Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taking the Plunge - Diving the Amazon - Ep 4

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(orchestral music )

(jungle sounds)

Living with the animals here is a large part of the experience.

Obviously you find all sorts in the water, you see pink dolphins,

gray dolphins.

Mosquitoes, though bothersome, are part of the landscape.

During the trip, you see monkeys leap from tree to tree, parrots.

You don't see that combination, that set of animals so often

and in the wild.

Also, and more dangerous, there's piranhas in the water, obviously.

Fortunately, you don' run into the piranhas so often.

(water sounds)

And there may be alligators, anacondas.

That's the kind of animal you don't ever want to be bumping into.

(calm music)

There are lots of ants!

And we need to clean to get the ants out of there,

otherwise, they are going to pester you up there.

(calm music continues)


The ultimate experience here was finding the tree

which is really very nice.

It is something you don't do often or anywhere else.

(Wagner, "Ride of the Valkyries)



The first day of diving is ending, and was spectacular,

the height we wanted, basically.

I think I get between 25-27 meters, more or less.

No, really...perfect, the depth and all.

I'm doing a dive that I don't do normally unless there is enough depth,

so it was quite comfortable.

The only hard thing was the climb,

but it was spectacular.

The view from above is -- it's just beautiful.

(calm music)

It's our second day diving here and we have been incredibly lucky

with the conditions.

It rained enough the previous days

for the waterline to rise and give us depth,

the sun has been shining for a couple of days,

and sunset is -- spectacular.

Just the Amazon we were dreaming of.


The dives...thrilling.

There is nothing better than being up there and ready to dive.

(dramatic orchestral music)

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