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Welcome to my kitchen song

I'm singing all night long

A tiny bit of minced onion

To make your breath really smell


Stay home

With me


I am so excited because today

I get to speak to my touring crew.

I get to speak to, like,

my family that I would be with right now

if this wasn't happening.

As a crew, we're just like

such an upbeat family.

I mean, you got to hold your own in this crew

because we all take the mick out of each other.

You can't necessarily be soft. ( laughs )

It's going to consist of Jess, my tour manager;

Ben, my guitar tech. I've know Ben since I was 11.

Will, our monitor tech; Owen, our sound man;

Paulie, our drum tech; and the band that supported us

on our last tour called Saint PHNX.

We have a big bus and we all sleep in bunks together.

So, literally, these people are on your laps.

And you get that close to them, you kind of--

by the end of the tour, you're sick of them,

but a week into your holiday

or a week into being off, you miss them.

You're like, "Aah! Where are they?"

Tom, how excited are you to speak to everyone?

Very, very, very, very, very excited.

- So am I! - ( chime rings )

( all shouting )

- Yungblud! - Yungblud!

- How are you? - Adam, tell us a story.

- Tell you a story? - Adam's become the best chef ever, literally.

Same with Dom, though.

He cooked for us the other night

and it was like, "What?"

Yeah, Jess, I cooked.

I got a house and I cooked.

Guys, I can't wait to be back on tour.

I've got big plans for next year, though.

Swear to God. Haven't we, Gav?

- Yeah. - Starting next year,

we ain't going to be out of work.

I proper miss you. I proper miss you.

Every day I think about, you know, when we've just finished loading

and we just finished soundcheck and we're all messing about,

and Jess is usually frustrated at me.

But it's, like, just before

everyone goes to eat before the show.

- It's my favorite time of day. - Miss you, too, brother.

- It's been a minute. - It's been too long, man. I love you all so much.

- We love you, too. - Love you guys. Miss you.

- Love you! - Look after each other.

- Bye, guys. - Be safe. I love you.

I miss them all so much.

I want to get back on tour. I need to see them.

I feel like I'm going to cry because I need to just

feel not lonely anymore. I feel really lonely.

And it's crazy because I've been doing interviews, I've been doing press,

and I'm buzzing about the new single, but there's always

still something in my head that just comes up and goes,

"All right, I'm going to drag you down again."

I hear the silence and I hear the thoughts just being like,

"You are not good enough. You are worthless.

You are not-- you are not good enough."

And this is part of it, and this is why I do it,

to make people feel like you are not out there

on your own going through this.

But it's so interesting, sometimes I need to say that to myself.

It really got the better of me today.

- Yeah. Matty? - Hey, bro.

What's popping, bro? I miss you, man.

I want to write. I want to write some songs.

I just feel like a million miles away, you know what I mean?

- We are very lucky that things are happening. - Yeah, you're right.

You know, you've got records coming out.

My producer Matt, he's in London.

Matt is someone to me that really saved me,

really paved me on a path.

I went to Matty when I was writing rubbish pop songs

because people told me to.

And he said, "Why are you doing this?

This doesn't make sense."

And every time I have a day like today, I call Matty.

Am I doing enough? I just want people to feel

like I'm with them always and present,

and together with them and helping them.

Bro, you're doing great. The fans are great.

I keep getting all these crazy fans

of yours emailing me.

Someone sent me a message the other day.

It touched my soul, and I know it's going to touch yours.

And she just said that, "You probably get this

all the time, but here we go.

I suffer from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts,

and different eating disorders.

It's always been hard for me to love myself

and be happy with who I am.

Yungblud and his music really helped me with that.

Since I started listening to him, I became a happier person.

My dream is to meet him just to let him know

how much he and his music has and still helps me."

That's how far you reached. It's amazing.

They say the one who saves one person is,

like, you save the whole world.

I want you to hear that.

So you don't have to worry for a second

whether you're affecting people because you already have.

Even if everything stopped now, man,

most people would be laying their lives down,

would sell their soul to the devil

to have half of what you've been having so far.

He has a way of speaking to me to remind me

of why I got into it, because he was there.

He was in the room the exact moment

the switch flipped in my head.

He gets what I'm thinking.

He gets what I'm going through.

- Thank you for picking me up. - Of course, man.

I miss my family, and I see you as part of my family.

- So, I'm, like-- - ( speaker distorting )

It's hard to not be around my family, you know?

He put it into perspective.

