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Tell you ah, the worst thing to do at 12 o'clock

is to watch food videos.

This Eatbook, Eatbook, Eatbook always on my explore page

The Smart Gamer...

Also food?!

I'm so hungry...

Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of Eatbook Cooks!

Today, we're going to show you things that are really really easy

It's great for lazy people,

people who do not want to change out of their pajamas

and great for days when the hunger pangs

hit you in the middle of the night.

So we're going to show you 2 recipes that you can whip up

with a cup in a microwave

and we're going to call it

the supperwave because it's supper in a microwave~

The first dish we're doing today is butter chicken

Yes, you heard me right, butter chicken in a cup in a microwave

I need to preempt you first

do not expect a traditional legit butter chicken recipe

because this one has been simplified

and modified to the point where

it fits this.

The recipe might still seem a little long

what I suggest for you to do is take a screenshot

of the flat lay of ingredients and let me guide you step by step

and here are the ingredients that you need

butter, onion, garlic, ginger, chicken, tomato paste, cream

masala, paprika, cumin, chilli powder, salt, pepper and water.

It's a very long list but don't worry

you just have to mix everything in, that's it.

So the first thing to do is

add your butter, onion, garlic and ginger in a microwavable cup

When you eat your butter chicken outside,

you don't remember the sauce being chunky, right?

So you really want to finely mince your garlic,

onion and ginger, and you want to make sure that

it's as small as your knife can let it be.

You don't even have to mix this up,

just pop it in the microwave for 1 minute.

And it's done! Okay.

If this is your first time trying out this recipe,

experiment a little, be familiar with your microwave

because every model is different, so for this step

we actually put it in for 1 minute.

What you can try is split it into 30 seconds and 30 seconds

checking in

in between, once it's done, give it a good stir

you want to see that the onion has softened

and you're ready to dunk everything else inside

except the water.

So you have tomato paste, cream,

masala, paprika, cumin

and chilli powder.

If you prefer your butter chicken with a kick of heat,

you can add more.


You want to make sure that these chicken are in bite-sized

chunks so that it's easier to eat.

Last but not least, season it with some salt and pepper.

Then, grab a fork and give it a good stir

before you pop it into the microwave for 1 minute.

Stir, stir, stir~


The magic happens in the microwave.

Simple, right?

You don't have to deal with fire

You don't have to deal with burning yourself

You don't have to deal with oil splatters.

Okay, so this is the colour that you will get.

Kind of like the colour of raw chicken.

When you reach this colour, pop it into the microwave

You'll need to put a plate on top, if not it will explode

into an orange mess and you do not want to clean that up.


Ooh, can you smell, can you smell, guys?

Can you smell?

Can you see the colour?

It's looking more like butter chicken now

but it's not done yet okay,

don't forget you still have water to add

Give it another good stir

another minute in the microwave

Okay, let's give this another good mix.

Ooh, hot!

Not only can you see the spices, you can smell it as well

I mean, I can smell it, you can't lah...

So give it one more stir and pop it back into the microwave

for 1 minute.

You just want to make sure that everything is well cooked.

Okay, it's done

Oh my gosh! It overflowed, I put too much chicken inside


Thankfully, you know, we used the plate as a cover

if not, it would've exploded all over the walls of the microwave

Okay! The butter chicken is done!

But, you don't eat butter chicken by itself, right?

You usually have something else to accompany it with

and what we have in our fridge is frozen prata.

I'm going to show you how to crisp up

frozen pratas with the microwave.

So what we have here is a spring onion roti prata.

I don't know, I prefer the spring onion one because I feel like it's

much more aromatic than the plain ones.

What you'd want to do is grab a plate,

put the frozen roti prata on it without thawing it,

and then pop it into the microwave in batches of 30 seconds.

Let us try one round of 30 seconds first.

What you'd want to do is to let the prata cook through,

you see these lighter yellow parts?

This is still raw dough so pop it into the microwave

for another 30 seconds.

