Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Budweiser Clydesdales help Purina surprise Far View Horse Rescue

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Finding homes for horses can be tricky

sometimes so at Far View Horse Rescue we

work together with the horse and the

volunteers to get that horse to a level

where an adoption is possible.

Our focus is to help horses heal from

whatever problems they've had in the

past and then have them adopted out into

homes that are appropriate for that

particular animal. And our biggest goal

is to find a forever home for every


At Purina, it's a no-brainer for us to be

the title sponsor for a home for every

horse. Shelters like Far View you have a lot

of challenges in terms of what these

horses need when they arrive and to take

feet out of the equation and make sure

they have high-quality premium feed that

allows them to really get the animals

back on the right track, fits with our

belief that all horses deserve their

forever home. But it really is all the

volunteers that come to these shelters

and really work with the horses, that

make the biggest difference. We don't

have a single paid volunteer or board

member or director. Nobody gets paid here;

so we're all doing it out of the passion

of our hearts toward these animals. We

get about two calls a week and would

love to rescue all the horses we get

calls about, but that is impossible

so we we do our best. We write grants to

pay for the feed, but we are in a

position where we're facing winter, a

very harsh one

we understand coming up, and we have

exhausted our food budget - we really


The volunteers here think that we're here

to thank them and show our

appreciation for all their hard work and

dedication. Which is true, but what they

don't know is that were also here to

surprise them with the delivery of two

tons of feed for the horses. We have some

special celebrity guests.

Thank you so much for being here today

on behalf of Purina we are so grateful

for all the work that you do here to

help rescue horses achieve the greatest

potential. And as you know this time of

year is a time for surprises. Today we've

got a great surprise for two tons of

feed is about to be delivered by eight

celebrity horses.

For a group of people who like horses

this was pretty much the best surprise

you could give us. Every aged person out

there lit up with excitement at seeing

these clysdales coming towards us and

behind it is a truck with 4,000 pounds

of donated Purina Strategy Senior

Care for us. That's like so much grain.

I've never seen that much green. Such an

amazing, amazing donation,

it means we can take on more rescues and

hopefully find good homes for them, and

it's just an unbelievable, unbelievable day.

It's an incredible gift. We are truly thankful,

pretty choked up. Thank you.

The fact that anybody cares what we're

doing, is just really really valuable.

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