Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【國宴大師•牛肉醬】老飯骨獨家香菇牛肉醬,吃出滿滿牛肉粒、菇香味濃,這味兒絕了!附各種醋的區別(上)|老飯骨

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This beef paste is absolutely delicious.

Toasted sesame.

How can this possibly not smell wonderful?

Oh my god

Shiitake Mushroom Beef Paste. You can hear – ‘GU-DU-GU-DU

The beef we select is the part with some fat,

which is from beef brisket. Beef should be boiled first

For pork, like pork belly,

you can just do stir-fried with raw pork. But not beef

Because after stir fry,

beef will become tough

And add leek and ginger when water is still cool

It will help to bring out those impurities

Little by little

Those impurities would not come out if you added the meat into hot water.

Then add some Chinese cooking wine.

Though it sounds trivial, it is really important.

Do we need to add some salt? –No, just boil it.

I found the shiitake mushroom is ready now.

Keep the water, do not waste it.

Add some oil. It should smell good soon.

Add the mushroom after smelling the aroma.

And boil it. (Add some water)

Then put some oyster sauce.

The mushroom should be well-cooked.

Then it will taste good and chewy.

Otherwise, it will be too hard to chew. Add some huangjiu rice wine.

Skim off the scum

Chaohui, come and look at the mushrooms.

They become chubby, which means they are soaked well and ready.

They shall be chewy at this point.

Actually, the soul of Chinese cuisine isfusion’.

Each part of the dish has been processed separately

and made flavorful as well.

Then the dish with all parts combined will become delicious.

It is ready, lets get the beef out.

Place them into hot water, but not cool water.

Add some leek and ginger with beef

Chinese cooking wine

And some spices

star anise, tsao-ko, white cardamom, bay leaf, (dried chili pepper)

And just one angelica should be good

Cook for 20 minuets

Now we can remove the mushrooms from the pot

See this one, it looks like a chubby pig

They are soaked with water totally. Moisturized

Chop the mushrooms into pea-size

For the size little bit bigger than this we called it dice-size.

Okay, the chopped mushroom is ready. Lets make the sauce.

Three spoons of "Tian Mian Jiang" (sweet bean paste)

One more spoon. (Four spoons totally

Four spoons of Doubanjiang

This sauce is super delicious

One last Sause

The chili garlic sauce

Also four spoons

Meat is ready

Diced it

Da Ye, everythings ready now, right?

Peanut oil, and some sesame oil. You can smell the aroma immediately

First, we put the chili garlic sauce

It smells good

And some green onion and ginger. And one thing to point out-

Because we have our beef cooked already

It is not necessary to stir fry the beef in advanced

If you are using raw meat, you should stir fry it first

Add the chopped mushroom

To get its flavor to deeply penetrate in advanced

Tian Mian Jiang and Doubanjiang

Rinse this pot with Huangjiu Rice Wine

Then add it, without wasting anything

And add the diced beef

This wonderful paste now is filled with diced beef

Add the water we used to soak the mushroom

To keep the original flavor of Shiitake Mushroom

Add some dark soy sauce. The color of this kind of dark soy sauce is bright and dark-red,

while the color of some other dark soy sauces is black

So usually,

we will prefer using this for cooking

It is stewing. You two can take a break now.

Let me take care of this.

Let it stew slowly and be gooey

It is lightly boiling

We want it to be thicker

and reduce the water as much as possible

It can help for longer storage

Master, the sauce is nearly ready

Add 15g sugar

It is almost done

And now we have the baked sesame

Add it to the paste. It is cooked sesame.

How can this not smell good?

Oh my god. How is it?

Shiitake Mushroom Beef Paste. You can hear – ‘GU-DU-GU-DU

Ok, dont over fry it

Sure, turn the stove off now

Da Ye, we have some Mantou (aka Chinese steamed buns) left here

Let me get you one

Da Ye hasnt eaten anything today till now

How is it? –I am feeling like it tastes even better than with noodles

Let me get one for master

The beef is soft and smells good

This beef paste is absolutely delicious.

The sauces we used are good, so as ourformula

And beef processing method by the master is great too


One of our comments is

What is the difference between different types of vinegar?’

In China, we have four famous types

of vinegar

Beijing Rice vinegar

Shanxi Mature Aged Vinegar

Zhenjiang Vinegar

As well as red vinegar

Of course, there are more, like

those from Sichuan

or Shanxi

Baoning Vinegar

For kung pao chicken

Yeah for kung pao chicken

These kind of local vinegar

are also popular

White vinegar and vinegar concentrate are imported

They are pure white

The vinegar concentrate, especially, is super sour

For someone not good at using it

will make the dish

smells sharp

Usually when we were making the sweet and sour sauce

in 70s or 80s

we used vinegar concentrate

When using it, we should start stewing earlier

And let the vinegar evaporate

to remove the sharp smell

from the dishes

Then Shanghai white vinegar came out

The vinegar is more stable

and not too sour

You can just add the white vinegar

right before the dish out of pot

and mildly cook for some more time

Now, most of the vinegar is fermented

It costs longer time

Just like liquor

It has its percent of acidity

Some are 8%

Some are 11%

Some are 13%

And some can be up to 15%

So why Shanxi Mature Aged Vinegar

Is more famous

It is because it will take 3, 5, 8 years

Or 10 years

The vinegar is better when it is aged

Even when you have half bottle of vinegar left there

It will become harder to use compared to the beginning

We can add some water

To dilute it

Otherwise it will be too sour

And have very dark color

Yeah, the color will be too dark

And not good for cooking

But more for sauce and seasoning

And what about Zhenjiang Vinegar

Eat Chinese mitten crab

For dipping sauce of Chinese mitten crab

Most of all choose Zhenjiang Vinegar

Some choose other

Like red Vinegar

And add some glutinous rice

Zhenjiang Vinegar

Is sweet

When we eat dumplings

Or meat pies

We will use Zhenjiang Vinegar

It is not too sour

and has stable flavor

Because of cultural communication,

many products from other countries

There are a lot,

like apple cider vinegar

or vinegar made of different fruits

Most of them are for salad

Those vinegar

Are really stable

Has super smooth sour,

no sharp smell

and stable flavor

It will keep its own flavor in the dish

So many chefs

Will use fruit vinegar

for salads

So these vinegars are basically what we have in China

Basically like this

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