Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pauly D & Nikki’s Relationship Timeline | Jersey Shore

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(upbeat music)

- Wagwan people, here down is your girl Nikki,

living in LA from Jamaica, hello.

- Damn, she's jack.

- I'm sassy and I like to be daring.

- Where you from?

- I'm from Jamaica.


- That is so cool.

- I'll chase a guy when I know that he's gonna be mine.

I like the competition when I'm a winning.

- I like the Jamaican girl.

- Yeah, me too.

We're fighting over the same woman.

- Holy (beep) there's an elimination tonight.

- Pauly what's going on?

- We're supposed to eliminate two of you guys tonight,

but since Christina went home,

we only have to eliminate one.

(indistinct chatter)

- Now that we have an elimination soon,

Nikki pulled Pauly aside first after dinner.

There it goes Nikki, she's fast, like shocker.

- I feel like she's gonna make a move on him.

- She's probably gonna shove her tongue down his throat.

- I feel like we had a connection from early on.

- Yeah.

- I think so, I was hoping you felt it too.

- I felt it.

- But I didn't know, that's why I'm like feeling bad

but I know that it was it.

I know it, I always say it.

- Really?

I like that.

- And I'm all about the connection and vibe.

That's why we're do this.

- Yeah.

Well, what do you want, Pauly?

- What do you mean what do I want?

- They're like million other girls here.

- I know and you see where I'm at though?

- Yeah, I definitely feel some type of way.

- For real?

Well the feeling is mutual.

- Prove it.

- I will.

I'm only speechless, I'm speechless

- Oh, hell no.

There's so much saliva, it's like disgusting.

You guys are eating each other's faces, like calm down.

- When do you think you wanna get married?

Do you want to?

- Of course, one day.

- They just made out.

Should I wait?

- We have a speaker spying.

- You left her wine in the dining room.

- Oh, thank you so much.

- Is this mine?

- This is yours, but if you want the wine

I have to sit next to you.

- Fine.

- So that's up to you.

- Do you want me to leave?

- That's up to you.

Nikki is one of those clingy, crazy girls.

Get your wine if you like.

- Okay.

- Honestly, she's really getting in my way.

- Salute.

- Salute.

- Thank you for the wine.

- Makes you horny, right?

- It does?

- Red wine only.

- Is that right?

- How did it go?

- We talked.

I feel like I put my heart on the table

and my feelings are genuine, they're legit.

And I'm kind of scared of it.

- Why are you crying?

- Elimination is tonight and I gave my time up

with other girls and so I don't know.

It's out of my control.

I cannot sit here and like make somebody love me.

- Just be yourself,

that's all you can do at this point to yourself

and be true to yourself.

- Well, Nikki texted me.

She's mad, she's like girls literally diving in front of me

to jump in the hot tub to sit next to you, I'm done.

- Something doesn't go her way,

it's like a big, big (beep) blow up.

- For real.

- So what are you gonna do?

- I like this girl, like I'm feeling her,

so I'm just gonna go talk to her.

This environment isn't for everybody,

but if Nikki left, I'll be really upset.

There's chemistry there.

I don't know, I can't explain it.

It's physical, emotional, it's just there.

It's like, I definitely wanna continue something with her.

What's wrong?

Where did you go last night?

I was like, what the hell?

You can't let the other girls get to you.

Don't let them blow this.

You know what I'm saying?

You know, I like you and you ain't going nowhere.

So get that out of your head.

You're not leaving.

You and your cold hands are staying.

- I'm not making any promises.

- Oh, that's a smile though.

(laughs) Come here.

See you fit too good to leave.

- It's not easy to date a guy that's

literally dating 13 other girls simultaneously.

So I need to focus more on me and why I'm here.

I'm here to find love

and I think that I can find it with Pauly.

But it all boils down to if I'm gonna ride it up

until the end.

- You're okay?

- Yeah.

- Better now?

All right, do your thing, okay?

(soft beat music)

- You're okay?

And I'm happy.

- Me too, we're out of the peanut gallery.

- We're getting a make over.

- They're gonna be even more salty.

- I hate that house so much.

