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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Better Learning - Content that makes a difference

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they're modern classroom is changing you

need to make sure other and the

materials the students have to learn

English keeps appears without change

cambridge provides a lot of different

additional resources content that is

both engaging stimulating to use but

also meets the needs of very busy

teachers who have minimal time to

prepare lessons

I love the Camerons materials

Cambridge course materials are so

effective because they're researched

based they're informed by the customers

so we're able to give them exactly what

they want in the take a close look of

walked our learners interested in in

their own lives from the television

programs they're watching to the books

that they're reading to the youtubers

that they're following and we

incorporate those elements into our

courses in order to maximize engagement

by by really researching what needs to

go into our courses we can really make

sure that the courses contain the

language that students really need the

average is given us you know relevant

information that is modern that has to

do with the real-life situations here in

Columbia and all over the world

I think the materials that I get from

Cambridge are very relevant and

meaningful for today's learners

customers tell us that primary courses

are really easy to teach from I really

enjoy teaching them children really

engage with the characters and love the

songs and everything is ready for the

teachers they just have to follow the

materials they just have to follow the

teachers Edition with all the ideas with

all the things that they have to do in

class so what we really want to do is to

make teachers lives easier but at the

same time help them to get good results

from their students and help their

students to learn we want our digital

experiences to be really easy to use

that saves precious time we want them to

be motivating and enjoyable and lastly

we really want to give teachers more

progress data so that they can answer

important questions about how their

learners are progressing and whether or

not they're on track to meet their goals

I love Cambridge the tools because they

are very aligned with technology in

education and we know that teachers

really value the way that it helps them

to manage the class to teach key content

and key learning points so we try and

partner with our customers to deliver

things like teacher training and any

services really what we think that we

have the expertise to assist in the

learning process

we work in four main areas and of

support service the first is customized

learning and teaching materials the

second is professional learning and

development the third is research and we

also offer consultancy we have such a

huge range of materials that are ranging

from the reticle with practical books


training horses and also face-to-face

training if you want to become a better

teacher you have to work with the best

and coverage is the best


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