One trick to really crisp up your roti prata in the microwave is to

turn it, flip it the other side

and then blast it one more time for 15 seconds

back in the microwave.

Just like cookies, you want to let the roti prata cool

so that it can crisp up.

In the meantime, you can just garnish the butter chicken with

some cream and parsley.

So the microwavable roti prata is ready.

Okay, let me show you how crispy this

microwavable prata has become.


What kind of prata do you prefer? Crunchy? Or chewy?

Comment in the comments section down below~

Hi Hafeez!

Hafeez: Hello Chiara! Guide me! Chiara: Hahahahaha...

Chiara: I feel like punching his face so badly... Hafeez: What? Why?

Chiara: and this is the best time I can do it

Hafeez: Who's the host?

Hafeez: Sounds like a guy but I don't know who,

never hear before...

Hafeez: Hello... What's happening? Chiara: Hahahaha...

Chiara: Okay Hafeez, How much do you like supper?

Hafeez: Wah, I used to love supper, I used to have supper a lot

Hafeez: Err... Maybe because...

Hafeez: Ya, I used to stay up very late last time but

Hafeez: now, I try to cut down on supper but

Hafeez: occasionally, I would still have supper

Hafeez: not that er- not as frequent as last time but when I do,

Hafeez: I make sure I got to the best supper places

Chiara: Do you like butter chicken?

Hafeez: Are you serious...? Chiara: Huh? What?

Hafeez: I love butter chicken Chiara: Eh thank you!

Hafeez: but whether I love your butter chicken

Hafeez: that's uh, something else uh

Chiara: Hello! Hafeez: Hahaha-

Chiara: Okay, so I actually made butter chicken in 5 minutes

Chiara: using just a microwave.

Hafeez: Okay, I see this and that, so both in 5 minutes or...

Hafeez: mainly just the butter chicken? Chiara: Okay,

Chiara: plus roti prata is 7 minutes

Chiara: Just be honest, it's okay, I can accept it.

Hafeez: I don't know if it's me... Chiara: Phahahaha-

Chiara: But? Hafeez: It's nice

Hafeez: It is nice but Chiara: Oh? But?

Hafeez: doesn't really taste like butter chicken Chiara: Oh, GG

Hafeez: To me, it tastes more like pasta sauce somehow Chiara: Hahahaha

Hafeez: As a dish, I would rate this 7.5/10 Chiara: *gasps* Okay

Hafeez: but as a butter chicken dish... Chiara: Hahahaha

Hafeez: What the **** no lah hahahaha Chiara: Eh!

Chiara: This was also made in a microwave and

Chiara: we managed to make it crispy which is not that easy

Chiara: with a microwave

Hafeez: Wah, eh Chiara: *laughs*

Chiara: Is it too crunchy? Hafeez: This one is not roti, this is one papadum

Chiara: *laughs* papadum... Hafeez: This one is papadum, legit!

Hafeez: What the, looks wrong, never mind Chiara: I'm helping you

Hafeez: Okay, good job! Chiara: Okay, thank you, thank you

Okay! *almost trips*l

Oh my God...

Now, the second dish we're going to make is Korean egg bread

This was one of my favourite street food in Korea

back when we still could travel overseas

but anyways, here are the ingredients that you'll need

you need egg, sugar, flour, baking powder

vanilla essence, butter, milk, bacon and

also some kitchen towel to crisp your bacon up

Let me show you how.

So similar to the roti prata, what we want to do is

blast these bacon strips in the microwave for around

1 minute and 15 seconds

We trialled a few times, I think that was our optimal for

this particular microwave model.

Get 2 squares of your paper towel

lay it side by side like this

and then tear another 2 more squares

and lay it on top like this

put it on a plate

and blast it for around 1 minute and 15 seconds

So this is how you use the microwave, it's a lot of trial and error

PD: How old is Maverick?

