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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hopelessly in Love: Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead

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- You know, as a photographer and a journalist,

I was kind of the go-to guy for the Derby

for all the weekly magazines and the newspapers.

They were looking for as many images

as I could of Anna Nicole.

And I really didn't know a whole lot about her

other than what I just read in magazines--

you know, "Anna Nicole, gold-digger,"

"Anna Nicole, out of control."

But she was laughing and she's doing these pin-up poses.

Of course, I was just eating it up.

[ cheering ]

The next thing I know, I get pushed,

and Anna Nicole fell on top of me,

and she grabbed me and gave me a kiss.

- [ laughs ]

In my mind, I thought, you know, there's no way

that Anna Nicole, who could have her pick of any guy in here,

is interested in me.

- Kiss me.

- But she said, "Oh, honey, you're so cute. You're so cute."

That's going above the bed right there. [ laughs ]

I just knew that it was just something

that was kind of special.

She asked me if I'd like to come back to L.A.

I think everybody in my family was like,

"Wh--What are you talking about? You're gonna go what?

You're gonna go live with who?" But she was the love of my life.

It could have been a fairy tale,

and there could have been a happy ending to it,

but everything went crazy.

- Daniel died in his mother's hospital room,

where she had given birth to a baby girl a few days earlier.

- We love each other. She never considered him her boyfriend.

- Howard K. Stern says the child is his,

and Larry Birkhead claims he's the father.

- If you wrote this as fiction, no one would buy it.

- Despite everything that happened,

we were hopelessly in love.

It's unlike any love story you've ever heard.

- We had very strong feelings that seemed a little strange,

but it felt right.

- Lisa and I were so close.

We were hopelessly... - We were hopelessly in love.

- My daughter is just my drive, and she's my everything.

The reward at the end of the day is seeing my daughter

growing into this beautiful young lady.

You think about what it would be like if her mom was here.


I went on a photo shoot with your mom, and she has--

we were in Miami,

and she built sandcastles like a little kid.

She got into the sand and wanted to play there for hours.

And they wanted her to do the photo shoot,

and she said, "No, I'm playing in the sand."

So we had sat there for hours while she made a big sandcastle.

She was funny.

She did silly stuff,

kinda like what you do--

some of the same silly stuff you do.

Is my shirt good? Find a good...

Anna Nicole was the love of my life.


- People can say whatever they want to,

but she loved him, and she knew that he loved her.

- He's a great person, very nice, very understanding.

And I'm not lonely, and it feels wonderful.

- He saw in her who she really was,

and he saw her heart and wanted her to be better,

wanted her to be happy.


- I was born in this small town.

I've never had a girlfriend who was a celebrity.

I didn't know what to expect.

[ paparazzi shouting at once ]

- She was bigger and more well-known

than some of our more serious "A"-list actors,

but she was a broken, broken person,

and you could see that.

- [ slurring ] I want this guy to produce my...

make me beautiful duets!

Whoo-hoo! - Was she on something?

Or I mean, she-- was she having a breakdown?

- She had implants that had ruptured and caused her pain.

- Anna was prescribed medication by her doctor,

but it was hard for her to function on it.

- J. Howard Marshall-- she was married to this guy.

He died. I dated her for two and a half years,

and on the right side of the bed was a framed photo

of J. Howard Marshall.

Anna thought he was like, you know, god-like.

She compared every relationship to that--

with J. Howard Marshall. It was a struggle.

And then I remember thinking it was pretty strange

that Anna's lawyer was living in the house with her.

- Anna, do you date Howard? - No. [ laughs ]

- I wish.

- Howard didn't really always accept

the fact that I was there, I don't think.

You really always feel like a competition of sorts.

It was like being on "The Bachelor"

and, like, who's gonna get the next rose or something.

- When Larry found out that Anna was pregnant,

everybody came out of the woodwork.

"I'm the baby daddy. I'm the baby daddy.

I'm the baby daddy."

I about spit my tea across the room.

