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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Advanced Phrasal Verbs with HOLD in a Conversation Class

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a real English with real teachers

conversation class that is recorded live

we are officially live and it's going to

be all on phrasal verbs phrasal verbs

with hold hold yes and I do this with my

best friend Harry who is on the other

side of the camera

say hello Harry hello how are we oh

let's go that let's go that how's it

going guys welcome back to another live

lesson we're talking about whole today

hold Charlie how's your how's your day

been they have you've been you've been

busy today over there in Australia teach

English yeah yeah I've had a period of

teaching in the afternoon in the morning

I managed to walk my sister's dog to the

river motive Stacey posing with the dog

looking all peaceful but the dog is

actually sitting itself the Instagram

post can tell a lie okay so even though

the dog is pooing and during that photo

it looks like quite a tranquil and scene

is it yes not literally posing just very

nervous itself like oh okay so

you mean you just you just nervous

biscuit she was herself heyguys

straight off to vulgar stuff and means

you're very scared she was

herself but he won't keep up for too

long cause it's sponsored this video and

I'm living in my sister's house at the

moment not full term I'm gonna try and

give her some space but she's she's

built a new house with her partner it's

incredible and they've got a swimming

pool and it was the last thing to to

finish but they've been filling it up

today so Stacey never

tempted to get our feet wet to have a

little paddle we didn't actually go into

it oh nice so you think about having a

paddle a paddle but you haven't had a

dip yet no no we haven't had a dip yet

so we haven't gone in the water yet

we haven't got our feet wet and that

that is an idiom that you can refer to

in lots of different situations of

trying something to get your feet wet to

get your feet wet where else could you

put it I guess anything you're trying

trying for the first time yeah I'm gonna

get my feet wet and try doing an

Instagram story I was I'm pretty

terrible when it comes to Instagram

stories as you guys probably realize and

so the first time I tried that I could

have said I'm gonna I'm gonna get my

feet wet I'm gonna try and do a nice

around story yes

yet slightly hello hello so any better

yeah yeah I'm doing my settings anyway

while I saw that out do you want to talk

about the first phrasal verb with hope

hold I'd love to yeah so right now

Charlie's having issues with his

microphone right and I could I could get

angry about this yeah I might I might

have negative feelings towards Charlie

because his microphone is not working

well and and you know that's that's poor


and so I might I might hold it against

him and after that I might resent him I

might have negative feelings towards

Charlie because of this thing so I could

say to Charlie don't worry about your

microphone mate

I won't hold it against you I won't hold

it against you you know it's not your

fault and but on the other hand if I did

take it seriously

and it did make me angry and I did

resent him have negative feelings

towards Charlie I could say I'm

definitely going to hold that against

him I'm definitely going to hold that

against him but of course I would never

do that so it kind very kind of you

that's the benefit of of working with

one of your best friends they don't

often hold it to you hold-hold things to

you generally tend to try and forget

forget the bad to you or against you

hold hold it against you

yeah yeah yes stay on the screen did you

you because you said hold it to you

that's interesting would you say that in

day to day night

yeah it came naturally then but let me

just hold on to me hold it to you yeah

yeah weird sometimes yeah you ever no I

said I'll hold you to that

and but we'll get to that one later but

as a different okay okay maybe the the

microphone settings have puzzled with my

brain and my audio I think they have I

think they have but guys tell us tell us

in the comments have you ever held it

against anybody

so this verb when we conjugate it in

different tenses hold held held so

they're quite quite a simple one but it

