Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Enterprise 4.0 to support Industrial Operational Excellence

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There's nothing like a dream to create the future.

One of the ruccuring dreams of an industrial organization is to have performance improvement,

product quality improvement and operational cost reduction to guarantee worker security

and to have an excellent relationship with Local Public Administration and citizens living

around the factory.

To reach Operational Excellence industrial organization need to have a strategic view

and an excellent execution plan.

Industry 4.0 can support an industrial organization to reach Operational Excellence, that in other

words, means to maintain high quality production, to have a long life in the global market and

protect worker family future.

So, Industry 4.0 can provide interesting implication on social point of view too.

Industry 4.0 is an oportunity that every manufacturing organization can catch.

If an industral organization wants to improve a product quality and performance, improve

competitiveness, and speed up from prototype to final product, it needs to have a smart

Asset Strategy Approach.

To reach this target, factory connectivity and collaboration is mandatory, and for bigger

organizations producing a big amount of data, Predictive Analytics to discover hidden correlations,

can really make the difference to support Top Management decisions.

Focus on people is our mantra.

We are aware that most important company value are human resources.

So, our approach is based on sharing ideas with operations to find together the way to

add value to the company, avoiding possible resistance to the change and creating

Employees 4.0.

OmnitechIT can support the company's trip through digitalization,

starting fro the pivotal value drivers, via assessing the company digital maturity quotient

and then identifying the right action plan to find the best and faster way to improve an overall company value.

To do that, we can let available our competences and expertise in Industrial Network, Industrial

Internet of Things, Enterprise Asset Management, Predictive Maintenance, Augmented Reality,

Business Process Management, with core on Predictive Analytics.

IT Security and Industrial Control System Cyber Security are for OmnitechIT, the Foundation

of the Industrial Digital Transformation.

The Description of Enterprise 4.0 to support Industrial Operational Excellence