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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WE FLEW TO COLORADO. Pit stop at FLAMING GORGE!

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are you ready good morning good morning we are going into Colorado Colorado sup

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I make it go bang boom pow I got the magic touch but his latest crash

supersize larger than life welcome to the show what did you think I made a


Lake Utah what do I they call it barely because maybe they have bears I don't I

don't think there's any bears of this area maybe it looks like a bear how

fantastic and electric any way to go the bathroom yeah that's two hours that way

that's not a little bit two hours well it is the gas station that we're

going to it so it'll be good I guess I guess we're gonna try to find a road to couple goals

land on does that work all right looks like they were guys the water or

something up here this is like a little bitty Bear Lake

this is cool really cool they got a bathroom right there Oh

all right a little air right there that's a good little spot okay okay

where watch me how I do it watch me kitfox

do it how cool is this yes this is like so perfect right on the way there's a

restroom for Sylvia I might use it too nice a little uphill landing right here

I don't know what this reservoir is but this is sweet and we got the place to

ourselves I mean there's not a soul out here this is so rad

hey guys bathroom break is done we're actually just gonna take off this way with yellow kitfox

straight down this little road right there into the wind nice little breeze

not much so sweet relationship goals

and drinking with the Pope around there be getting french toast so kiyosaki

sipping in the fandom and launch it

oh my god Jonas Marcinko it's just a cover just because it's bumpy doesn't mean it's

like I don't like it though I don't but like you're doing so good though ah but

you do need to fly with your left hand science which oh because I the only one

that could fly with my right hand oh yeah yeah because I'm sitting at this

seat okay try try it with your left hand little bit you're doing really good okay

fly with your second give it all just two seconds with your left hand few

seconds with your left hand oh yes you did it okay see your duty. learning how to fly

it's like a bumpy road first of the smooth road still gotta keep driving

toward it's bumpy road you know


are you lying I said it wasn't over imitators heirloom

the most on the original clothes

7:11 and mr. Jonas pulling his plane you think we can fit right here I don't know

let's see let's try

convenience store super plus we're gonna use restroom and then we'll be back more

to Colorado regular gas or what yeah yeah you don't use a I've counts no no

yeah right she adds good luck in it's so cool

Andrew came over exactly are you Jonas Marcinko that's like yeah cuz I can't

follow your videos like that's so cool so thanks for coming over Andrew saying

hi alright here we go you ready

that was the best feeling ever wow do you think anybody lives in that

trailer over there I think they're watching us oh my goodness it feels so

good to be standing on this ground right now this flight was crazy

it wasn't that crazy it really was is so bumpy in car it is it was not bumpy it

was like it's like the clouds are even closer than the ground and it's like

almost not really but almost well we were up there like 12,000 13,000 it was

like oh my gosh and then it's just like super radical so being on the ground

right now feels so good but let's get back yeah here we go back we gotta flip

the plane around actually no we're just gonna take off that way

I got that thing


love it it was a little intense Oh God but we got it yeah you got it we

got it

they're gonna park next to it oh wait hit the helicopter yeah yeah no can I

park down below the helicopter park just hear this taxis all here a little bit in

the grass but it's okay what that helicopter below be blowing off but

we're gonna ask words inspired like it yeah

hi guys good morning from this beautiful ranch here in Colorado we had a

wonderful time we had so much fun we didn't film anything because we were

just having too much fun it's true and you can tell how dirty I am because we

were just running the hills he's really fun raisers yeah we had so so much fun

so now we're jumping in the plane heading back to Idaho

I know here we come it's

get used to it

it's not a bad it's right in front of us it's happening

now it'd be good couple goals

you're doing so good okay if you kitfox you get the airplane faith in the cabinet

then I'll take over good want to pee I don't want you get at

me what you get it safety the can't get there before I'll take over

you're doing so good you're get there a little bit more a little bit more a

little bit more low board right rudder a little bit of right rudder a little more

global right rudder global right rudder a little bit more beautiful baby alright

I got me you did really good very good


how you doing baby here you you're not talking that baby

she's got a pee I got a thief that's laughing go get

bobby pin on a little bit look at the

the pretty nice FBO I'm gonna lie dang it

glad we're not flying in that all right let's get in the air because it's gonna

get bumpy what are you doing drinking Coffee again

you understand we have like a four-hour flight yes second off look look I've

actually really impressed why because I just put my card and

pulled it out into the gallons and confirmed and it wit usually when you go

to airport it takes like sometimes five minutes so like enter your number

aircraft's grounded this that blah blah blah

so it was like super quick and it's 450 and it's a really nice facility so it's

like cheap fuel cool people nice place recommend rifles a good place

to come Jonas Marcinko

there's no line on that Phaedra but there's a lot of people around don't

forget you get this yeah is that bad I don't understand like a

white stuff Wow ready I just keep getting lower good height for that for

that highlight oh yeah I know isn't Road actually thought I'd be cool it's big

it's long enough I don't think it's long enough

everybody is our boat would come see us - I know I says we have a talent oh yeah

that's right there's one over there all that they're still kind of like a tower

guard they landed their landing oh there's a frickin

our first shoe what the guys it's none of us I don't know what we're gonna do

okay oh no for you fake it are we gonna clear

yeah I think so yeah so as you can see him now

yeah I think we are beautiful couple

oh you hit it you just touched it so I guess oh did you see how close the

way was to the ground on this side oh I did it so close

this is so cool Flaming Gorge what's swimming and I did barely touched touch

kissed it this is so cool let's go swimmin oh my gosh the water

looks so good you know I was actually pretty cool in the airplane cuz we're at

like 10,000 feet so now we're like hot and sweaty but I'm so excited to jump in

this water you excited babe she's she's crazy

excited okay how cold do you think it's gonna be oh it's pretty cold

yeah but it is so clear look how clear this is you excited really excited I'm

so excited I think I like it whoo let's get in

that was so sweet amazing amazing nice little pit stop

here at Flaming Gorge lake we're now gonna jump in the plane and take off

another cool thing is that drone flew after I crashed into that tree this is a

last last time I flew it was in that tree so stoked it's sounding a little

funny but it worked bushplane

real yellow kitfox

you couple goals

The Description of WE FLEW TO COLORADO. Pit stop at FLAMING GORGE!