is irregular hold held held have you

ever held it against somebody

he held something against somebody tell

us in the comments what happened and how

do you feel about this person

hmm yeah Vladimir said don't hold it

against him which is perfect they hold

it may you know it was not his fault

bass microphone yeah slow brain in the


that's the evening say no excuse

yeah yeah very good has has anything

come up for you that you could example

towards this in your own life well yeah

I guess so

when I was a kid I misbehaved a lot but

my parents never held it against me you

know I was bad and I was pretty bad in

school not terrible not terrible but

they never held it against me and my

parents said you can't hold it against


yes son can you unless he's not really

bad yeah that's true yeah

yeah where's the drink my dad's alcohol

I think he did used to hold that game to

me he didn't like that and he'd been

he's been a mood with me for a couple of

days and then the waters would calm and

I think mine again

I need buy another bottle of vodka the

next Friday

yeah although he used to drink vintage

beers which are quite expensive and he

used to hide them behind the piano and

when my friend would occasionally take

one and I had a drink and then he would

he would hold it against us he I

remember once he said in the morning and

hi dad if you're watching and love you

very much and he said to me he says once

have another beer Harrod in the morning

and this was a dig this is a deed wasn't

here's a little reproach a little worm

showing of disapproval it did good yeah

yeah dig show that one absolutely so I

could say what side d was that dig dad

yeah yes it was son you've been drinking

my bloody alcohol yeah yeah this

probably comes up more in British

culture because we're so indirect so we

have little digs at each other because

too shy to say you drank my beer you

yeah come on son get your own beer or

just don't drink until you're at least

14 to 16 years old or more I'm not

saying that you have to drink it 14 to

16 yeah yeah so it was a dig okay so

yeah a deed by passive aggression isn't

it yes yes it is

so people who hold things against people

might might dig it people after that

point to try and make it clear that

they're upset but we we should probably

talk about the sponsor before they hold

it against us that we didn't bring them

up in the beginning of the video oh my

god imagine if lingo to hold it against

us and we never got another video with

them yeah let's do that just read this

one really good example by someone from

Russia I can't read their name I'm sorry

and I hold it against my husband because

he hadn't thrown the rubbish away I held

it against my husband because he hadn't

thrown the rubbish away very good very

nice example yeah right him yeah I hope

you didn't get a force probably not

otherwise would be your ex yeah yes okay

so Harry you said it already but would

you like to tell the world who the

sponsor is today before we get on with

more hold phrasal verbs for you to

integrate into your English language

hell yeah oh yeah yeah so so for this

video we're working with a wonderful

company who we we've worked with before

and on their previous language marathon

campaigns and we also work we work on

this platform or we study on this

platform as learners so we're not

teachers on this platform but we love

it's an online language school basically

and and you can learn you know Spanish

French German English not sure if there

are any others I think they're there the

mayor that yeah business English as well

business English and um you learn in a

virtual classroom

so it's kind of like kind of like how me

and Charlie are talking outs you have a

teacher and then you can have one-to-one

lessons or group lessons which is really


Charlie you've been using it for a while

having news for your Spanish yeah you

know I hope I haven't entered the

marathon yet so that's that's gonna be a

new experience one day but for you you

did the last marathon didn't you

I am doing the last math you are you

aren't doing nothing and we should

probably stress that this is the last

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yet yeah exactly so for those of you

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on that so really really cool really

