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hi ever wondered why there are so many versions of the Bible I mean let's face

it if God wrote one Bible and one version of the Bible why in the world

are there so many Bibles if that's something you've ever wondered or

questioned hang on and I'll be right back

hi this is Jim with gods411 we are starting a new series called what is

the right Bible for me when I bought my first Bible it was really confusing I

didn't know what to get I didn't know you know it seemed to me like there were

so many translations out there of the Bible and that was very confusing

because I didn't know what they meant I didn't know what I wanted I didn't know

what the right translation was for me and then on top of that I mean there was

paper back and there was hard covers and there were leather Bibles and I didn't

know which one I wanted so I ended up buying not necessarily the wrong Bible

but a Bible that really wasn't right for me so in this video what I'd like to do

is just help people that are maybe looking to buy a Bible for a gift or

maybe you have a Bible but you just don't feel that it's kind of the right

Bible so we're going to be going through in this first video just a series of

questions that you'd really want to ask yourself first

when looking for a Bible or buying a Bible and then also in this video we're

gonna be taking a look at really the three types of Bibles and then in our

next video we're going to be looking at translations you know what do they mean

what translation is right for you what it means by word for word or thought for

translations and all that good stuff and then in the coming videos of also be

looking at you know the different types of Bibles like parallel Bibles and other

specialty Bibles so this is really I'm really excited because this is a great

tool because Bibles aren't cheap they're you know they're pretty pricey I mean

some good Bibles are up to one hundred dollars so you want to make the right

decision in finding your Bible so if you're ready let's get started when

picking out your Bible the first thing that you want to do is to ask yourself

what you're going to use the Bible for so for example is this Bible a gift and

if it is then you probably want just a certain type of a gift Bible if it's a

Bible for you are you going to be is this like your permanent Bible you're

going to write in the Bible are you gonna take this Bible to church are you

gonna put in your car I mean how are you going to use this Bible and when you ask

