with music

and dancing Nanta Kwas and many other

Indians came to celebrate at the wedding

meal there were white men and Indians

they were all good friends they sat

around a long table there were all types

of good food to eat

Pocahontas marriage brought peace to the

Virginia Colony the colony began to grow

soon after their marriage Pocahontas and

John went to London Pocahontas was

surprised to see many new things in

England in London she wore beautiful

English clothes everyone wanted to meet

her she met the most important people of

London she even met King James the first

everyone loved the Indian princess in

London Pocahontas met John Smith again

after many years this was a wonderful

surprise they talked about their

adventures in Jamestown Pocahontas and


Ralph had a son they were very happy

they called him Thomas after Thomas's


Pocahontas became very ill she died in

England in 1617 at the age of 21 this

was a tragic event many people mourned

her they remembered the courageous

Indian princess young Thomas was

educated in Britain by his Uncle Henry

Rolfe John Rolfe was heartbroken he

didn't want to live in Britain he

returned to Virginia to grow tobacco he

became an important tobacco farmer he

had a very big tobacco plantation when

Thomas Rolfe was an adult he left

Britain he went to America to visit his

mother's land he met his mother's tribe

he liked the new world and remained

there in 1788 the Virginia Colony became

a state of the United States there are

still descendants of Thomas Rolfe

Pocahontas his son

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