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Travel agency "HandMed", Anna Müller, good day.

Good morning, this is Riter from the retirement home

What can I do for you?

I would like to organize a short trip in the area for a few seniors.

Ok, when should the excursion take place?

I think it would be good next week to have nice weather.

It is certainly a good idea. How many people would take the trip?

About 10 seniors and two nurses who would accompany them. So, 12 people in total.

Employees. Are you going to need a bus?


Good. Where should the group be picked up?

In front of the retirement home in Stiftstrasse.

Oh, that's a little inconvenient. I think there is a big construction site there now. Can you pick them up somewhere else? For example at the market place?

No, unfortunately not. Many residents are no longer as good on foot. It would be too exhausting for them.

Ok, so we have to take that into account when planning.

Yes, that's very important.

Well, let's see what we can offer you for the next week. For example, here would be a day trip to Munich. There is an exhibition of modern art in the Lenbachhaus.

Hm, I don't think that many residents are interested in it. I even think that some would get bored with it.

I understand. How about a museum? In Ingolstadt there is the toy museum, which is always well received.

That would be more interesting, but you also have to walk a lot in the museum.

All right. I think I've found something now that you might like.

Nice, and what is it?

A visit to the theater. What do you think?

Theater trips are very popular in our travel agency. On Thursday there is a trip to Munich to the Munich Volkstheater.

That sounds very interesting. I think that would be something for our group. What would it cost per person?

For seniors there is a 50% discount on the theater performance, which would be 14 euros and 11 euros for the bus ride. So in total it is 25 euros per person.

That's OK. When should we leave from here?

We would pick up your group from the retirement home at 2 p.m., the performance begins at 3 p.m. and ends at 5 p.m. You would be home for dinner.

Wonderful. Then please send the invoice to the retirement home for the attention of Mrs. Schreiner.

With pleasure. Thank you for your booking. I wish you and the residents a lot of fun and a nice evening in the theater.

Yes, you too. Thank you, repeat!

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