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- [Trevor] That is just like perfect knife skills.

Wow, and just look at that there, guys.

The world's thinnest noodle through a needle.

So Lan Guijun here has been doing this for over 30 years.

That is amazing.

Alright, check it out guys.

It's Trevor James.

Today's video is an ultra rare exclusive opportunity

because we're getting in to the private kitchen

of the number one Sichuan chef in China, Lan Guijun.

Right up here at his private joint,

we're gonna have a full on meal with him

and try the world's thinnest noodle.

Let's check it out.

Get ready for Sichuan food like you've never seen.

'Cause today, we're going in deep

to master chef Lan's private kitchen in Chengdu.

And, getting an insiders look at his philosophy of cooking

and life which he imparts into every dish he creates.

So make sure to watch all the way until the end

'cause you're enjoy over 10 luxury,

rarely seen dishes one after another.

And see 20 plus unique Sichuan specialties

all while discovering with us

what $300 of luxury Sichuan food is like.

Let's eat!

This is it right up here, guys.

Yuzhilan, his private kitchen.

He can only have three groups of people in here at once

and we've got a booking with him.

And he's gonna prepare for us an ultra elegant Sichuan meal.

Let's go check it out.

Here we go guys.

And Lan Guijun, Master Chef Lan, he just told us

to come into the kitchen.

He's been preparing all day for this.

First stop, Chef Lan is showing us two of his dishes,

his abalone and kung pao lobster.

And then, he's bringing us out to see how he makes and cuts

the world's thinnest noodles.

So we just got into Lan Guijun's kitchen here.

His abalone are just one of the many delicacies

that Chef Lan creates.

With the kung pao lobster coming up next.

But first, we watch the abalone stock reduce

with the aroma increasing every minute.

And then, came the real secret.

Adding in the previous batches condensed stock

to make it even more aromatic.

And look at this.

There's lobster.

Look at that guys, that is the base of the kung pao.

It's gonna be for the lobster.

And he just put in some caramel there.


Oh, that is incredibly beautiful.

Wow, and that kung pao flavor is so aromatic.

It's slightly sweet.


That is the most beautiful thing

you'll ever see right there.

That's beautiful.

Oh wow, it's gonna be slightly raw in the middle.

Oh wow!

And we are making the noodles now, guys.

Duck egg noodles here.

And we're gonna make the world's thinnest noodle.

And after a quick mixing the dough was ready to prepare

into the world's thinnest noodles.

Look at that!

Here we go.

We're gonna make the noodle.

So we're gonna flatten this out five times using bamboo.



You can watch his feet, the way he uses his feet.

It's just like, really like his doing kung fu.

It's incredible.

It's also elegant the way

he's really spreading out the dough.

It really is an art form here.

And that is what's so amazing about coming here,

to see this.

We've done this five times now

and each time it's just getting thinner and thinner.

Duck egg noodles.

And we're gonna slice it

into the thinnest noodles in the world

and put it into a kaishui bai cai.

Ultra, ultra luxury simple, yet really difficult

bai cai cabbage broth.

It's gonna be really good.

- [Chef Lan] Cabbage, cabbage.

- [Trevor] Cabbage.


It's like paper.

You can see the light through it.


We're just gonna flip it over.

That huge knife.

Here we go, world's thinnest noodle.

Ultra thin.


Wow, that is extremely thin.

And you can see that, Lan Guijun,

he's just perfectly focused.

He's just in the zone.


Each one.

He's in the zone.


It's all about the balance.

It's just like taiqi.

There they are.

Perfect noodles.

Wow, and just look at that there, guys.

The world's thinnest noodle through a needle

and we're gonna have an ultra luxurious Sichuan feast today.

And before we knew it, the full experience

of more than 20 ultra luxury Sichuan dishes began.

All made with Chef Lan's philosophy

of bringing out the natural flavor of the main ingredients.

Only touched and improved lightly by their sauces.

So this is the cool jelly and fruit jam.

Starched jelly in Sichuan is so famous.

And you can see there's a bit of fruit jam on there.

And they also pair it with a sweet potato

and bean sesame cake.

That's lily.

And they just brought us so many more appetizers here.

Look at this, guys.

But what I really wanna try here

is this kung pao flavor lobster.

That's cold.

We saw Master Chef Lan preparing that.

Oh, look at that.

Such a classic flavor of Sichuan.

Literally, translate it as strange flavor.

It's numbing, spicy, sour.

Oh, it's all in there.

And we're gonna try it with those colored noodles.

Colored with natural vegetables.

That is the definition of a harmony.

A symphony of flavors.

Sour, spicy, slightly numbing, slightly sweet.

And it all combines together

and it makes your mouth really feel kinda confused

because there's so much going on.

And here it is guys,

world's thinnest noodle.

Look at that, with a Sichuan truffle on top.

Sliced truffle.