yourself that question determine how you're going to use that Bible it helps

you out so much than picking what we're going to talk about next is the type or

different covers of Bibles to give so let's take a look at the different types

of Bibles okay so you've asked yourself the question how am I going to use my

Bible or what purpose am i going to use it for so the next question you're going

to answer is then what type of cover am I going to get the first type well

there's really three three bibo covers out there there's a paperback there's

hard covers and there's a leather different types of leather Bibles out

there the first one is paperback and I got my

notes here so you don't forget anything the paperback is lightweight

good feature they're cheap the cheapest of all the three between the paperback

the hardcover and the leather so they really make a great starting Bible if

you don't know what kind of Bible you want just a way to get into it you can

find them for under $10 which is a great price they're a great giveaway Bible we

have one here this is like a gift in a word Bible it's already sealed so if you

guys can see that great giveaway Bible a lot of times churches will use these

because you can buy them in mass quantities and you can probably you can

even get them for under you know five dollars if you're buying in bulk for

churches they do make a great travel Bible because they are lighter than

other Bibles you know you can throw it in your car travel with it some of the

cons are they are paperback so the cover is really easily torn and it's really

easily damaged it won't last you a long time just because it doesn't have a

great cover on it because it's just really easily damaged and because it

doesn't have a great cover on it the spine isn't really protected and the

inside pages are not protected that well but it's a great starter Bible and it

does serve a purpose so that's what it's good for so if

that's something that you know you ask yourself you know what am I going to use

my Bible for if that is one of the reasons that you're going to buy a

paperback the Nick paperback would be a good choice for you so let's take a

closer look at the paperback

here is a close-up of the paperback Bible and for the most part all of the

Bibles have the same internal meaning it has old and the New Testament and then

it just kind of depends if you want an application Bible a Study Bible and then

maybe a specialty Bible like a men's devotional or a woman's devotional but

in this video all we're going to do is just take a look at the starting which

is just the covers of the Bible the three different types of covers so this

is a paperback and basically it's what the name says it is it is a paper cover

that is covering the internal parts of your Bible so it does not protect your

Bible as well because as you can see you know you could pretty much bend this

pretty easily like that typically you wouldn't do this with your Bible but for

the sake of that you know if you throw it down wrong or you put it down long

it's easily bent and then it starts to expose you know the parts of your

internal Bible which you wouldn't so the paperback provides the least amount of

protection for a Bible alright let's take a look at the second classification

of our Bibles which is the hardcover so basically a hardcover Bible is basically

what it says it's just a hard cardboard cover with usually a dust cover which is

a piece of paper around it you can remove the dust cover or you can

leave it a lot of people that I know do remove the dust cover their medium price

range so it's going to be not as expensive as the leather ones but more

expensive than the paperback they'll last you about you know ten years

depending now hard you are in your Bible it's a good Bible to carry to church to

take with you a Study Bible at home they're hard they're durable and the

best thing if you're going to use a Bible cover this is the best Bible that

you can put into a cover now a Bible cover real

quick is so you don't have a leather Bible but you want to like carry your

Bible in or just protect this to last you longer people will put this Bible in

to take that out foam insert put this into a Bible cover and so you put your

Bible into here right here and then you zip it up and then you'd be able to

carry your Bible with you and use your Bible covers we'll go more into these

we'll do another video on these it's great because they have places over your

phone your pins your note you name it you zip it up and you can just carry it

to church so that's a great way leathers do not work in Bible covers because the

leather covers Bend and they don't hold well into Bible covers so if you're

thinking about getting a Bible cover like one of these or any types one like

I said we'll do a video on these your best buy is going to be a hardback so

let's take a closer look at the hardback this is the hard cover of the Bible

these are the middle as we said before as far as price range this is more of a

Bible that's going to last you because of the cover the heart cover that

protects the inside of your Bible so basically a hardcover is just what it

says it is it is a hard cardboard cover that lets me move that over it's a hard

part this is what they call it dust cover this cover this outside you can

remove the dust cover and a lot of people will take to this dust cover off

and then they just have the hardcover Bible the heart right like that and

basically what it is it's a piece of cardboard or board leather that's hard

that is bound that buying the inside of your Bible together so again the Bible

is same through and through as far as the

old and new Testament it's just going to be this cover this hardcover that

protects your Bible one note about these is they do the tips will easily get

famed and they'll start to get damaged and they'll bend a little bit these can

bend if you get water on them they will get waterlogged or water you know the

water marks so that's why these make great bibles to put into Bible covers

which protects the hardcover and then you can put pencils and pens and phones

and you name it all in there so this is a version of a hard cover Bible okay

let's take a look at the last aisle and that is our leather Bibles so let me

just say this if you're looking to buy a Bible for a gift for someone I would

most likely buy a hardcover or a leather and if you're depending how much money

you're gonna want to spend leathers Bibles are of course the most expensive

I have two examples of leather Bibles this is a bond pretty much there's

either a bonded leather or there are premium leathers and I'll explain that

in just a minute these are the most expensive out of all

the three of course because of the leather covering and there is a bond and

we will go over because there's a really important point that I want to make

because there are different types of leather and I'll show you a close-up of

a way you want to look and what you want to look for so these will last you

probably leather Bibles will last you your life so if you're going to buy a

leather Bible you're looking to buy a Bible that you're going to take the

grave with you or you're gonna pass it on to somebody else they do income they

don't they don't they don't come as many fancy colors as the hard covers which

they can print on and do some really need stuff you know they'll help

the leather which is like brown black I've seen blue burgundy red white Bible

covers there is like I said a difference between a bonded leather and a premium

leather a bonded leather is going to be P so bonded basically just means is

there well there's either a faux leather and

they should tell you this so when you're buying another byte what you really want

to make sure you're getting your money's worth

there's faux leather which would be fake leather so that's not or synthetic

leather that's not real leather so you want to know what you're getting because

you see the word leather and you think you're getting a real leather Bible and

that's not the case at all so there's faux or synthetic leather leather which

is just simulated leather but it's not real leather

then there's bonded leather which means those are pieces of leather that are

glued together to make one cover or one piece they're good but I will shoot a

close-up of this and what to look for then let's put this away then you have a

premium a premium leather and the premium leather you can tell right off

the bat there feel really soft it feels just like a nice you know leather jacket

really nice I mean they have that great leather smell and we just feel just

really good so it depends what you want to get in leather but again be careful

because you see the word leather you think you're getting a leather Bible and

you're really not so I always suggest if you're wanting the leather Bible

together a bonded leather or a premium leather the premium or premium cask and

leather will last you your entire lifetime so let's take a look at both

the bonded and the premium leather Bibles this is a great example of a

bonded leather Bible like we said before there's two classifications for leather

there's bonded leather which are pieces of leather that are glued together to

make a hover or an actual premium leather Bible

which we're gonna look at in just a moment this is a bonded leather and as

you can kind of tell this the scenes that go along here you can see where the

leather is glued on to a paper backing so it this is that's how you can tell

one way you can tell that it's a bonded leather if you open it up and let's see

if we can see you can see how the leather is blown gluon gluing is that

our word glued to the like a vinyl cover inside so again this cover will last you

a long time this type but it is a bonded leather and again the insides are the

same so we're just taking a look at what the bonded leather looks like and you'll

be able to see the difference between this bonded leather there's like you can

see you can see how the pieces that are glowing together and then it's to the

vinyl versus a premium leather which we're going to look at next this is an

example of a premium leather Bible and this would be the most expensive of your

Bibles a premium leather Bible is going to be anywhere from 80 dollars to a

hundred and up and I've seen some Bibles they're very expensive 200-300 dollars

this happens to be a thin line Bible this is my Bible that I carry around

with me so this is a thin line again the insides are all the same but a good

example of the leather it's a really soft supple leather this is kind of like

a decorative border around it when you open it up it's soft that's the biggest

thing that you can feel with a bonded leather you could almost fold it and and

bend it and crease it this is very pliable just like a leather

coat so it's really nice you can see right here where it is glued on to the

vinyl piece and begin but the insides are all the same in the Bible it's just

this cover we're talking about so the premium leather

is the creme de la creme the best one you can get very soft very subtle smells

wonderful just like a fine leather jacket I hope that gave you a great

starting point for finding the right Bible for you and starting the process

of thinking finding that Bible for you whether it be for you or a gift for

someone else in our next video what you're going to

want to be sure to subscribe is we're going to be taking a look at

translations all the different translations of the Bible what they mean

and we'll do some comparisons so you can see side-by-side how they look with the

different translations so I hope you guys will subscribe and join us and we

look forward to seeing you in our next video this is Jim living the Christian


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