- I assumed that it was Howard's baby

because that's what Howard and Anna were claiming at the time.

- It was horrible. They have a love story that was

all over the place.

I've bumped into people in Hollywood.

They said you couldn't make this stuff up.

It had all the elements-- love story, tragedy,

success and failure.

But it was more than that to me, because it was my life.


Anna Nicole was Vickie Lynn Hogan

when she was born.

She grew up in Mexia, Texas,

and the population was a few thousand.

Anna's mom was a sheriff, and she was, by many accounts,

pretty strict.

- She was a good child. She was always thinking

about how could she make money

and be wealthy and be up there with the big people?


- Virgie had, like, a couple of different sides to her.

She would try to be loving, but at times,

she would be cold towards Anna,

and she felt that times her mother would only embrace her,

she needed something.

- When I met Anna, I found out she was deeply, deeply insecure.

She shared some stories with me.

A lot had to do with her relationship

between her and her mom.

She said that, "As a child,

"my mom told me I was ugly all the time,

"and I would look in front of the mirror every day for hours,

trying to make my face look beautiful."

- I used to be really anorexic.

I used to always think I was fat,

and I used to have my bones stick out of my jeans,

like, this far. Oh, I was awful.

- Anna needed that support from her mother,

and at times, she didn't get it.


- I've lived in Louisville my whole life.

I had a really good childhood. [ bell clangs ]

I would say I was a shy kid.

I stayed a lot to myself.

I never had a whole lot of confidence.

I guess my self-esteem was not as great as it should be,

and I didn't really value myself as much

as I probably should have.

I always was, like, real skinny. I was really, like, awkward.

I didn't really try to fit in, though.

I always saw, like, the football jocks

walking around with these, like, really, you know,

pretty girls and stuff, and--and I thought,

"Yeah, that'll never happen to me. I'll just..."

you know, whatever, I stayed to myself.


I liked growing up in Louisville.

It's kind of a quiet place.

My dad owned shares in racehorses.

So we kind of grew up always going to the Churchill Downs,

the racetrack, and when you're in Louisville,

there's not a whole lot of things to do.

My dad--he would go all the time,

but there was one coveted ticket that I really could never score,

and that was a ticket to the Kentucky Derby.

And I remember watching on TV when I was a kid,

and I thought, "Well, one day I might get to do that."

- He is very nurturing by nature.

He was always drawn to the person

he could take care of.

- My first job I ever had,

I worked at a Sizzler restaurant,

and I had lied about my age, and I told them that I was 16.

I always was looking ahead, and maybe even beyond my years

where I should have been where some kids were kind of,

you know, hanging out and doing things on the weekend.

I was really kinda working two and three jobs.

I always saw myself moving away and going to college.

- He's very driven.

If he wanted something to happen, he made it happen.

And he went to the University of Louisville.

He started doing his photojournalist stuff

on the side.


- I knew there's things

that I wanted to achieve and accomplish.

Something inside me said I wanted to be a journalist,

so I just picked up the phone and I called

the biggest newspapers and magazines,

and I started pitching stories that I would write.

Along the way, I got hung up on a few times.

When I got my first break with my first photo printed,

it was kinda contagious.

Everything kinda kept falling into place,

and it was one of those things where

it just kinda took off for me.

- He wouldn't take no for an answer.

If he wanted something, then he was--

he was gonna get it.

Anna and Larry--they're a lot alike in that manner,

because Larry's tenacious, he's driven,

uh, and she's tenacious, and she was driven.


- Vickie Lynn got a job at Krispy Chicken,

and that's where she met Billy.

And so a few months later, she called, and she said,

"Mom, me and Billy are gonna get married."

So they got a justice of the peace

to come over to Billy's mama's house,

and we all stood there for the wedding.

- I thought I was in love. Obviously, it was wrong.

It--It was very tough for me.

Oh, gosh, he was so, so jealous of me.

I couldn't go out anywhere.

I couldn't go out with my friends.

I couldn't go to the store.