cool offer but Charlie and shall we get

going with the the phrasal verbs with

whole let's do it yes so we've already

had hold it against somebody or hold

that against somebody and then we also

have hold somebody or something back to

hold somebody back from developing so I

immediately think of when you're in a

relationship maybe somebody is holding

you back there the the girlfriend or

boyfriend is not letting you be the most

successful version of you and you might

say to your friends yeah I want to want

to get rid of her or I want to get rid

of him because he's holding me back I

think he's holding me back yeah yeah

that's a toxic relationship isn't it we

could say as a toxic relationship yes

yes very much though have you ever found

yourself in a toxic relationship and

that person was and was holding you back

Charlie um no no I was probably holding

them back nudging um I don't think so I

think I've got out of them before

they've escalated to that yeah okay

good that's good yeah you don't want to

be in a toxic relationship I think I

have I think I yeah yeah yeah yeah I

couldn't be couldn't be the best version

of myself I couldn't do all the things I

wanted to do can travel when things like

that so that relationship was holding me

back that relationship was holding me

back hmm ah was that a university oh

yeah actually yeah my relationship

University has a different different one

but she yeah it's like she was holding

me back yeah I mean I wasn't exactly

going places at the time I didn't really

have any ambition or anything like that

good expression going places yeah I was

just gonna say to be going places

yeah so if someone has high a high

possibility of succeeding in the future

you can say wow he is going places Wow

have you seen Charlie you seen his

YouTube channel with that really sexy

teacher he is going places yeah yeah you

can say it's going places as well that

channel is really going places yeah that

channels going places yeah yeah okay so

guys tell us do you feel like people are

holding you back or is something holding

something of yours back or or a company

back or or anything that you can align

with and active with these phrases but

let's go on to the next one or may I

just say like sometimes people say that

all having kids people are scared to

have kids because they think having kids

will hold them back

ah great example yeah that will hold me

back having kids will hold me back a bit


directing kids having kids would hold

you back Johnny I I think it would I've

been speaking to other people where

they're telling me it's not the case it

actually does the opposite it makes you

a better version of you but I feel like

it would it would hold me back in

adds to my work in my career and our

YouTube channel yeah absolutely

absolutely okay so going on to the next

one so speaking of our YouTube channel

our development we are Conservancy we

are we're doing it we're doing it we've

recorded a couple of podcasts but we're

a little bit lazy and we'll revisit

we're busy not late we're busy so we

haven't edited them yet we've recorded

about four I think three or four and but

we're holding off we're holding off on

publishing them so right now is is not

it's not the right time because we have

a lot of other things and going on so

we're just recording them and Charlie

said to me the other day

let's just let's hold off let's hold off

on on publishing them for now let's hold

off on that and and with a later date

and when the time is right so let's hold

off and we can use that we can use

repetition on let's hold off on doing

that or you can just say let's hold off

for a while and then we'll do it yeah

hold off for a while let's hold off for

a while yeah yeah Stacey and I have been

applying for her visa here in Australia

and we've we've been meaning to pay the

huge amount that we've got to pay for it

but we've got to collect a lot of

evidence so we've been holding off from

paying until we got the sufficient

amount of evidence that we needed it's

been nerve-racking because the the laws

about to change so yeah we were holding

off from doing something even though we

wanted to do very good

nice-nice word there as well Charlie

nerve-wracking nerve-wracking

nerve-wracking yes nervous we were

nervous or it is making us feel nerve

nervous so something is nerve-racking

okay yeah points but now that it's on

the screen

yeah there is a yeah it's quite hard to

do that and yeah so we always say it a

bad thing I mean say I'm nerve-wracking

right now and say that is is really it's

really nerve-wracking waiting for the

visa nice nice yeah and this guy Graham

visit says let put that on ice or less

let's put that on ice or let's put that

put that aside or let's hold off from

doing that so those are those are good

synonyms and we spoke with an American

youtuber Vanessa or speak English with

Vanessa and those I think she bought the

phrase let's park that or table that

which one was it that's it yeah so in

America they say let's let's table that

so if you're in angle there yeah you're

in a maybe setting a meeting well maybe

you could say out of a meeting but I

think we were talking about it you know

business context let's table that so

yeah we're holding off and doing that

and would you just make a decision at a

later date and then in English we'd say

let's park that let's park that put it

to one side but yeah these are really

really good synonyms thank you very much

mister the suit let's put that on ice

it's really nice it's really informal

let's just put that on ice and yeah talk

about it later but that ice it's nice

and exactly very nice so I'm going to

take us on to the next one and it

reminds me of of the days if we if we go

way back when we were children

I'm guessing herring that you used to

play football on a Saturday or Sunday

morning as a kid yes I did well going

yeah yeah good guess I know that because

we used to play together at university