It's been exhausting, this whole process.

So a spot date is definitely what we need

and I am so happy that I won this for us.

- Yeah, you is determined on the exercise.

- I mean...

- You're always getting rid of all your baggage.

- I feel like they keep like pushing me.

That if you're not here for Pauly (beep) in.

- Where do they get that from?

- I don't know, I could not tell you.

- Nikki has made up her mind, she knows what she wants.

My mind isn't 100% made up yet

because I'm going through the process,

getting to know everybody, but I keep going back to Nikki.

- Put up your hand, there you go.

- She's a strong woman.

She can take all the hate in the house.

I can relate to that so much.

There's such a connection there

and it's both physical and mental.

It's so weird to see such a genuine person

and I've got that impression from you since way early on.

And put people in, it's always safe for me

to question like everything, like it's so great.

I don't listen to anybody but myself, just so you know.

But it's funny I don't ever get that vibe

that anything that you say is not genuine and not sincere

or you have any ill will or bad attention.

- Yeah.

- I don't see it.

- Which one of you guys do you think

have the strongest feeling for Nikki?

- Oh, that's me all day.


- So I should be drilling you then.


- Yeah, go ahead, I'll help you.

- So okay, the guy that's sitting at her table,

she's in love with him, Pauly.

He likes me.

- So I'm very good at reading eyes.

So I'm gonna ask you, is Pauly a player?

- Well, no.


- Thanks dude.

- You're sure that's the girl you bumped heads with?

- Yeah, it's like very weird.

But we're all dating same people.

- Evidently you have a busy schedule.

- Yes.

- How do relationships work, where she is very loving

to the point where it might be seen as a clingy person.

- So Nikki's cousin admits that Nikki is clingy.

In other news, water is wet.

- She is a loving person and she loves to love.

You know what I mean?

She might not be something that everybody can do, you know?

- I'm not overwhelmed.

I just appreciate how much you've let me in, you know?

And she put her vulnerability out there for me.

I really appreciate that.

- Being clingy is a red flag.

I don't know if Pauly realizes that yet.

- Here's how this is gonna work.

The people are gonna come in one at a time and sit here

and as they say answer I will be doing

thumbs up or thumbs down behind them.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- All right.

- Take your seats.

- All right.

- Does Derynn's relationship with Pauly make you jealous?

- No, what relationship?


- Are you in love with Pauly?

- I plead the fifth.

It's just not the way I wanted to tell him.

- You have to answer.

- No, I can't.

- You have to answer.

- Yes.

- I knew it.


- If Pauly asks you to marry him tomorrow,

would you say yes?

- Yes.

(bell rings)

- Obviously I like her,

there's feelings there for sure, I get that.

But love right away, marriage?

Are you crazy?

- Do you think you and Pauly will be together forever?

- Yes.

- She's got a go.

She said she would marry him tomorrow.

- She's a fan-girl.

- Do you wanna have kids with Pauly right away?

- Yes.

- I'm just gonna step out.


I have two beautiful women coming towards me

and it's scary because I came into this house

looking for love and here it is right in front of me.

The last thing I wanna do is make a wrong decision.

- I'm so happy that tonight is finally here.

I found the guy that I wanna spend the rest of my life with.

And I've just been waiting for this moment

since the day I walked through the door.

'Cause after tonight, no one can tell me how to be with him

or not to kiss him.

Like I could do whatever the (beep) I want with him

because he'll be mine.

(soft beat music)

- This is it, I'm literally shaking, shaking.

I've never clicked with someone like I clicked with him

and I just can't believe that I could be leaving here

as Pauly G's girlfriend.

Like I'm so close, I'm so close I could taste it.

- Derynn and Nicki, you guys look gorgeous.

- [Both] Thank you.

- You're Double Shot at love is over,

but now it's time for your single shot at love with Pauly.

- Wow, you guys look so good, this is very difficult.

Before I start, is there anything you guys wanna say?

- [Both] Yes.

- The way I feel about you stems from how you are with me

and how you look at me.

So I really do believe that when we met,

my heart legit whispered to me, that's him.

And I really do love you.

And this is just wouldn't make sense

going forward without you.