And I thought, well, if I have a baby,

I'll never be lonely again.

So I flushed them pills down the toilet.

I got pregnant, and I had my son.

- Danny was born, and she loved him to death.

She really did.

- She loved her son very, very much,

but her husband was abusing her.

- He used to beat me.

Um, when I was at work, he used to call and say

my son fell off the bed, and he used to cry,

and I didn't understand,

and then I put two and two together,

I'm like, oh, my God. he's probably abusing my son.

- Daniel was about 3 or 4 months old

when she called me and she said, "Mom,

Billy and I are fighting, and he's slapping me around."

She said, "I need to leave. Will you come get me?"

And I said, "Yes, I'll come get you,

"but you can't just sit around the house.

You gotta find a job."

So she went out to Red Lobster and got her a job.

She would dress up in her Red Lobster uniform,

and her boyfriend, Gary, would come by and pick her up

and take her to work.

But one day, he said, "Vickie's lying to you.

She's not working at the Red Lobster."

He said, "I took her to The Executive Suite.

She's over there dancing nude."


Being naked and throwing yourself at men,

I couldn't understand that.

And she told me one time-- this was years later.

She told me--she said, "Mom, please try and understand.

I wanna make money, and I want to be noticed."

- Well, I didn't really wanna take my clothes off. [ laughs ]

So it wasn't so bad after the first day,

but it was pretty intense for me.

- One day at work, she meets J. Howard Marshall.

He's a successful businessman and an oil man

and comes from a prominent, rich family.

- I went over and met him, and he had asked me

to go to lunch with him the following day.

And I did, and that was the last time

that I ever danced.

- Howard Marshall-- he was so sweet.

He told me. He said, "You don't have to worry

"about Vickie Lynn or Danny.

"I will take care of them for their whole life.

You don't have to worry."

- Anna has said that the relationship--

it was more like what you would say, um,

your grandfather is.

He was just kind of her savior.

- She loved him very, very much. She felt secure.

She felt loved.

It was like a father she never,

you know, that she was longing for.

- We went to dinner every night. We went to lunch every day.

He took me out of a horrible place,

and he was taking care of me and my son,

and I loved him for that.

- How long before he asked you to marry him?

- Uh, within a week.

- How did you react to that? - I turned him down.

I said that I had wanted to try to make something

out of my life before.

He supported me 100%.

- He helped her to get the things that she needed

to pursue a career as a model.

Howard had gotten her the first breast implants

that she had gotten.

- I had a friend at the time.

He found this ad in the paper.

It was for a contest for "Playboy."

And I went into this place and took four Polaroids.

Three days later, they called me and flew me to L.A.

[ roaring ]

And it was really amazing.

It sort of kinda happened to make my dreams come true.

I got a cover.

And then I got my "Playboy" spread.

- She was eventually the Playmate of the Year.

- I wanna present this to you with a great deal of love.

- Thank you. [ camera shutter clicks ]

[ applause ]

One of the founders of GUESS jeans

saw her in "Playboy."

They ask if Anna could come

and talk to the people at GUESS about possibly modeling,

and she did some shoots for them,

and I think they just kinda fell in love with the pictures.

But they didn't really like her name.

They said Vickie Lynn, all this stuff,

it was too kind of country.

It was kinda--They wanted something that was more catchy.

So the founders at GUESS, they decided that they wanted

to call her Anna Nicole Smith.

- Anna Nicole Smith, the GUESS jeans girl,

the "Playboy's" Playmate of the Year.

- Anna, look this way! [ paparazzi shouting at once ]

- Between "Playboy" and GUESS, a star was born.

[ paparazzi shouting at once ]

- Anna, look up! Look up! - Anna!

- Once she got bitten by the bug of Hollywood,

she was hooked, and they were hooked on her.

It wasn't until she made it big that she decided

that she would go back, and she married J. Howard Marshall.

- He asked you to marry him and was after you

for two and a half years.

Why did you finally accept?

- Because I promised him that I would marry him

after I made something of myself.