and Harry injured his hand do you

remember that terrible injury oh I still

got the scar oh I could see the bone I

could actually see the bone before going

taking you to a hospital and you were

delirious you were flirting with the

nurse without being aware

can you see my bone yeah yeah it was

flirty with her about my bone it was the

only way to distract me for a mum

passing out from fainting yeah I nearly

passed out when I saw the gooey

substance anyway um so yes football when

your child and and you wake up and and

you hope that sometimes if you've not

really slept well you don't really want

to go and play football and you and you

hope that rains you hope that it rains

don't you oh you know that the the

football game is cancelled

but um you get that phone call and they

say no we think that the rain is going

to hold off so we can play the football

game and you're like no yeah no I'm not

sure not sure how I feel about that like

I'm lazy and you have to pretend that

you're excited yes oh great yeah I can't

wait to see you there so glad rain is

holding off mmm really good that's a

really example so we especially use this

with poor weather conditions that you're

expecting to come just like that you

know you heard you looked at the the

weather report and you saw it was gonna

be bad bad weather that day but luckily

the rain held off and we were able to to

play so the rain stayed at a distance it

didn't it didn't come it was way that

good those clouds were just building up

King bigger and bigger more gray whitey

yeah it held up oh yeah I think that was

my eighth loss package Oh fantastic okay

well I'll do this and you can go get it

yeah cheers babe Cheers

that's alright so to hold off and I was

actually filming a wedding recently I've

started a new side hustle a side job

hustle we sometimes talk about

things in a positive way now towards the

word hustle which means trying to trying

to get business and I was doing this

wedding and we were really worried

because the rain looked like it was

going to come and people assumed that

the rain would hold off when the bride

got out of the car and had that special

moment of walking down the aisle and it

actually didn't so that I could say the

rain didn't hold off and I got my camera

where got my camera really wet I was

really worried about it and I missed I

missed a moment that I felt like I

should have got so the rain didn't hold

off and my camera got wet terrible

that's the end of the story are you

talking about your first world problem

well yeah I mean well your camera and if

you're a cameraman in the in the

nineteen hundreds early nineteen

hundred's when did the camera get

invented I don't know guys get on Google

help us out here help us out yeah

camera invented come on but that would

have that would have still been a

problem if the camera got wet so it

wouldn't have been a first world problem

necessarily then well I guess any people

in the first world would have would have

had cameras back there okay yeah yeah

yeah oh yeah so I wanted someone said

some example here so it's been raining

for two wheeler I'll hold off thank you

for that an idea here it sounds it's not

it's okay doesn't it sounds alright it's

okay to play with the language but I

wouldn't quite use it in that way

I'd say it's been raining for two weeks


I'd say non-stop if it's been continuous

rain Nadia

I'd say it's been ready to do it

non-stop so I'd go for that yes yes I


okay do you want to bring Julian's in we

can say let's have a

check can't wait that's Han as he Karen

I'd say take so let's take a rain check

let's take a rain check take yeah I

would say take as well take a rain check

yeah which means let's let's cancel or

reschedule let's reschedule that in the

dictionary that says it's a polite way

of canceling a plan and saying you'll

read your reschedule it but I think it

would still annoy me if someone said

yeah let's take a rain check

on your birthday plans oh well the

birthday plans I can understand you'd be

upset for but if if someone if you were

planning to go for a pint tonight with a

friend and they fit our list I'm gonna

take a rain check

I'm going to they would say I'm going to

take a rain check on I'm gonna take a

rain check tonight is that annoying for

you no it's okay I actually had evidence

of it being annoying but maybe just for

friendship reasons my sister got a text

two days ago saying someone said I'm

gonna take a rain check tonight my heads


how pathetic I'll Honda okay that

annoyed oh yeah okay headache is to be

taken seriously don't go giving and Jats

ostrich in de she'd sir don't hold off

broadcasting live streams that's really

good I'd use the preposition on there or

thumb all from broadcasting nice screams

or hold off from broadcasting live

streams I think they both sound fine or

off or from yes on all from on or from

there we go hold off on slash from

broadcasting yeah and that's late but

one have a good example that made it

could be slightly corrected my whole dog

my brother my hold off my program holds

off guess he married with his wife until

he has enough money so there I use a

different tents there wouldn't you

my brother is holding off getting

married with his wife until

has enough money Charlie's just thinking

things from would you put in that my

brother is holding off from getting


it sounds more natural in the Cambridge

dictionary it does give examples without

the prep and additional preposition so

it's okay but yeah I am plum

I would I would go for with a

preposition on getting married but very

nice example nice example cool okay so

we we found this one particularly funny

there's an example in the dictionary

from classic Edie

now hold on Ed that wasn't what we

agreed at all

was it so this is a real straightforward

one but we thought it's really really


so let's include it let's include it so

it's all about waiting and there's a

couple of definitions that we might want