It scares me.

- Nikky's speech to Pauly, I wanna just throw up.

You love him?

You love a guy that you just met?

Who's been dating 20 other girls in this house.

Are you joking?

- Nikki, I remember when I first saw you,

you shined a little brighter than the others.

It was almost immediate that we cuddled

and we shared our first kiss.

You never missed an opportunity to grab my attention

and to pull me aside.

And you made sure that I focused on you.

The other ladies in the house knew you had my attention

and you got heated more than once.

- Damn, you sound like a dumb bitch.

Like I'm losing (beep) brain cells talking to you.

(speaking in foreign language)

- You don't know (beep) about me, period.

- But you never gave up on us.

I like a woman that can stand up for herself

and fight for what she believes in.

I really appreciate both of you guys, I mean that.

But I'm sorry for one of you, your shot at love

will be over tonight.

(dramatic music)

Derynn, your shot at love is over and your cab is here.

Who knows what could have happened

if I build the connection with Derynn a lot early on?

The connection came way later.

Well, if I would've focused more of my energy

on Derynn's connection,

maybe things will be a lot different.

This is really hard.

I came here looking for love and here it is,

right in front of me.

But that intense this early on, is alarming.

That's how my past relationships have been

and I'm like, I don't know if I can do this again.

- My stomach hurts.

- Nikki, we both came here looking for love.

but you're so sure, so soon, that you caught me off guard.

- I'm not sorry.

- It's just that she fell in love so quickly.

I feel like it's too much and too soon,

I'm afraid of this love.

I'm afraid it's the wrong love.

We definitely have a strong connection,

but feelings you carry that didn't happen for me.

As much as it kills me to say this,

I'm rolling solo for now.

- Stop.

- I'm really sorry.

It was just too much.

Nikki your cab is here.

I'm sorry, Nikki.

- I could not tell you what just happened.

Like, I'm in shock.

- Do you want me to walk you out?

I prefer to walk you out.

- No, Pauly don't, please don't.

- You're sure?

- Yeah.

I'm all right.

(soft beat music)

He literally stabbed me in my gut

and then he wanted to walk me out after...

He stared me in my eyes and told me no, it was too much.

I know I said I would be fine coming in here

and being vulnerable because that's just the way I am.

And I would be okay and loving and then losing.

(soft beat music)

- Pauly, you shocked everyone with your decision

to send Derynn and Nikki home.

What made you decide to roll solo?

- This whole process wasn't easy for me.

It was a lot, it was overwhelming.

It's a lot harder than you think like.

Like, how I'm really in this house with all these women

and build connections, meet some great people

and I did just that.

I met some great people, some great connections,

but for myself, I had to just do myself for once.

I'm always putting everybody else first, all the time.

- You seem like the type, your daughter, your mom,

or your boyfriend.

- Yup.


- So this time at that moment, I was like,

I'm rolling solo after this because,

being put on the spot there was so many feelings,

it was just overwhelmed.

- Nikki, you look like you're, you know--

- I'm pissed.

- You're crying--

- Because I put my heart on the line

like you don't understand.

I am an emotional person that I'm very vulnerable.

It's easy for me to open up,

but I don't open up to just about anybody.

I don't give myself to people like that.

Why keep me there?

Why leave me on and then pull the rug from out under me?

- Right, how hard was that for you to watch?

- It's hard, in the moment I was numb, I was cold too.

But I was sitting there like, I was calling him

like waiting for him to be like prank war champions,

like just kidding.

- That would have been Epic.

- You know?

- Right, I wanna hear from Pauly.

Pauly, do you have any regrets sending Derynn or Nikki home?

- Well, I don't know what I'm doing in this situation.

I just can't only go by what I feel.

And I appreciate every single girl in this building,

putting themselves out there, we're pretty united the same.

We put ourselves out there.

And which didn't I let her know day one?

That's unfair because I was trying the process

and trusting in that and letting her know

like might as well say, I'm going to send you home,

but I'm gonna try to see if I like all these girls,

you don't know that day one.

- Nikki, you're obviously very hurt,

but you had to have known going into a dating show

no matter who it was,

that there was a possibility that you could get hurt.