- She says, "I love him so much, and, uh,

and he's given me so much."

And he was really good to Daniel.

- He took her out of a place that she was at,

and basically, he gave her a better life,

and she loved him back for it,

but then the media didn't believe it.

- Even if you don't want to, you have probably heard

something about the story of the young model,

the old oil billionaire, and the question,

did she marry him for the money?

- The old man's name was J. Howard Marshall II,

Texas oil man.

- It was a typical marriage for Texas.

He was 89. She was 26.

- I love him, and people think,

"Oh, she married him for his money."

- She really didn't care what people said about it.

She was happy, and Anna's career was really skyrocketing.

And then...things took a turn for the worse.

[ horn honking ]

- Howard J. Marshall died today, leaving behind his widow,

27-year-old actress and "Playboy" model,

Anna Nicole Smith.

- I was with Anna in New York,

visiting my family.

I got a call about 6:00 in the morning.

It was from Anna's assistant.

He says, "Raymond, you have to tell her.

Mr. Marshall died."


- I went into her bedroom,

and her and Daniel were sleeping.

And I kinda sat next to her, and I woke her up,

and she said, "Hi. What's wrong?"

And I said, "Mis--Mr. Marshall died."


And she just fell back, and she started crying, "No, no."


She says, "I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do."

I woke up my mother and father, and they came into the room,

and they hugged and kissed her,

and they were all sitting on the bed and praying.

It was really an extremely emotional moment.

- People think, "Oh, she married him for his money."

That is not the thing. It's not.

I could've married him four years ago,

and I could've been a rich snob if I wanted to.

But that's not me. That's not my character.

- Mr. Marshall's family did not wanna be around Anna.

She was considered an outsider.

They resented her, and they didn't want her at the funeral.

They didn't wanna give her his ashes.

When it came time for Mr. Marshall's funeral,

she says, "I know what I'm gonna wear for the funeral.

I want him to know that I'll always be his wife."

She got dressed, and she put on her wedding gown

and got criticized for it,

got criticized for the fact that she was telling her husband

that "I'll always be your wife."


- Now the battle begins over J. Howard Marshall's fortune,

which could be worth more than $3 billion.

- In the midst of her grief, Anna learned

that she wasn't in the will and that she was not left

with a substantial amount of his inheritance.

- We married and had this verbal agreement that

he was gonna take care of me and pay all my bills

and all this and that,

and the trust person has just taken it away.

[ voice breaking ] People think,

"How do you find him attractive?"

[ sniffles ] But he's taken care of me.

He's taken care of my son. I love him.

I take care of him... in a sexual way.

I do my wife duties.


- When you're from Louisville,

the only way that you can even really understand Hollywood

is really just magazines at the newsstand.

And I had seen her for years in maybe one or two

that I shouldn't have been reading.

To be honest, I thought she kinda seemed a little...

kinda zany, and I'd seen Anna and J. Howard Marshall,

and people made fun of her. It was a big joke.

Look, my friends and I--

we dressed up one year at Halloween

as J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole.

But until you know what that was to her,

then it's all a whole different thing,

and I think that one of the biggest misconceptions

about Anna is that she was this gold-digger.

- Isn't it true that you cannot give us the name

of a single human being that ever heard

J. Howard Marshall promise to give you half of his estate?

Yes or no? Isn't that true? - I don't know.

Because we were at places-- - No, ma'am, you know whether--

- I don't know. People could have heard--

- I don't know. - Ms. Marshall...

- I don't think so. I didn't run around telling it myself

out of my mouth. - Ms. Marshall...

- They could have heard my husband. I don't know.

- She was under so much stress and anxiety

from having to go to court

and to relive, like, all of the things that she went through

with her late husband's death and the battle for his estate.

It drove her to the point where she had seizures,

and she had to start taking medication for those.

She had implants that had ruptured

and caused her pain before, and so she had

a whole laundry list of ailments that she was dealing with.

- Anna was prescribed medication by her doctor,

but it was hard for her to function on it.

