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January 1, 2014

South-Holland, The Netherlands

Your subscription. Great


Thanks. Come here white your hand.

Then I write the part-number.

Windchill: 2 Celsius = 36 Fahrenheit

Question: Isnt it cold??

A little.

We get used to it ....

- Laughter -

The lifeguards removes dangerous obstacles

Heroes of Hellevoet.

The New Year's dive goes to start.

In about 2 to 3 minutes we start the warming up.

Come to the beach

We're about to begin.

In 2008 was the start of the first

New-Years-dive in Hellevoetsluis.

In 2014, we do it again.

We are over 150 participants

and there are still people coming.

(Warm up by Yvonne's Lifestyle Centre)

Yes, that's it!

Hold on!


Here we go ....


And loose!


Okay. Hellevoetsluis ATTENTION!

....... 3, 2, 1. GO!!!


Water temperature: 8 centigrade = 47 Fahrenheit



Eventually, 260 people did the New Years Dive.


And we have a document for all divers.

These can be picked up at the soup stall.

There is a price of the organization.

That's is a dolphin. Because it is so funny.

And traditionally, we have a prize for the most entertaining outfit.

That become the two clowns. Applause.

- The New Year's Dive is partly made possible by:

Lifeguards Hellevoetsluis

Roompot Park Cape Helius

Yvonne's Lifestyle Centre



Hellevoetsluis Town

Foundation Tourism Events Recreation Hellevoetsluis (STAR)

and the many, many volunteers. -

Recording and editing: Peter Heine

Also, check out my website:

2014 Peter Heine

We have done it eh!

Hey. Tough!


Well done!

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