Maverick? He's 35, can't you tell? *laughs*

Chiara: Yes. PD: Oh my God, Suphon asked

PD: Why is Suphon the best kor kor in Sngapore? Chiara: *retches* * coughs*

Oh man... Because I always tease him saying that,

"Ohh, Suphon kor kor" so he

purposely went to ask that question last night.

Yuck, I'm not going to answer that because he's

not the best kor kor, I was being sarcastic

Okay Suphon? 'Di di'? (little brother)


Don't be afraid to try any microwave-friendly recipes

don't be afraid to fail as well

because that was what happened for us.

Okay, I say first, it's not going to look great

but as long as it tastes great, it's okay, okay?

Yeap, it looks like it's 'chao da' (burnt) but I assure you it's not

Okay? So just like the roti prata, just like cookies

you'll want to let them cool, let them crisp up

so that you can enjoy that ASMR-worthy crunch

Okay, now I'm going to set this aside

Now, grab your mug, followed by the rest of your ingredients

but I don't know if you followed Eatbook's TikTok,

but we actually have this super amazing coriander butter cake

and this recipe kind of reminds me of that butter cake

so it's very versatile, you can add anything you want in a cake

You want to add coriander? It's fine.

Today, we're going to add egg

Um, and bacon because those are like killer combinations right?

So crack 1 egg, next you'd want to pour your sugar in

then beat it with your fork, if you have those kinds of mini whisks

at home, feel free to use it, it's even better

Now, we're going to add the rest of the ingredients into the mug

so flour, next would be baking powder

then 1 drop of vanilla extract, then melted butter,

followed by milk, and then just give it a good whisk

once more~

So if you haven't tried this recipe before, it's going to be

pretty much like an eggy butter cake.

There's 1 whole egg in this batter

and we're going to put another egg in it later

Just make sure all the lumps are somewhat gone

Someone once asked, "What did Wasabi A say to Wasabi B?"

Wait no... What did Sushi A say to Sushi B...?

Suphon: Okay then? PD: Wasabi (What's up B)

Younger Chiara: I'm just going to roll my eyes.

I need a friend PD: What's up

I need a friend in these kinds of videos, I'm so lonely-

Let's put this in the microwave for 30 seconds

This is different from your prata, different from your bacon

You do not want to overcook it

so remember my tip just now?

Split it into windows of 30 seconds.

Okay, so you see, it's not too firm.

It's not too liquidy, just the right texture for you to

stuff your crisped up bacon in.

A lot of naysayers will be saying, "This bacon is inedible,

it's 'chao da' (burnt)" Let me prove to you that's false, okay?

I eat, I show you!

Mmmm, can you hear how crispy it is?

It's like a cracker.

The reason why I included this in this Korean egg bread recipe

is because texture maketh taste

so the bacon not only provides some texture,

it also provides a lot of flavour

so we've cooked it twice in the microwave for 30 seconds

each time and now we're going to dig a hole and pour the

egg in.

Ooh, it smells so good, it smells like regular butter cake.

Now what we're going to try to do is pour the egg white first,

then the egg yolk, so that you get that beautiful

white and yellow colour on top

when the entire dish is done

Oh my God, I think it's going to look cute.

Put it back in the microwave to cook the egg this time.

Give it a check, okay you see?

The egg isn't done yet, right? Another 30 seconds.

PD: Oh my God, the egg Chiara: Uh, what?!

PD: Off! x12

Okay, thanks for saving us

PD: It almost overflowed.

Another thing to take note when using the microwave

always keep your eye on it

It's just for a few seconds anyways so just like stay nearby

This thing is transparent for a reason okay?

And don't ever put metal into a microwave,

it will explode and catch fire, you know?

PD: Yes.

Oh my God, so cute, it looks like a bullseye but

instead of red and white, it's yellow and white.

Okay now, we're going to sprinkle,

I won't say sprinkle, I would say cover the cake with bacon

If I was doing this at home, I would totally use my fingers.