to go through but the first one is quite

native in the way that you would be

confused and you want to address some

sort awk about something that you want

them to clarify more make it more clear

for you like hold on tell me what you

mean when you say that word cut because

I'm confused

hold on let's go back let's revisit that

hmm yeah maybe Stacy could come home

from a long day at work she tells you a

story and maybe you missed part of a

story or there was some back story that

she should have told you some some

background to that story you say hold on

who is Jenny are they from Italy who I

don't even know who she is why hold on I

still don't know I still don't know yeah

who is Jenny but yeah exactly you could

hold on let's go back to Jenni tell me

about her details is she married yeah

hold on really good especially if you're

learning a language if you want somebody

to clarify something give more

information and say it if you're not

totally clear on what

said then just say hold on so you you

went to rent a car and then can you tell

me more about the hold on

I'm confused tell me more and it will

clearly show the other person that

you're a little bit confused yeah yeah

yeah very good or even in instructions

if you're saying where where can I find

the train station

oh go left go right go straight down

hold on hold on go back to the first

step we go left

yeah no you go right okay exactly yeah

hot slow the hell down yeah that's right

people do they explain these directions

really quick as if you have some amazing

like photographic memory exactly yeah

so they go in another you know slight

nuance with this one we can use in

slightly different ways so we can just

use it to ask someone for weight to wait

or someone to wait for a very short time

and so Charlie if you said do you want

to do it live lesson next Friday I'll

say hold on let me check my diary mm-hmm

I'm gonna check my diary not Vienna

I'm just saying wait a minute yeah that

one's kind of like it is wait like pause

let's pause for a second mm-hmm while I

check whereas the other one is like wait

is in wait let's go back let's let's

revisit something yeah rewind there you

go big and then and then there's one

more isn't there so we're to manage to

stay alive so it says here we just had

to hold on until help arrived

imagine zombies are coming in the house

oh no what do we do cool call the fire

brigade they're good at stabbing zombies

in the head and you wring them out they

said okay are they in no they're not in

all right well hold on and we'll get

there but and I've used it in the wrong

way help me out hold on for 10 minutes

the the services are on their way you

know the the fire service are on their


yes yes to be honest I don't know why

didn't call the police I don't know

what's that crime is it zombies won't go

to jail well no but if you're expecting

us to stab them in the head you've got

another thing hearing or just use your

hose hose them down hose that down yeah

that's very good

- hosts somebody down put it in okay

oh really wrong no backing it's very


this zombie situation is very

nerve-racking I'd like to hose them down

this is new technology for us clearly

but we hope that it's amusing seeing us

fail at this yes so to host somebody


that's not hold so let's go on to the

next hole yeah okay good so make it

might be the last one we'll see we'll

see how how it goes but this this one

gone Harry are you telling me you we're

not doing all of them two more let's see

how he goes there we go I would go mate

I'd see how we go that's my Australian

accent that's how Charlie is going to be

speaking in about two years guys so keep

watching a channel for that yeah

only time will tell I would go God do

you think that's gonna happen do you

think you end up speaking like an

Australian oh no way mate no way -

bloody British oh no I don't think I

could deal with that my own line runs

blue I'm I'm far too too superior for

that I'm Prince Charles you are you are

you are and I'm Prince Harry okay the

next one oh this one reminds me when I

was a kid and I used to go to London

weird the family and my mum would buy

the tickets for us she would get all the

tickets and she say hold onto that

because you're going to need it and when

we get there or hold onto that because

you're going to have to throw it to the

ticket guy a ticket man

what do we call the ticket man what

would you call him ticket inspector

inspector we're going to show that to

the ticket inspector soon so hold on to

that and what we mean by that is it's

quite simple but keep it safe keep it on

you keep it on your person in your

pocket somewhere you can find it there

you go

hold on to that mmm Andy yeah very good

very good

Stacey never holds on to her receipts

which infuriates me

we bought quite an expensive bike rack

for our car and I thought this probably

won't fit so we need to make sure that

we have the receipt upon exiting the

shop she rips in half which is crazy to

me she ripped her it's eaten hot yeah

yeah which is it's it's very strange

behavior I think that defeats the point

of a receipt that's because yeah because

that turns it into two pieces of litter

and it's redundant redundant like not

able to be used so now you've got two

bits of litter to to deal with and it's

broken what are you thinking Stacey is

she thinking I hope she's watching this

and just seeing me the humongous error

that shouldn't commit it so I could say

hold on why did you rip that apart yeah

hold on Stacey why you listen why are

you creating more litter which is

rubbish yeah yeah god that is silly

those pretty silly silly things

basically sillier so he didn't hold that

in the shoe silly she didn't hold on to

the receipt silly yes Ellie and if

you're into the Formula one or racing

generally there's an example here that

says Louis maybe Lewis Hamilton held on

to the lead until the final lap until

the final lap yet the final circuit the

the going round the circuit once so he

