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A new episode every Friday at 5pm. Please.

Hello guys, today I'm going to the aquarium shop where Adrie Baumann created the aquarium.

I showed you this aquarium once before.

We will see what this aquarium looks like now.

Last time I saw this aquarium it was quite fresh, less than a month old.

Now the aquarium should be biologically mature.

In a moment I will see if the shop employees run this aquarium well.

Even the most beautiful aquarium is easy to spoil.

I'm really curious what it looks like now.

In a short intro I'll show you this aquarium. Please watch the movie.

Adrie Baumann Aquarium, update.

Hello guys to my world of natural aquariums, you are on the Aquascaping TV channel.

At the beginning I will show you how this aquarium looked like two months ago.

Then I will tell you that it was the aquarium that made a great impression on me.

I like aquariums in general Andre Bauman is especially known for his large Discus tanks.

This is probably his flagship product, as you can talk about the aquarium in this way.

As I told you in the previous movie, it was a big surprise for me that in my city,

and in the store where he usually refuel with co2 he has built his aquascaper in Germany.

Also known throughout Europe and maybe even in the world.

It just depends who is interested in this topic.

Then this aquarium looked like this, I remember praising it then Andre for the so-called play of light.

So much of the aquarium faded into a dark background.

The arrangement was well-matched and balanced, you could see the attention to detail. How is an aquarium looks now, see for yourself.

Of course, I will now say my opinion about this aquarium,

but I am asking you to have fun too.

Now, information about the competition, unfortunately, does not apply to viewers from outside Poland.

But you can write in the comment which aquarium is better in your opinion.

Is the new aquarium prettier or the older one?

Okay, now I will speak about this aquarium which I found now on the last one visiting this store.

Please do not be influenced by my statement, I would like to know your opinion on this subject.

It is also a test of my aquarium taste.

Well, as you can see, the aquarium has already matured biologically, everything is growing quite nicely.

The plants planted in this aquarium are fairly simple plants, and that's probably what it was all about.

Just that the people who are looking after it would deal with what Andre left them.

At first glance, you can see that there is much less light in the aquarium than in the younger one aquarium.

I do not know if the colors of the plants are less vivid or simply because of the fact that especially in the lower parts of the aquarium,

there's just less light through it that the plants in this aquarium are not trimmed properly.

Or maybe something about fertilizing plants, I don't know, but the plants are in not bad shape but they lack such freshness and colors.

In a moment I will show you the same aquarium next to me, older and younger, and you will see that the plants are darker at the bottom,

it can be seen in the mosses. You know what I'm going to show you now. The descendants knew what I was talking about.

Now you can see it clearly. In short, more plants are not always better.

Pruning plants is as important as fertilizing them.

Just like those bigger plants they will cover the smaller ones, the smaller ones will be cut off from the light and will simply wither.

Another thought that comes to mind is this play of light for which I praised this aquarium so much earlier in this older aquarium it just doesn't exist anymore.

Another thing, I remember one movie in which Master Amano said that this is not what pretty stones are for,

and roots as an arrangement for the aquarium so that they then cover the plants.

Even the most beautiful ones.

It is simply then that Dutch aquariums are done, not the Nature Aquarium style

Nice roots and stones should be kept from being overgrown by plants or mosses.

My verdict is unambiguous, the employees of this shop did not make any effort to service such a beautiful tank as Andre Bauman left.

It's a pity because it could have been a great aquarium, but that's my opinion, do not be guided by this in your assessment.

Yet a glance at the updates of this aquarium looks like this at the moment.

You know what my idea is. Maybe we will make a series of films in which I will talk about yours aquariums.

I often meet in a group that people give a picture of their aquarium and write eg what are you planting or what you would change or add.

Vasily, a photo of your aquarium, and I'll show you strengths and weaknesses of this aquarium.

I will discuss the cast and the arrangement itself.

So if you are not afraid of constructive criticism,

you want me to provide your aquarium with some arrangement ideas, write me an e-mail or just write a comment.

Yes, I would like to take part in this series of videos in which you advise on the arrangement of the aquarium.

Then you just send me a picture of your aquarium and we make a video.

And just in today's movie it was enough, I invite you to the next episode which, as usual, every Friday at 5pm.

The next movie should be of interest to you because it will be from the series of aquarium plants atlas.

And when the plant will be, you have to find out for yourself in a week.

You cannot miss it. Greetings aquarists, good luck. Hi until next time. :)

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