- I obviously anticipated that, I also did not anticipate

that it was gonna fall for somebody.

I again, will say I wear my heart on my sleeve

and I am not scared of expressing myself,

I'm not scared of rejection, I'm not scared to get hurt.

- Right.

- Because heartbreak, whatever.

- Right.

- But I know when a man is into me

and I get when it's not that deep.

- Right.

- I can pursue a man for who he is, I don't give up.

I like him because he's Paul Del Vecchio

give a (beep) on Pauly D.

If I felt like he didn't feel that type of way about me,

I would've been like, okay, like maybe I should try Vinny.

- Are you just saying you felt like, you know,

it went both ways.

Pauly, we heard through the grapevine

that you actually blocked Nikki on Twitter and the Gram.

So why did that happen?

- It was just a lot, like, it was a lot.

Like the paragraphs and stuff, it was just a lot.

- That she was writing?

- Are you joking with me?

The paragraphs?

- On your page or in your DM?

- Both.

- Pauly, like seriously.

- Nikki, I'm not denying anything that happened after,

during, whatever, any feeling, I'm not denying that either.

I'm saying, did you ask me a question of why I blocked you

and that's why.

(upbeat music)

- I haven't seen Pauly since the reunion

of Double Shot At Love,

I don't know what to expect when I see him.

I was definitely on the fence about coming to Vegas.

Because last time I feel like everybody

misunderstood me a lot.

I didn't want to kiss Pauly in front of everybody.

I was the emotional wreck and I was the bitch.

But I know who I am.

And I just want everybody to see different sides of me.

I don't wanna be a part of the drama.

Let's be real, I'm really nervous

because this is kind of Pauly's ground

and my connection with Pauly was legit.

I'm still hurt, I'm still guarded,

but for me, there's still something there.

- I've seen Pauly talking to Nikki and it's just like,

what better place to have your serious talk

than in the strip club.

- You bashed me.

- You did the same thing.

- I never bashed you.

- Yes you did.

- Mean comments about me.

- No I wasn't.

- That was hurtful.

- I never retaliated, I don't do that.

- I was mad at you, you hurt my feelings.

You don't care?

- I didn't say I didn't care.

- Do you?

- Of course I care.

- What's happening over there?

- They used to date.

- I want you to be happy.

I'm glad we're finally having this conversation.

I'd love to be her friend and look past

anything that happened because she's a cool girl.

We broke up and it was ugly.

- Okay.

- And then you wouldn't let me talk to you (indistinct).


So Nikki finally cracks a smile.

The whole time I been in here no smile from Nikki

and now she's smiling and I'm happy

because I want her to be happy.

- Okay, once again it's my fault.

- No, it's not all your fault.

- Okay, are we splitting it?

- All right.

- I am happy that Pauly and I finally had this talk.

- Sorry.

- I'm sorry.

- And I'm happy that he says sorry,

because talking to Pauly feels like old times.

It's familiar, it's comfortable,

it's like nothing ever happened.

Let's just turn a new leaf, okay?

- All right.

- I hate you.


- This proves how important simple communication is.

Hopefully this little conversation can go a long way

and squash all the awkwardness that's in the suite

between Nikki and Pauly.

- So now what?

- Now we make babies.

(upbeat music)

- Can I steal you?

- Of course.

- How are you doing?

- Honestly, I'm so confused.

Like Pauly and I are good, we're good but,

when we break up, it's like the worst thing in the world.

- You're doing parties with him, living with him.

- No, I don't wanna party with him, I wanna be with me.

- You wanna be legit.

- Yeah but I don't care about all this.

- You're okay?

- Like he may seem happy, you know?

- He told me like, I don't know what you're intentions are

and you're telling me you kind of feel

the same way about him?

- Same thing.

Obviously Pauly wanted to know where my head was at.

It tells me something, you know?

'Cause if he didn't care,

I feel like he wouldn't be sending people to talk to me.

- (indistinct) Happier with him, you need to tell him that.

- I'm scared.

- Don't be scared.

You wanted something, you go and tell him.

You never know if you don't try.

