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As someone who's spent more than 350 hours playing The Witcher 3, read some of the books,

and played 500 hours of Gwent

You can imagine my excitement when I heard that Netflix was planning to adapt my all-time

favorite game into a show. After years of googling rumors, news, and

ultimately waiting for any sign that it was going to happen, I almost lost hope.

But then... It happened.

So, after all that waiting, hyping, and hoping. Does it live up to my expectations?

My main concern was always going to be the characters.

I knew it was going to be hard to let go of their video game portrayals.

Thankfully, the show managed to get destiny's trio, Geralt, Yen, and Cirijust right.

Oh, and not forgetting our favorite bard, Dandelion. Or as he's known in the books (and

the show), Jaskier.

Before I continueThis video will contain spoilers.

I'll do my best to give away as little as possible but I'll be referencing stuff that

hasn't happened in the show yet. So, unless you've played the games, you will


Now that I've got that out of the way, let's begin.

I was ecstatic to hear that Cavil was taking on the role of Geralt, cause having an amazing

talent who's also read the books and played the games is so rare.

There's no doubt that Cavil's portrayal drew inspiration from the games too.

It felt so satisfying seeing him brought to life on a show.

And Cavil does it so well. I'd dare say, at this point, Cavil IS Geralt.

Shout-out to Doug Cockle for inspiring Cavil's performance, you know Doug is gonna always

be the real voice of Geralt. Especially for those who've played the games.

There were a lot of doubts about how Anya was going to play Yen.

I mean, it is a pivotal role in the series and she's a newcomer.

Fortunately, she carried the role spectacularly. The first season is basically about Yen, her

origin story, and her motivations. She's not the Yen I know from the games yet,

but I think given time, she will be. I never really liked Yen in the games, I've

always felt that she and Geralt's dynamic is a bit too toxic for my taste.

So, I'm excited to see if the show can change my mind.

Ciri's arc is the most generic out of all three, at least for now.

Unless I'm mistaken, her character development arc starts after meeting Geralt and training

at Kaer Morhen. I hope she gets her due in season 2 because

we all know who's the real star of the show. Ciri's still young in the show, there's a

lot more growing to do before she becomes the lady of time and space, or as we know

her in the games, the monster slicing teleporter. I'm slightly disappointed that Ciri and Geralt

didn't meet in Brokilon forest like they do in the books, but oh well, moving on.

Joey Batey plays an amazing Jaskier, or Dandelion. I love how they set him up to be sort of like

Geralt's marketing agent. Toss a coin to your Witcher was a major success

throughout the continent, and the show. Good luck with getting that tune out of your

head. You know what, I think he even plays the bard

even better than the games. So, more of him in season 2 please.

The other 2 characters that stick out are Fringila and Triss.

Fringila's is a totally different character from the games, or the books.

But, I don't have a problem with the casting choice.

I know the show changed her skin color, but... I doesn't affect the story moving forward

So, no complaints from me.

Now, the only character that's a tad more disappointing was... Triss.

But hear me out, I don't think her looks are the problem.

Think about it, the games really sold her with the hot dress, red hair, great... personality.

Compared to that, the show presented her in rags and dim lighting.

I've seen her in some amazing shots, and with the right wardrobe and make-up,

she'd make a great looking Trissirrelevant of how she's described in the books.

Do that in Season 2. Fix her.

I enjoyed the music in the show. I know it sounds like an obvious thing to

mention but one of the reasons the games were so successful was the soundtrack.

And I don't mean to tell the professionals how to do their jobs, but it would've been

a huge mistake if they decided to go with... Modern hard rock for example.

So, here's me appreciating the little things, y'know.

The Nilfgardian ball-sack armor was heavily criticized by many people, especially Angryjoe.

But, to be honest, it didn't bother me at all.

Sure, it doesn't look like the armor in the games, but the show runner explained why and

I accept her reasons. And I also think the color grading helped

a lot to mask out the ball-sacky-ness. I'm sure they can fix that in the future when

Nilfgaard advances, and have more funds.

To be honest, I have some reservations about how the timeline worked.

I remember getting my mind blown when I found out about Westworld's timeline twist.

But here, I thought was slightly messy and a bit distracting.

However, I love how the timelines converged at the end of the show, but before that, it

felt a bit jarring to watch. Or maybe it felt awkward because I've read

the books and my expectations were off. But don't worry, the season's plot holds up

despite the messy timeline. It is the Witcher after all.

Alright, here's my final take. My biggest fear was that this was gonna be

a cosplay fiasco like the live action fullmetal-alchemist movie.

I had faith, but I mean, they really baited us with the initial screen test.

We all knew the wasn't actually gonna look like that... Right?

It's a big relief to say that out of the many things that can go wrong with adaptations,

Netflix's The Witcher commits very few of them.

The show isn't a direct prequel to the games, and it doesn't follow the books completely,

but for what it's worth, it's a damn good show.

That's all I have for this video. As you can see, I'm not an expert on cinematic

reviews, TV show reviews, or what you call this.

But I really wanted to share my thoughts and excitement.

And I love that I'm not the only person among my friends who's talking about The Witcher.

So, what did you think of the show? Leave your thoughts in the comment section

below And thanks you for watching.

I really appreciate it.

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