- I got addicted to pain pills and also, um, alcohol

when my husband died.

- It was destroying her,

and I could see her beginning to get very depressed.

One day, I took Daniel to school,

and then when I came back, she was there on the bed,

and I just kind of said, "Anna, honey, get up."

And I felt that she was alive, but she was, like, out of it.

[ siren wailing ]

I immediately called the paramedics,

and they came over right away,

and we rushed her to the hospital.

She was in a coma for a while.

- She came back slowly, little by little.

- She was in the hospital for a week,

and that's when I told her, "We gotta go to Betty Ford."

And she looked at me and she said, "Okay, I'll go."

When she came out, she was clean in every way,

from medication and stuff like that.

And she just felt great.

- Anna, Anna, one for the road. Thank you.

- The court case was still going on,

and Anna hired Howard Stern as her lawyer.

- What's the message you wanna get across?

- We can't talk about this.

- I can't comment, really, about...

- People always emphasize a 14-month marriage,

but they had a two and a half-year relationship

before they actually got married.

What people don't realize about this whole, uh, court fight

is that all Anna Nicole is trying for

is what her husband wanted her to have.


- Howard was Anna's attorney

and then became her friend, and he kind of, like,

came there and never left.

The way he looked at Anna and how he would follow her around,

he was...more than how a normal attorney would act.

- Because of who Anna was, I don't know that any

of her relationships were particularly like

a relationship that you or I might have.

They were all very complicated to say the least.

- Howard was falling in love with Anna Nicole Smith.

- And I realized that I would see him more and more and more.

You know, he was always trying to tell Anna what to do

or what he felt was best for her and her career.

- I thought he was a puppet master.

Very, very quickly found out that that wasn't the case.

Anna knew how to control Howard to a level that I've never seen.

- Things weren't financially going well.

What was she was doing was not furthering her career

in a way that she wanted to,

but then she's offered her reality show.


- Anna was willing to show warts and all,

unapologetic for who she is,

and people really wanted to see that.

- [ vocalizing ]

- She became the first reality superstar.

- Some people were fascinated, and some people were horrified.

It was the train wreck that nobody could look away from.

- I think you're great,

but I think you're being exploited.

- Oh, yeah? Well... - But I think you don't mind.

- I don't mind, as long as I get paid for it.

- Yeah.

- I told her not to do that reality show.

They wanna show the bad side of people.

Don't put Daniel through it. But she needed the money,

and the show became very popular.

- I get to put makeup on your face,

a wig, and you have to go roller skating.

- I don't want any of that makeup.

- Anna loved her son Daniel more than anything in the world.

They were like two peas in a pod.

Their bond was-- was pretty extreme.

He liked being around the TV crew

but didn't really like being on camera.

Daniel was calling me and saying,

"Ray, I can't take this anymore. Please get me outta here."

So then Anna calls me, and I said to Anna--

I said to Anna, "You're such a good mother."

I said, "He doesn't wanna be on the show."

And she says, "All right," so she took him off the show.

- We're going to Kentucky to watch some horse races.

- One of the segments for "The Anna Nicole Show"

was Kentucky Derby.

[ crowd cheering ] - Whoo!

- The celebrity party that's thrown annually there

by the Barnstable Brown twins.

[ crowd screaming ]

- At the time, I was kinda the go-to guy for the Derby

for all the weekly magazines and the newspapers,

and the magazines had a strong interest

for me to capture as many images as I could of her.

Prior to meeting Anna,

I really didn't know a whole lot about her

other than what I just read in magazines.

You know, "Anna Nicole, gold-digger,

Anna Nicole, out of control, Anna Nicole, this or that."

But she was kinda more in her element.

She was, you know, at ease.

She's laughing, and she was having a lot of fun.

- [ amplified voice ] Anna Nicole Smith--

let's give her a nice...

- She knew where the camera was, and it was all of a sudden,

she was doing these pinup poses,

and her arms were going over her head.

And of course, I was just eating it up.

