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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG SUB] 에오스 레드 유저간담회 ' 제1회 모험가의 밤 ' 참가후기 | eos | eos red | The RED Night

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Hi~ We're Spiral Cats

Tasha & Doremi

Today we came to EOS Red User Meeting(The RED Night)

It's held at Yeoksam-dong!

It was close, so we just got here.

I actually wanted to come here!~

There's an esport stadium in Gangnam.

Like a complex cultural space.

From a saying there was a nice, decorated place.

I was so curious!

and came here for the Eos Red User meeting today.

It's awesome!

Isn't it cool?

There was a lot of food! (Hungry!)

Ok! Let's eat!



It's rehearsal time.

We'll go outside and looking around a little

Please look forward to today!

Please look forward!

(Going outside for an rehersal)

(Listening to pre-event progress)

The MC will do the Opening!

And then, we're going to take you on stage as a special guests?!

(Special Guest??!! We're proud!)

The main when we use to play EOS RED

Fantastic Aura!

(Where're they going??)

I know it's only for those who applied in advance can come!

Only winners can come!

I heard there're EOS RED Naver cafe?!

an absolute master

Too obvious!

What do you do down there?? Just..

(I don't really do anything, either..)

Nothing much.

(Honest)(Embarrassed) She..doesn't...grumble! LOL

just giving feedbacks...!

Too Late

She's the best.

Eos Red! If you join the Naver Cafe!

You could get tons of EOS RED Information!

Hyemin, write down the inconvenience!

Yet the users didn't come right now!

It's left empty.

I'm sure there'll be a lot of feedback when the users arrive.

What kind of complaints?! Did you have? LOL

These're the things that hye-min told us earlier

This is the place that you girl's like the most? LOL

Yes! (We came here to eat!!)

Wow~~what're these?

something is...


No!!'s not..

You are so busted!


(Help!) Trying to hide traces of the crime

Like this!

(That was so close)

Did you breaked it?


This one is weird!!

I'll fix it! (MacGyver Tasha)

Hey! (It'll get worst on the blink;;;)

Just like this

You're going to pay it;;


(Don't touch it again LOL)

There're lots to eat!


There's only a few refreshments at the small venue.

only have refreshments and simple things.

It's like a business trip buffet! It's so good!!!

it's almost dinner??

What's this??

Ah! it looks so tasty!

lotus root!

I thought it was a shell.

Hate Vegetables

There's an cafe at the back!

(Closed today)

I think there's beverages over there!

I think it's not for service!

And also here..

Looks like few refreshments and beverages are prepared!

There's a kind of tea I drink here.

Sinme! Grapefruit Juice?

Is it on service already?

Me first!

I guess that's a gift for users!

Finders keepers!

Take mine! Hye-min

What an nice surprise!

I wish it was DIA! LOL

Then no!

Then, in a little while!

When the user meeting starts, we'll introduce ourselves at the stage

We will enjoy the event with our users!

See ya~


(The Eos Red Meeting, which finally began)

Nice to meet you!

Despite the cold weather today!

To the adventurers who have given us a valuable time today!

I would like to thank you so much!

Before we start!

Let me briefly tell you about the sequence of events today!

Starting with the quiz!

PD Briefing


We have a Lottery event and a variety of programs!

Please join us!

Before we start the events today!

Special guests are here to meet our adventurers.

Well then!

Let's find out who is the special guest today.

Let's take them up on stage! give an applause!

Spiral Cats??! Awesome!

We'll take them up on stage!

Please introduce yourself!

Hello~ I'm Spiral cat's Tasha! Nice to meet you!

Hi~ Spiral Cats Doremi! Nice to meet u!

We're now with Sorcceress and Archer!

What did bring you guys here?

Actually...since EOS

Spiral Cats did a lots of EOS cosplays!

So this time, Eos Red gave us a love call.

Did a Nice costume play!

heard that there'll be users meeting!

We asked them that we can to come, too!

Spiral Cats are here to shine as adventurers, just like you!

Can I ask you to say something to our adventurers?

Sure! I'll playing hard just like others

But someone kept killing me.

Who Killed doremi??