Every time I wander off the path,

he drags me back by my collar.

- ( speaker distorted ) - Love you, Matty.

Dom: seek joy than to seek...

Welcome to the kitchen!

Don't piss me off or I'll hurt you! Aah!

Some people think I can't cook, but I can cook.

Got some spring onions.

Shiitake mushrooms.

If you're immature, you'll find that really funny.


I'm actually the Gordon Ramsay of my generation.

Get out of my way, Gavin!

Is it tequila time?

I think it might be tequila time!

Ready to get our starship.

( vocalizing "Star Trek" theme )

First time I ever did this, fire alarms going off,

pressed this by accident and everyone just went...

( gasping ) You got that clip.

Cut to clip! And everyone, first time I've seen it.

- Boom! - Whoa! Aah!

- That's bad! - Oh, my gosh.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Dom: How are you doing that?

Whoo! Whoo!

We've, like, never had a lot of family meals

because we're always on the road,

so it was nice to sit down together.

Eat your greens.

I feel like I'm a little bit at home right now

and I've not been home for awhile.

- Bon appétit. - So, welcome home, Dom.

- Chicken. - Oh, my God.

- This looks incredible! - Dude.

- Well, hello there. - Oh, hey, man.

Hello there, beautiful boy.

What's this? Am I being documented?

I'm really excited for everyone

to see episode one.

It's kind of weird that this will probably go

at the end of the series.

That's crazy.

I'm nervous.

I'm excited. I hope it goes well.

I wanted to make this documentary because

I wanted to make people

sit at home and feel less lonely.

And it made me less lonely.

Man: 10, 9, 8...

I was a bit anxious because I'm just literally being me.

- I'm being completely Dom. - Is it on?

- Oh, yeah, here we go. - ( Dom muttering )

- Man: Turn it up. - Hello, it's me

reporting to you live from Los Angeles.

We've been trapped here for bloody weeks, old boy.

( babbling )

Stay home

With me

When I get to stand onstage and play

I get to be kind of this heightened version of myself.

But now you're seeing me picking me nose in my underpants

drinking a cup of tea

telling you how much I miss my mum.

It's kind of like I can't be any more myself than that.

Tom Pallant, my photographer.

Oh, come on, Tom.

We're checking things off the list one by one.

It's an Airbnb. We're gonna be here a long time.

- How many times have you watched that? - Too many.

Dom: And right now, when the world is upside down

and when people are completely disconnected,

I thought this opportunity to connect with people

was gonna be taken away from me when this whole thing started,

and I got so scared, I got so frightened.

I got so confused.

But thanks to this documentary thing,

I've been able to connect with people.

Just because we can't touch each other

- doesn't mean we can't feel. - ( clapping )

Okay, so that was a success. That was a success.

"Lonely and the Broken" was a time I sat in quarantine

that quickly, like, became a song.

It was weird because I was kind of afraid to even try.

'Cause obviously I couldn't be in the room with everyone.

I can't believe how quickly it kind of pulled together.

It's not like anything I've ever done before.

There is a broken heart

Hid underneath the burning car

A frightened fallen star

An empty table by the bar

It's sad don't run away

Don't hate yourself or misbehave

We are, we are the lonely ones

We are, we are

There is a fading dream

Hid underneath the mezzanine

This often silent stream

That someone you know won't believe

It's said we're all the same

I hear you crawl I feel your pain

We are, we are the lonely ones

We are, we are

- ♪ So take me away ♪ - Hello, it's me.

I'm sick of this place

You know I am

Dom Harrison from Doncaster.

They will laugh, you will cry

When we all lay down to die

I won't forget you

He's going crazy!

I won't forget you

- Hi. Welcome to Tom's barber shop. - ♪ I won't forget you

I love you so much. Look after yourself. I'll see you soon.

I won't forget you

I won't forget you

- Let's go! - ♪ So take me away

- Oh, my God. - ♪ I'm sick of this place

You know I am

They will laugh, you will cry

- ♪ When we all lay down to die ♪ - Moving day.

I won't forget you

( all yelling )

I won't forget you

I won't forget you

To be connected in this time

is the most important thing we can do.

Dude, the worst thing we could do right now is to stop living.

Don't stop living.

'Cause even thought we feel like we're on pause,

this life is moving. This time is going. You know what I mean?

Even though it feels like the world's on pause,

this is a year out of your life.

So make sure you live it.

I know you're living

But if you can't get to sleep

You can always come meet me

I'll be waiting by the mezzanine

At three

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