I was clicking away, clicking away.


- Anna just kind of came close to the table,

and they had a little-- little, uh, flirtatious comments

back and forth.

- She said, "Oh, honey, you're so cute. You're so cute."

And when I was going to leave, Anna gave me a kiss on my cheek.

My face turned 50 shades of red, and, you know,

it's not every day at work that

a celebrity's gonna come up and kiss you.

- She left the outline of her lips on his cheek.

I said, "Oh, well, you're never washing that off, are you?"

[ laughs ] He said, "No."

- So I tried not to read too much into it,

but I-I would lie if I didn't say it didn't make me feel

a little special to get a kiss from Anna Nicole Smith.

- During this time, she was enjoying life,

and she put on a lot of weight.

- She struggled with weight for a long time,

and it wasn't just the fact

that she struggled privately with weight.

It was just that she struggled publicly with weight,

and she was ridiculed for her weight.

It really, really hurt her.

- Anna! Anna!

- I really got tired of the fat jokes.

And then, you know,

I looked in the mirror, and I'm just like...

I am fat.

- One day, Anna Nicole was a guest

on "The Howard Stern Show."

One of Howard's people shared his weight loss story with Anna.

Anna was looking for something, no question about it,

and, um, next thing we know, we're getting a call,

asking whether or not Anna could take some TrimSpa.

- Alex didn't know about Anna. I grew up with Anna,

thinking she was the greatest thing,

so beautiful. I was like, "You gotta get her.

I'm telling you, you're gonna see."

[ crowd cheering ] - Hi! Hi.

- My impression of Anna prior to meeting her

was, uh, she was crazy. [ chuckles ]

Um, no question about it.

Having met her, um, very quickly,

my opinion changed of her.

And Anna became our most celebrated spokesmodel.

- Anna was like the transformation queen.

She made a comeback, and she made a strong one.

- In 2004, I was called upon once again

to cover the Kentucky Derby and the Barnstable Brown party.

I'm coming, traipsing through with my camera bag

on my shoulder, and I got, like, three cameras

and a notebook and a recorder and, you know,

kinda looked like the geek I was back in high school, I guess.

And this bus pulls up, and people were running

towards the bus, and I thought, like, you would think,

like, the Beatles or, like, the Jonas Brothers

or something was out front. It was, like, crazy.

The next thing I know,

it was this totally different Anna Nicole.

Anna Nicole was pretty in 2003,

but when I saw the Anna Nicole in 2004, I was like, wow.

Everybody was surrounding her. They were trailing,

"Can we get a picture? Can we get a picture?"

People were outside the barricade, screaming,

"Anna, Anna, Anna!"

- Anna was sitting there at the table,

and Larry's slipping around.

He was very discreet with these pictures.

He's everywhere, but nobody sees him except Anna Nicole,

because she turned and she said, "Who's that over there?"

[ indistinct conversations ]

- The next thing I know, Anna starts blowing me kisses.

She smiled at me, and she was-- she waved,

and it probably lasted, like, a millisecond,

but in my head, it was, like, playing in slow motion,

kinda, like, you know,

Pam Anderson running down the beach on, like, "Baywatch"

in her swimsuit with a surfboard.

- I was getting phone--- getting phone calls from Larry.

"You're not gonna believe. Anna's here.

You know, Anna--Anna's here. This is exciting."

- The next day, I had gotten a tip

that Anna was gonna be going shopping for her hat,

so I went down to this hotel in the lobby,

and they had this hat shop. I saw Anna,

and she was really still kinda shy.

And she said, "Do you wanna come help me pick out my hat?"

And I said, "Sure, sure, I'd like to," and, um,

I was trying to, like, keep my composure about it

'cause I was like, wow, I'm kinda, you know,

this is kinda cool, hanging out with Anna Nicole,

and, you know, and she said, "I really like that hat,"

and she put it on, and she said, "What do you think?"

