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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet Awatef Mosbeh from Toufoula Kids

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My name is Awatef Mosbeh. I am 38 years old,

and I am the manager of the project, Toufoula Kids,

an educational application for children between the ages of four and six years old.

Toufoula Kids is a mobile, educational application

with four main sections:

Toufoula TV, with cartoons for children, Hikayat,

which contains interactive stories,

and Atelier, which includes two parts: DIY programs and workshops for kids which integrate the ideas shared in the classroom into the application activities.

Toufoula Kids has two main objectives.

The first is education,

and the second is to assist children to grow into future citizens.

Toufoula Kids, the project for this application, is based on a startup, of which I am a cofounder.

Toufoula Kids came after an experience in youth reading content

audio-visual, and specifically in cartoon production

And also in terms of educational campaigns.

This experience gave us the opportunity to acquire new partners.

Toufoula Kids started as a childrens magazine, which was distributed in schools.

We received a lot of positive feedback from parents, educators and also kids,

which allowed us to develop the magazine into a mobile application.

Weve identified a market need, on a national and international scale.

There are 40 integrated applications, which are a mix between stories and games.

We won awards like the Alecso in Dubai for the best educational application and in the Arab world,

for the best educational application and in the Arab world,

as well the Poesit prize for the best social project in Tunisia.

Toufoula Kids is important to me as a mother, as an entrepreneur,

as a creator, and as an illustrator.

Toufoula Kids is our main objective and I hope that it will continue to grow

to meet the needs of the national and international market.

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