- Yeah.

Like in that exact moment, it hit me like,

yeah, I wanna be with him, I'm scared

and it was all these things.

But if I want anything with Polly,

I have to really go for it.

I wanna go down there.

(upbeat music)

- Oh, my God.

- Nikki right now is making our way to the DJ booth

and I'm thinking, Holy (beep)

I hope she doesn't do something stupid.

while Pauly DJ's on stage in front of thousands of people.

Fly really, lemme see you fly really

- We had our talk, we got past whatever (beep) was.

I'm just glad that Nikki feels comfortable enough

to come to the stage and dance with me.

(upbeat music)

- You remember we broke up?

- No.

- You don't remember?

- No.

- I think you blocked me though.

- You blocked me.

- I think you blocked me though.

- You blocked me.

- True, true.

- Being in the blitz with Pauly, we're vibing, we're dancing

and I'm so happy if I took Lauren's advice because

nothing else around me matters.

I feel like Pauly felt like whatever happened happened

and it was so bad that he could never feel

this wave on me again.

But I want to be his girlfriend.


Tonight is a special night,

We're gonna drink till the morning light

Tonight is above the night

- Oh my God.

Tonight is a special night

- Here we go again.

- What is going on?

I cannot believe it was happening again.

I know in that moment, he's probably like,

I'm on stage, this girl is in front of me,

she wants to kiss me, let's do it.

But it's Nikki.

She's been waiting for this moment for months.

Nikki every night has gone to sleep thinking about

when will I ever reunite with Pauly?

When will I ever touch him again?

And that moment for her is happening right now.

So like where did they go from here?

- That's ex-girlfriend,

imagine if she was my real girlfriend.

I like being around Nikki right now,

but I don't wanna lead her on

to anything more at this moment.

I just wanna see how it goes.

Little by little, I'm gonna take this slow.

I hope there's a way,

there's a middle ground here somewhere.

- Pauly, how come you never ever take me out?

- 'Cause we broke up.

- So Vinnie thinks that I should talk to Nikki,

make sure we're on the same page and I 100% Agree with him.

It seems like to me, Nikki's trying to pick

right back up with the relationship stuff.

I don't wanna do that,

I wanna keep things just where they are.

Nothing more, nothing less.

- When?

- You know that.

- What I want so bad is to tell this man

how I feel about him and that I wanna be with him.

But I never really get to have alone time with Pauly.

- What?

- I didn't say nothing.

- Nikki is downstairs talking to Pauly.

- Right now?

- Yep.

- Yeah.

- Which I personally wouldn't do before our show.

What if the conversation doesn't go well?

- I just wanna be on the same type of page

because we like just jumping all the way up here.

I need to tip toe.

The worst that could happen is that

I might ruin Nikki and I's situation.

- So what do you wanna do?

- So I hope I'm going slow, I don't push her away.

I don't want that.

Well, it's just, we're having fun right now, are we're not?

I wanna have fun, if it goes to something,

it goes to something, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

But I don't wanna pick up where we left off.

'Cause that was whack, that was disgusting.

We gotta to start over from the beginning.

Slow, if you're okay with that.

Speed, then I can continue.

But if you need to go to 100,

- What's 100?

- Married.

- What the (beep).

- I'm just saying I can't do that level.

- I don't know where you would get that from now,

that I wanna like get married and (beep).

- You don't know where I would get that from?

- If Pauly asked you to marry him tomorrow,

would you say yes?

- Yes.

- Pauly is my addiction, I am drunk on him reader.

- So now what?

- Now we make babies.

- That's just me though, I'm gonna express my feelings,

how I feel like.

- And that's why I'm telling you where I'm at.

(upbeat music)

This (beep) was a big deal.

- I know.

- Today I actually played a song for Nikki specifically.

It's called simmer, it's sort of like our situation.

And I didn't even tell her that I had it.

So it was a surprise that I actually had it.

And she was just happy.

- Pauly, you killed it, I'm so proud of you.

I'm very proud of you.

- We love you.

- I can't say that.

You'll run from me.

Watching him perform, I was just like, whoa.

I'm proud of you.

