Practice English Speaking&Listening with: НОЖОМ ЕГО ! Сын УБИЛ АРМЕЙСКИЕ часы XIAOMI AMAZFIT T-REX !?!

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It sits on the screen instantly dust. Chest gauge

do not connect in it as and bluetooth headphones. Activities

- cross-country skiing is not in them. Multitasking did not appear

- go to the stopwatch, but go out without

pause it not allowed. Programs on them

do not install. Watch faces with pretty decent though

and the smallest of modern emezfitov screen - miserable.

Air pulse count. On the stream that I had

me yesterday, considered the air within an hour, 8 times, moreover

well. The air has a pulse there is. I sleep in them like

and walking uncomfortable, very bulges and presses hard

heart rate monitor on the wrist. If you have muscle there

and not only layer - problems the truth will not be. From messengers

Calls do not show. Smiley not. Dents on your super

casing from asphalt appear instantly. And all these tests,

what do you see on teube have nothing to do

with army tests, oh which he writes in advertising

amazfit is a certificate on the test of finding at

temperature to minus 40 degrees for 1.5 hours.

Moreover, it is indicated that exposure is not recommended

as it may result damage to the watch and its

components. And its not clear how can this help us

in life. For the rest of the documents not. But there are recommendations

in the instructions - that they are not should be used when

scuba diving, swimming and other activities

associated with high speed water. I after reading

this phrase shed a tear. Of course I drowned all the amazfits,

but did not think that xiaomites write this in hours, in

which have activity - swimming. The only thing,

what I think is worth doing - check for durability

glass of this watch. But I will do this only if

the video will gain 3,000 likes. Tube 449

Hello everyone - you are on the channel no benefit and here only

fast and comprehensive reviews, long streams and stable

raffles whose conditions always in the description of the video.

Like work, subscribe and remember that in the video

I set out the maximum the number of facts about the device,

but from a critical point view. Im not a seller.

And today I will tell you about the new watch from my beloved

Amazfit Ti Rex brand fast and unvarnished.

He comes just awesome company box, next

treasured packaging military standard and incomprehensible

500 mAh battery although the advertisement indicated

battery at 390. Brief characteristics

while you can see what are the menus in this

Bluetooth device: 5.0 Compatibility: Android 5.0+ / iOS 10.0+ GPS: There is GLONASS:

there is BioTrackerPPG Bio-Tracking Sensors

3 axis accelerometer Geomagnetic sensor

Light sensor size 47.7 mm in diameter, and serious

13.5 mm thick, the notorious GTR thickness of almost 3 mm

smaller, namely 10.7 mm. AND T rex their cheapened

replica in my opinion. Weight: 39g, with a strap weigh

like all amazfits - 58 grams. Moisture protection of 50 atmospheres.

Made of high strength polymer. The strap is very

nice silicone. Weight 19 g strap

22 mm with non-standard fastening, which is bolted

and I also consider him a fail. You will get tired of such a strap

search to buy. Screen - AMOLED Size: 1.3 "with

that amazfit gtr 1.39 inches Screen Resolution: 360x360

(mazfit gtr 454 at 454 points) Protection: Corning Gorilla 3

Always on Display is already on board, who does not know - this function

Insanely quickly puts the battery, but lets you see

time is always. Autonomy - 20 days, tracking mode

Track - 20 hours. Format Battery: Li-Pol Volume:

500 Mach (as indicated on the box) although 390 is indicated everywhere

mAh Charging time: ~ 2 hours. In power saving mode

must survive 2 months. I want to note special attention

what is protective here glass gorilla glass third

generations. And contrary to general Delusion - Third Generation

never intended to protect your phone from

strong blow. Everything, that it had to do

it prevent occurrences dents or scratches on the display

phone. And here is the sixth generation able to survive 15 falls

from a height of up to one meter. But the clock is the third.

I wont torment you what is in this watch. Easier

say what is not in them. Now I will name a few

reasons why this watch - Buyer's divorce. But

while I know that for many their brutal external

view is an excuse for all the flaws. And there are more than a dozen of them.

0.1 inch smaller display relatives. gtr 1.39 inches

. 454 by 454 pixel density at gtr and 352

And I know that I repeat myself but considering what the clock thinks

pulse by the air - I remind - cannot be connected to them

chest heart rate monitor. No reasonable defense

from moisture and dust, and this military Filkin Warranty Standard

diploma. Oppresses that OSes

like gtr, just rolled slightly updated shell

and thats it. Make a new watch a replica of the old is very

not good. Can't download music

and you cant listen to it. Cannot install other

programs. And it will definitely be not allowed. Of course not Yesim

speakers, microphone. Yes, even there is no barometer. Scratched

and this plastic is rolling with a bang.

The price is $ 149 per toy, whose appearance, according

in my opinion worse than that replica jishok from twentie

Seventin. But this is relative. There were a lot on the stream

people who have this watch I liked it.

A heartbeat bulges awfully. Wearing this watch is uncomfortable.

The fastening of the strap implies what you cannot buy

yourself any, but you will persist buy from amazfits while

Chinese replicas will not appear. There are few watchfaces at the moment.

They are miserable. And while the watch seriously messing up. You can

see my review on xiaomi color watch - here

there are sea faces. Does not exist any

regulatory body which could certify

apparatus under the "army US standard. "And that means

what manufacturers have right to interpret requirements

the way they want. For instance, any company can declare

that her novelty is stable to sea fog though

it may not be So. Animation is pretty

noticeably slows down. There is no barometer here - and

justification, necessity harsh protection.

Protection class MIL-STD-810G (810G), presented to consumer

US Army gadgets. Within compliance tests

MIL-STD American military check how

the device is protected from sudden temperature changes,

resistant to precipitation, frost, fog, falls and other

damage. And I had crazy question - where is the certificate

to fall. Is amazfit really all stood the gorilla

Glass 3. What is in the watch and program

you already saw it. And features there aren't any. Brightness

the clock is enough with the head. Management program

can be set as on iPhone and Android.

4 control buttons, one of which is programmed

and touch screen. Everything for device management. Communication

With the phone holds stably. Vibro medium strength. GPS by

catches my standards for a long time. The meaning of running in such a contraption

I do not see with such a heart rate monitor without the ability to connect

the chest sensor is sadness.

If you need adult crash tests - remind about likes.

Kill the device - so with the music.

The cost of hours is 149 dollars the link in the description of the video.

Everything will be immediately in Russian. This is a global. As I understand

half of my subscribers they like them. In real

life - there are no such people found. All rods from stratos.

I summarize - I advise if forget that these are mine

12th watch from amazfits. A if without jokes - his

subscribers I have this watch I do not advise, take stratos

or gtr in a nearby store. Any. Not these. To the rest

- decide for yourself. Have questions - write in comments. Bet

Like for the work. Write that still buy a review. Mata

and there is no rudeness on the channel. Device yes or no good

no will give an answer! Good and good luck to you dear friends!