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The most important part of movement for success on the lift,

is that down and finish.

We want this to become home base.

Like I want to be comfortable here, I want to know this position, I want to feel

this position, this is a position I always want to get to no matter

where I start, I want to drill it over and over again

so when we do start to pull from the floor, we get that bar right back in there

up against the hip, vertical to ourselves.

So a lot of weightlifting coaches like

myself, I like 4-6 weeks, I've seen Coach Burgener be more like

2 months, some of the old Soviet

sports schools, some of the literature from there says

6 months to a year before they allowed athletes to pull off of the floor

because this is the most important part of the lift. Get your athletes good at

generating speed, momentum, elevation on the barbell

here, get them competent here at pulling

under and receiving, and then add pulling from the floor because

when you start adding pulling from the floor,

a lot of chances to make mistakes before you get to the most important part of the lift.

So all those faults on the deadlift, going around my knees,

shooting my hips up, getting pulled forward on my toes,

having the bar out away from the frontal plane

and the legs, bending my elbows early,

rounding the backall of that can happen

before you even get to the most important part so

for the beginner in particular,

right here, you start them from here, we do these drills,

we snatch from here, then after a time we start

to progress down to the floor.

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