And I said, "Let me snap a picture of it,"

and so I snapped it, and, um, she looked at my camera,

and she said, "I love it." She said, "I'll take the hat,"

and then she said, "I'll see you later at the races."

[ crowd cheering ]

Later in the day, we're at the racetrack.

I look over across from her, and I see this big pink hat.

The next thing I know, I get pushed,

and I was like, I turned around,

and Anna Nicole fell on top of me.

[ laughs ]

Oh, gosh.

[ laughs ]

[ laughs ]

And, like, I got up,

and then she grabbed me and gave me a kiss.

[ laughs ]

There's nothing back there to squeeze.

[ laughs ]

In my mind, I thought, you know,

there's no way that Anna Nicole, who could have her pick

of any guy in here, is interested in me.

[ laughs ]

I honestly didn't know what was happening.

[ indistinct conversations ]

- After the Derby, I didn't know if I'd ever hear from her again.

But a couple months later, I'd gotten a call

from Anna's people, and they had asked if I wanted to come

and cover Anna at a kids camp for charity in Nebraska.

- Anna had a camp that she had founded to help children.

So she had asked Larry to come and be her photographer.

And I think that's when the relationship

started kicking in.

When I was at the camp, it was a time when I saw Anna

kinda away from the Hollywood glitz and glamour,

and it wasn't a red carpet event.

It was more like her one-on-one with the kids,

and she was a different person.

This was not wild, wacky, zany Anna Nicole.

This was caring, compassionate Anna Nicole.

It's somebody that had more of a purpose to them

than being a punchline on television.

One day, she was in a bunkbed with her dogs,

and I got to hang out with her in there,

and she said, "Let's have pickle pops."

I said, "What's a pickle pop?"

She said, "It's where you take lollipops

and you dip it in pickle juice."

I said, "That sounds really gross."

And she's like, "I love pickles,"

and she moved the lollipop aside,

and that was the time that we had our first real kiss.

It was pretty surreal, you know?

I've never really had a ton of confidence.

Never in the world would I ever think that I was,

you know, making out with Anna Nicole,

much less with pickle lollipops.


So as she was leaving and I was leaving,

she was handing out autographs to people,

and her little 8x10 glossies

that she was giving out for promotion,

and she handed one of those to me,

and she gave me her phone number for the first time,

and it said, "To Larry, my pickle pop!"

When I was leaving the camp,

I called the number just to see if she gave me a fake number.

She said, "Hello?" And I said, "Anna?"

She's like, "Yeah." I said, "I was just making sure

you didn't give me a fake number."

And she said, "No, it's me, stupid."

Just a few days later, she asked me

if I'd like to come back to L.A.

to work on a calendar and some things.

She said, "You could stay at my house,"

and I was like, "What?"

- Her trust for people was very, very low.

But in Larry's case, she just had a good feeling about him.

- The next thing you know,

I'm shipping some of my stuff out there, my clothes,

and I shipped my car to California.

I think everybody in my family was like,

"Wh-Wh-What are you talking about?

You're gonna go what? You're gonna go live with who?"

- I can still see him in the Louisville airport,

and I looked at him. I saw that little boy

walking down away from me, and it was like,

"Ooh, there he goes.

He's going off to-- to start a new life."

- I didn't really know, am I staying in the guest room?

Am I gonna be in the basement?

And where am I gonna be sleeping?

Anna told me I could put my stuff in her bedroom,

so that's what I did.

I still was kinda feeling those, like,

giddy butterfly type things.

It was like everything was still new,

like, we were still kinda getting to know each other.

This was a girl who'd been, by all accounts,

battered, used, abused, written about, punchlines.

I felt like she needed me, and I had always been in my life

kind of like a fixer or a nurturer.

And the first night I was alone with Anna,

she told me she thought I was an angel sent to help her.

- What I think that brought Larry and Anna together

was basically that Larry treated her like a regular person.

What Larry was doing was basically being genuine

and being real with her.

- They had a lot of fun together.

I think at the end of the day, it was just that they

just enjoyed each other.