I just had a moment where I'm like,

should I be crying right now?

I was just so happy to see him be happy and it's just...


- Anyway, I have to go.

I'm leaving for another gig tonight.

I have one in Canada in Toronto.

It sucks but it's what I do, I'm a touring DJ.

So it's difficult.

I'm only gonna be gone for 12 hours.

- Okay.

- Can you be faithful for 12 hours?

- Yes.

- If not I'll cancel the gig.

- What?

- I'll cancel it.

- No.

- I'm gonna have him watch you.

- The truth about Nikki and Pauly is that they are booed

the (beep) up whenever they're with each other,

holding hands, kissing each other.

You think that they've been dating for 10 years, you know?

It's like, are they going slow, are they going fast?

They're going slow and fast at the same time.

It's like he's on the (beep) treadmill, I don't know.

- Guys we're heading out, let's go, let's go.

(indistinct chatter)

- I'm 39 years old and single,

I'm probably doing something wrong.

- You're not, you're not.

- But I don't wanna be with you because you're crazy.


No I'm kidding.

I mean, today was the ultimate day.

Starting from the second I woke up

working things out with Nikki and crushing Liv Nightclub.

I'm at an all time high arena.

That was amazing.

- I know.

- Tell her that I love her so much.

But don't tell her right now.

- We're about to leave and Pauly tells me

to tell Nikki he loves her, but to not tell her.

- What did he say?

- But Nikki is standing right next to me, so...

You tell her.

- No, I'm shy.

- No you tell her, you tell her.

- Tell me right now.

- I'm thinking, is this man okay?

Is this man sober?

- Just say it, just say it.

- No Maria will say it out for me, she's my lawyer.

- You sure, because this is big.

Once you say it out loud, it's out in the open,

you can't take that back.

- If you wanna tell her, you can tell her now.

- He said he loves you so much.

- Don't tell her right now.

- I did already.

Do you love, do you love me

- Hearing I love you, I almost cried.

Do you love, do you love me

Everyone thought I was crazy, who's crazy now?

Do you love, do you love me

- We have to talk.

- Where?

- Back at the table.

- Table?

- I don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings, I know what I said,

but I'm still trying to figure it out with Nikki and I.

I think we're good, but I just wanted to talk to you.

- What?

- Derynn, pulled me aside she was like,

" You gotta tell me what's up,

"'cause after the show you said you love Nikki."

So I don't want that to be taken as the wrong way,

but when I'm drunk, it's how I talk.

Obviously, some sort of something here

and we're trying to figure that out.

And that's where I'm at.

- Derynn approaching Pauly after

I sort of tapped in with her tonight.

Is she doing it to be malicious

or is she doing it to protect me?

'Cause like can handle my own.

- What happened side?

- I pulled him aside I'm like I was there after your show

and you did tell Maria that you love her and to tell Nikki.

And he was like, I tell everyone about them.

And I was like, you need to communicate that.

So now he's mad at me for doing that.

- Why would Derynn think it's a good idea

to ask about anything that has nothing to do with her?

Especially when she knows that it's something

that's more complicated than what it is.

- We didn't work on a Double Shot,

we tried to talk after, it didn't work for whatever reason.

And now we're here and obviously

you have feelings, I have feelings too.

But as far as church on a...

I don't need her to coach me on anything.

- I feel like everybody's like,

"So where are you and Pauly?"

They've been at that you need to prove something more to me

and I'm sitting here like, no, he doesn't.

I just know that I like him

and right now I don't like anybody else.

- We'll figure it out.

- Yeah.

- I think it's hard for Pauly to express himself.

So he cracks a lot of jokes

instead of talking about his feelings.

But I know he cares about me.

- When are you taking me on a date though?

- Oh, never.

- Not even two?

I love singing.

- What the (beep) wrong this winery?

Today, I mean.

- I feel like I do have to move at Pauly's pace because

he's the one that has issues with

acknowledging what this is, I already know what it is.

- Let's do this, everybody.

- Thank you.

- Thank you so much.

- Love is patience, love takes time.

I'm okay with us taking it slow

because at the end of the day, I know that love is worth it.