held on to the lead the being in the

front he held on to it so he kept his

lead safe

he maintained it hmm maintaining Letty

held on to his toilet ensues no I was

thinking of other examples yeah okay

yeah yeah really nice he held on to the

lead really good and let's see if he's

got any any examples of coming

so yes Vladimir take your officer we

could say that take your officer ticket

inspector yeah

and a viewer said hold on to your

British accent so nice keep it keep your

British accent please hold onto your

rope British accent charlie we love it

mmm I will I'll try my best and then I

think this is Ian yes hello Ian

Breaking Bad from the show Breaking Bad

you can hold on to your third mr. white

and keep cooking ass brilliant isn't it

really really good really good example

your third of the other money your yeah

your third of of the the substance or

the money perhaps probably the money

nice example in June really like that

and I'm a fair one from from Vova my my

student my old student much love see you

and it's important he's got a typo there

that's fine we'll forgive that it's

wanting to hold on to what you believe

in when you're in an argument yeah yeah

you're maintaining your your stance your

position that's nice yeah yeah


as a political scientist like Vova it's

important to do that he's showing off

that you can remember details about your

students yeah yes yeah quite frankly I

am so I'm just gonna put up Frankie's

that just came in please fasten your

seat belts it will hold on to you during

the flight journey I think you're

getting at please fasten your seat belts

and hold on as this will be a intense or

fast experience I would just say hold on


for a bumpy ride mmm yeah um pee like

Boing Boing the turbulence yeah nice

yeah so there hold on have we done that

type of hold on I guess we yeah it's

like hold on with the zombies example

isn't it you know maintain yourself

alive for a while

yes a to deal with the situation so hold

on you know don't worry just wait a

little while wait a little while it

won't be bumpy forever or or quite

physical of hold on to something

hold on oh yeah yeah hold on yeah hold

on to your seat

yeah which we didn't go over because we

thought it was quite straightforward for

you but yeah you can hold on to

something physical yeah exactly

yeah have you shown this this example I

did I just thought I did yeah that's all

right that's all right mate I won't hold

it against you no certainly won't thank


okay guys should we leave it there yeah

yeah I think so yeah I've got a lesson

in there a couple of minutes and I don't

know if we want to really quickly recap

on all of them with one example just one


bonk let's turn off slash throw you a

subject or a topic go on then yeah you

throw me a topic and I'll try an example

three of them and then you do three

running into your ex while you are on a

date so coming across seeing your ex

whilst you are on a date with another

person okay so I was on a day I saw my

ex and I was very rude to her because I

hold it against her that she cheated on

me I hold it against him so I have

resentment and about her also I never

resented her also because she was

holding me back that's why I broke up

with her not just because she cheated on

me five times but because she was

holding him back you know she was

stopping me from developing and being

the best version of myself and but

seriously it was hard it was hard to end


I had to hold off on making that

decision so it took me probably three

months to really pluck up the courage to

accumulate the courage necessary to end

a relationship so I held off for a while

okay yeah I was I was thinking you were

on a roll I thought you might yeah I

can't think of one for that related to

that topic another topic yes

telling a friend you found out their

significant other cheated on them

similar finding a friend telling a

friend you you saw their partner kissing

somebody else oh okay yeah I was so I

was waiting outside the restaurant and

hoping that the rain would hold off

because I had reserved a table for

outside and I was hoping the rain would

hold off so we didn't rain for a while

and then I looked and I saw Stacey

kissing a man very handsome man Oh me

no it wasn't use another handsome man

another one yeah yeah but but hold on


hold on mate she's she's she loves you

so don't don't end it you know wait a

little bit wait a while hold on and

because she is she's great she's great

yeah okay okay

did you take a photo of it no no I

didn't I mean it just didn't seem right

wasn't my point reaction to get my

camera I just I don't believe you so I'd

quite like some evidence but yeah yeah

don't hold it against me don't hold it

against me

I won't oh wait but you know if you were

gonna get a photo maybe you could have

held on to it until I saw it obviously

don't delete it it would be weird to

take a photo and delete it straight away

but yeah next time take a photo and then

hold on to it until you show me

okay yeah yeah I'll hold onto it like

Stacy doesn't like she should hold onto

her receipts and me she seems to have

let go of me clearly yeah it's a shame

it's it's a it's a shame really isn't it

there you go there you go guys

thank you very much for joining us live

it's been a lot of fun I hope you've

learned something new today and you

found it useful as you can see over over

there you can follow us on social media

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we'll be going live next week Wednesday

let me Charlie we will yeah even though

this is hypocritical saying every

Wednesday it's like a mirror we've gone

live today because we thought we would

all right we wanted to get a few more

videos out so why not why not so it'll

be fun

why not but yeah usually every Wednesday

to say see you next Wednesday yeah

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The Description of Advanced Phrasal Verbs with HOLD in a Conversation Class