To be honest, this cake recipe is really versatile

you can add coriander inside, you can add cheese inside

instead of bacon, you can add ham inside

You want to add 'tau geh' (beansprouts) inside also can

especially for An.

Okay I want to zhng it a little bit by putting some

more parsley flakes

just like the butter chicken.

Okay, let's go catch a lazy bum bum in the office

See whether, anybody is sleeping or not

Chiara: There's a lazy bum in the bed and he's my darling~

Chiara: Hi Honey~

Chiara: *retches* * laughs* Huy: Eeee, I don't want!

Chiara: You don't want what?! Huy: I don't want you as my honey...

Huy: Present your food! Chiara: Okay so I cooked this dish up in a microwave

Huy: Okay, it smells good though. Chiara: and it took me only...

Chiara: Thanks, I just farted Huy: *sniffs*

Chiara: *laughs* No, I'm kidding,

Chiara: Girls don't fart, come on.

Huy: Should I guess what it is? Chiara: Ya ya! Make a guess.

Huy: Looks yellow so there should be some egg inside

Huy: 'Chao da' (burnt) bacon on top,

Huy: okay there's also some egg white on top

Huy: There are some vegetable flakes.

Huy: Maybe some kind of egg cake with bacon on top.

Chiara: Oh my gosh, why are you so handsome and so clever?

Chiara: It is a Korean street food called 'Gyeran-ppang' Huy: Really?

Huy: I want a spoon full of everything. Chiara: Okay

Chiara: Aaah, oh my gosh, really can fit eh!

Chiara: How's it? x3 Huy: Eh, not bad eh

Chiara: Not bad only? Huy: No, it's nice, I would like, I would make it at home

Chiara: You would make it at home. Huy: I would, I would, I will

Huy: Give me the recipe! Chiara: Don't need to give you, I'll make for you

Huy: With no sugar. Chiara: Sure

Both: *laughs*

Huy: But yeah, it's nice

Huy: It's a very good combination of soft and crunchy,

Huy: buttery and milky,

Huy: sweet and savoury combined right,

Huy: this would be a perfect dish for you

and it's so easy to make. Okay, it's perfect.

Chiara: Okay, you need to rate it upon 10. *gasps* Huy: 9/10

Huy: If it was less sweet, I would rate it a 10

Huy: and, I would totally make it at home.

Huy: Hm, not bad for microwaved food. Yeah. Chiara: Right?

Chiara: Yay! Huy: Thank you, I'm going to finish it.

Chiara: *laughs* Huy: Leave it to you, bye~

Chiara: Bye~ Wooh!

I guess that was a semi-success.

Hafeez kind of enjoyed the butter chicken

if we didn't tell him it was butter chicken and Huy

is going to marry me!

Ya, that being said, you can cook really fast but also, you need to

give and take you know

it won't have much texture, just like the rice cooker so

you need to think of creative ways to crisp things up

and you need to have patience

to cook at intervals so that you don't get overcooked and like

burn and burst into flames in a microwave.

Just be comfortable with your microwave, you know,

trial the recipe, not once, but twice maybe

and then soon, you'll be able to master a dish

with a microwave, just like we did today.

Yesterday, I actually saw this really funny meme where

someone was drinking tea from a bowl and eating food

in a cup, so that's basically what we did today, food in a mug

and ya, if you have any suggestions what you want us to

try next in a microwave, let us know in the comments section

down below. Who knows? If there's good response,

Qing will try cooking with the microwave next?

PD: Suphon, Suphon Chiara: Suphon? Suphon will go

triggered and say,

"You want me to cook with a microwave?

I'm a chef, okay?!"

So yeah, thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Cooks

If you love this video, don't forget to watch our other videos

over there and like, share and subscribe.


Chiara: Let me find my honey! *laughs* PD: Eeee

The Description of Microwavable Food In A Mug Recipes | Eatbook Cooks | EP 31