- Now Pauly you and Nikki left Vegas in a really good place

like we just saw, the fans wanna know.

I am one of the fans that wants to know.

What happened afterwards, are you still together?

- Well, it's an interesting question

and it's a very deep question

that I don't even know if I can really answer right now.

- Go for it.

- Come on Pauly.

- You should ask that question especially right now.

- Hold up, wait a second.

Where did Nikki go?

Guys Nikki just got up.

Wait, what?

- Well, what is happening?

- She's in the next room.

- What are you doing here?

- Hey.

- Okay, Pauly, you guys need to explain this to us?

- Well, I said it in on the show that

the only way to see if it would actually work

is to give it a shot, so we've given it a shot.

- Yeah, we gave it a real shot.

We're in a healthy bubble, we're happy

we've been along great and yeah.

- Yeah.


- I was not expecting that at all.

- And I was trying to stall with the (beep) answer.

I was trying to stall and stall so she would come.

- I was trying to be dramatic but I keep smiling

'cause I knew it was coming.

- And now I want to know all the dits.

Pauly, what is it like living together

without the rest of the roommates?

- It's cool, like now we get to spend

real time with each other, getting to know each other on

a different type of level altogether.

And if you can live with someone

that's most of the battle right there.

- Yeah, it kinda just happened.

- At first there's a few pairs of shoes,

then there's a toothbrush,

- And next we're sorting out the space,

do you want a space in the closet?

- Then there's pajamas.

And then all of a sudden you realize

you don't have much room left in your closet.

- Yes, so it just happened organically.

- And then she changes the bedding.

Listen, she enjoys cooking and I enjoy eating.

It's a perfect match.

- (laughs) I love it.

What would you guys say other than cooking,

other than Nikki cooking and you eating,

what would you say is the best part of living together?

- Just doing things together.

And when I say doing things, I don't even mean anything.

I mean just watching our favorite show or going on a hike

or taking the bikes out

or taking the cars out or doing a project.

There's somebody that to be there for each other.

You know what I mean?

- Yeah.

- Vinnie, are you just a little, a little bit jealous

that Nikki low-key stole your boyfriend?

- Of course there's always gonna be jealousy,

but from the start we established that

girls are okay to date, it just can't be another guy.

- Got it.

- And by the way, Nikki is in a relationship

with me now, too.

That's how this works.

- I'm constantly hearing him in the background.

- What a weird world we live in.

It's been too long guys, who is that?


Who else is in the house?

- Who is that?

- What?

- What was that?

- Like someone just took Pauly's plate.

- Wait, did you say, babe give me a water?

Do you have a robot?

- During this pandemic, I'm full of surprises.

I grew myself, I grew a beard and I got a girlfriend.


- Hi.

- What the hell.

- I know her, she was on my dating show.

- Yo, that is a really big deal right here.

(indistinct chatter)

- It's a new era.

- So this is makes it official?

- Officially official, officially.

- I never ever thought I could see the day.

- Well, 2020 is officially the craziest year ever.

Pauly has an actual boo.

- Wow.

- Congratulations.

- I'd like you to meet them all in person.

- You already me, I was the one you didn't like.


- Have you guys be quarantining the whole time together?

- [Both] Yeah.

- Unbelievable right?

- You haven't killed each other yet?

- I've never spent so much time with one person in my life.

- Wow, I'm so happy for you guys.

- It's really just perfect.

Quarantine happened and now he's got a girlfriend.

- When we're allowed, we should do a proper dinner.

- Just don't let that that girl

give a speech at your wedding.

- As long as you don't run Pauly over with a car,

you're good.


- Okay.

- I think that went good though.

- Yeah, it was.

- This whole quarantine thing has been

a blessing and a curse.

It pulled tour away from me, but it brought me closer

together with my relationship with Nikki.

- I feel very honored and a little special

that you know, everybody knows now.

So we can all be cool.


Me either.

Hopefully one day we can all be together and just chill.

- Oh no, you're moving a little bit too fast.

- (laughs) Shut up.

The Description of Pauly D & Nikki’s Relationship Timeline | Jersey Shore