And the order, you take a sip of this tea,

this black tea, Yunnan black tea.

And then you take a sip from the tongue.

Let's try that.

This is kaishui bai cai.

Boiled cabbage stock but it's super complex.

Let's try it out.

Oh, wow!

It taste like an upgraded chicken broth.

Really elegant!

Ultra umami, like natural.

Taste like a chicken broth from a farm

with an earthy kick to it.

Now for the moment of truth.

Look at those ultra thin noodles.

Look at that!

Isn't that the most elegant thing you've ever seen?

With a Sichuan truffle there.

It's like the most soothing, warm,

soft, elegant delicacy.

Except the noodles, they just slide down there so soft.

Sichuan with caviar.

That is Sichuan caviar with a frozen shrimp stock.

Let's try it out.

That is like the most explosive flavor of caviar ever

with a shrimp.

And now here, we've got a matsutake mushroom.

Yunnan matsutake mushroom with Sichuan caviar.

I've never tasted a mushroom that aromatic.

Now, it's time for the beautiful kung pao cold lobster.

You can see it's in that sauce

and he puts caramel on that.

So it's like a caramel, sweet, spicy, sour lobster.

Let's try it out.

That is so good!

It's like a caramel lobster.

It's so perfectly springy.

This is next level Sichuan food right here.


I think this is the fish maw matsutake soup.

And the fish maw is like the gas bladder in many fish

that's filled with a little bit of air

and let's them control their buoyancy.

And that's it right there.

Look at that!

Matsutake with the fish maw, the bladder, the gas bladder.

It's all about the consistency of that fish maw.

Look at that!

It's like a jelly.

It's like a fatty jelly.

It tastes like a pumpkin soup with a fatty jelly

and a rich matsutake umami like mushroom flavor.


And this is what we saw Chef Lan preparing

and making it ultra ultra thick.

He said he uses Japanese rice.

He really condensed that stock down

using previous batches of abalone.

And he's been cooking it all day since 9:00 a.m.

And this is ultra large abalone.

It's served with little bit of black Sichuan mushroom

and carrot greens.

And then it's served with Japanese rice

with dried scallop, red pepper,

and more Sichuan black mushroom.

Let's just cut right into that.

Look at that!

Sichuan Master Chef Lan's abalone!

Look at that ultra thick, ultra thick.

It's just like you're cutting into a steak.

And just a touch of rice on there, Japanese rice.

Oh, wow!

I am convinced.

That is the best thing in the sea right there.

The texture is like,

unlike anything in the world.

It's soft,

yet springy.

Almost gooey like but in a good way.

And that ultra thick umami gravy

is cooked with ham and free range chicken.

Only the best ingredients.

It's kind of like an extra thick mushroom from the sea.

Your teeth just sink into it and it's gooey

and that gravy with the rice.

That is ultra luxurious.

Look at that!

That is sea cucumber in a Suanlafen style.

Very famous in Chengdu and Chongqing.

Sour, spicy.

And those are sweet potato starch rice in those

with sea cucumber.

This is actually Dalian deep water sea cucumber

and it's in that Sichuanese spicy and sour broth.

It's like really rubbery

and bouncy.

It just bounces around in your mouth.

This is the most unique texture you'll ever taste.

And it's all about the flavor of the Suanla

spicy and sour broth.

It's not too spicy, not too sour.

You can tell, it's actually really premium.

Maybe just slightly sweet.

We've got a Doubanjiang eel.

So a Sichuan broad bean,

fermented broad bean paste with chili eel.

It's also got Chinese onion, ginger and garlic.

That is incredibly delicious.

That right there isn't like anything you'll taste.

It's actually slightly sweet

with the fermented broad bean paste.

It is incredibly, incredibly yuxiang and aromatic.

Garlicy, and then that bit of greens in there

give it the nuttiness.

Plant like nuttiness.

That is awesome!


Bird's nest soup.


Wow, that is just incredible, guys.

And I can't believe what we're about to try here.

She just poured on a snow pear.

Look at that!

That's like a pureed snow pear

and this is bird's nest soup.

And this is actually all made from bird's saliva.

It's a real rare specialty here in Chinese culture

and this is my first time trying.


It's like foamy.

It's like you're drinking a liquidy foam that's sweet.

You can taste that snow pear.

It's got a real pear like sweetness to it.

Let me just slurp that down.

And it's soothing.

This is honestly one of the best meals

you'll ever eat in China.

Everything was perfect.

Finishing up with a Yuxiang fish fragrance eggplant,

a spicy chili oil wanton,

and some amazing clear stock with green beans and pumpkin.

And with the amount of passion

that Chef Lan puts into his work,

this will forever be one of my unforgettable meals in China.

Bye-bye, bye-bye.


Okay, wow!

That was a once in a lifetime amazing

Sichuan food experience.

I would love to know what you guys thought about this video

in the comments below.

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Thank you so much for watching.

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