Lastly, what would you like to say to the adventurers?

A lot of users participated for Eos Red today!

I hope it will be time to communicate with game developers!

hope that users enjoy it!

Yes! Thank you! Please give us a applaud again!

Well done

From now on!

Maybe you can do it for the reason you's here!

Like you to welcome Shin Hyun-geun, CEO of the Blue Portion Games!

We'll take the time to listen to the story!

He announce the PD Briefing at Naver Cafe but..!

We'll have opportunity to hear the presentation. Right Now!

Okay, everyone!

Let us invite Shin Hyun-geun with a loud applaud!

EOS's Father, Shin Hyun-geun CEO!


I'm Shin Hyun-geun, briefer of Eos!

a chilly winter!

Thank you all for being here

during the weekend evening!

Well then I'll briefly review 2019 and Plans of 2020!

(Serious briefing!)

EOS Red had 3 CBTs and emphasized a lot of points and improvements.

We've done a lot to improve these problems!

And five days after the release!

We have achieved second place in Google store.

Today's is the 144 days after release

We're having RED Night with adventurers!

(Don't look at the Camera! lol)

Last time, we released the video on a teaser.

For the first time!

We'll show intro video to you guys here.

The first Eos Red video to be released.

Let's watch!

(a magnificent sound)

a video that captivates everyone.

(Watching video , which focused second after eating )

(The video is almost finished)

Eos Red, please love it!

End of briefing

This is the end of what I prepared for the briefing today!

Thank you for listening!

The last question of Q&A just finished now.

Dinner with users!

So starving!

We're starving to death, right? hye-min?

Yeah..I'm so hungry!

I was waiting for this moment!


We'll be back soon!

Help yourself and eat as much as you are hungry~

(You've brought it so

Bon Appetite!



(Hunger makes my hands go faster~)

Lastly, our CEO said goodbye to our adventurers!

(CEO's Last Greeting)

CEO! come to the stage!

Please give it a round of applause!

Rather than our specs!

Our goal is to reflect your opinions first rather than our drawings!

(The CEO who thinks about the users first.)

With our constant feedback

We'll keep inform the updates and news!

EOS RED is going to be a new by with users!

So if you're uncomfortable, please excuse us.

I hope you have a nice day!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

(So sad but winding-up user's meeting)

All the time we've prepared is over.

Our Eos Red was able to do well

because there are adventurers here.

That's because our Eos Red is here!

Our Eos Red will continue as it is now.

A lot of progress!

Eating so much!

To all the adventurers going out today!

We'll give you the gift we've prepared!

Our adventurers will return your consent forms and name pens.

an unfinished appetite

I hope you get the gift we prepared and go home.

For once again giving us precious time!

Sinme doesn't let go of chopsticks until the end. (UMM~♡)

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our adventurers!

With this, we'll end all the events we've prepared today!

I hope you will continue to love and support!

(Good job, everyone!)

(We have to get off work now, too!)

It's all over and done!

As a user, we're here at Eos User's Meeting!

It's so rich..?



Oh! Amazing! Various events..

I'll do it!

Was it frustrating?

It had a variety of events and gifts!

And there were a lot of updates!

So please look forward to it.

Right now users...

It's been a long time since the release

There're a lots of oldbee...

Isn't it too late to play it now? You can think like that!

There's a lot left to be updated!

And for beginners!

Come and join Loki Server "Spiral Cats"

You can come to the Spiral Cats Guild!

There're plenty of rooms!

You can come and play with us!

So please come and join us!

I hope you enjoy the game with us!

There're Spcats server?

Axxhole! How frustrating!

Spiral Cats at Loki server!! Join us!

Now! Then we worked hard today too!

(We should get off work,too!)

But actually I don't think we did much today!

Come and say hello!

after eating three plates

and get going!

We're just come and..

go with the flow

(Then you should pay for your meal! LOL)

Yum Yum Yum and eat & finished!

Please Contact us We like this kind of events!! Welcome!

Thank you, CEO Shin, for inviting us!

Thank you! Our relationship with Eos!

We wish we'll be always with you to end of the line!

Thank you to our Spiral Cat's liaison clerk



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