I really think that that gave Anna normalcy in a crazy world.


- So how do you describe the man who you would like to marry?

- Um... [ sighs ] Someone very nice,

someone very understanding, someone who, um,

fell in love with my kid.

- The thing that I noticed immediately

when I started staying at Anna's

is how close Anna was with Daniel.

They were almost kinda like brother and sister.

He was just her everything.

She would do anything and everything.

She was really hands on.

I think in her mind, she wanted to be

kinda the parent that she never had.

[ indistinct conversations ]

Daniel and I-- we hit it off pretty good.

- Just take Larry's.

He was always really nice to me and cool.

- I said to him, "Daniel, listen,

I want you to tell me the truth. Do you like Larry?"

"I like him very much. He's a great guy."

Anna told me that Larry had the same birthday as Daniel,

and I said, "Do you need any other sign?"

And she laughed and everything. She said, "No."


- When I got to Anna's,

there was a lot of people coming in and out the door.

Her son was living there. She had her attorney,

Howard K. Stern, that was living there.

She had an assistant, Kim, that was living there.

I remember thinking it was pretty strange

that Anna's lawyer was sleeping on the couch.

- When I saw the interaction

initially between Larry and Howard,

there was a little bit of a jealousy for sure with,

I think, between of them.

- Howard didn't really always accept the fact

that I was there, I don't think.

You really always feel like a competition of sorts.

- Anna, do you date Howard? - No. [ laughs ]

- I wish. - [ chuckles ]

- I think we just--we just spend so much time together

that people think that. - Yeah.

- Anna!

- Howard just had this crush on Anna Nicole.

It was, you know, your celebrity crush,

or your secret crush.

- It was like being on "The Bachelor"

and, like, who's gonna get the next rose or something.

We kept going back and forth with the jabs.

It was almost like two schoolkids competing

to try to win the girl.

I would say stuff like, "Oh, he's obsessed with you"

or "He's this..." and she was like,

"Shut up. That's my friend. That's my attorney,"

and, you know, and that--that's kinda how I left it with her.


One day, she, uh, she went to the bathroom,

and she checked this pregnancy test,

and she says, "I think I'm pregnant."

I said--I said, "What?" She was like, "Oh, my God."

I'm gonna be a dad. Shortly after that,

she started getting, like, really sick.

And then the next thing I know, she--Anna shows up

at this red carpet premiere of a movie that she was in.

And I text her after that. I said, "What happened?

I thought you were sick," and she was like, "The baby--

it's not there anymore." And I was like, "What?"


She cried about it. I cried about it.

And then it was over,

and we didn't say anything else about it,

and I thought from that point on,

she couldn't have kids, and she thought she couldn't.


- I think he was worried about her.

You know, when she had the miscarriage, was she okay?

He was hurt as well because he was excited,

um, about the thought about being a father,

and I know Anna wanted a baby,

and I know that she wanted a baby with him.


- I started to realize that she had a lot

of these different health conditions

that she was being treated for.

She had seizures, and she would get migraines,

or she would have, like, her hands would swell,

and, um, she would have back pain

because of her breast implant surgery.

There was always something that she would take.

I questioned it early on, and I was like, "Wow, you know,

you gotta--you're taking a lot of medicine."

She was like, "Yeah, but you don't understand."

You know, she assured me everything was great.

But I was still worried.

That year, Anna was in a Kanye West music video,

and she was going to be a presenter

at the American Music Awards.

And the night before that happened,

she had a seizure.

I think it was after midnight.

She started shaking real violently.

Her eyes started going back in her head.

She was on the bed, but she was, like,

like, falling over,

and I didn't really understand what was going on,

because I really never had seen anybody have a seizure.

And for me, I was pretty scared

because I didn't really know what to do.

Howard and I were talking about it,

and we said, "You know, you should just cancel this."

And she's like, "No, I owe it to Kanye.

"You know, he put me in his video.

I need to go and be there for him."

[ applause ] - Please welcome

Anna Nicole Smith.

- I was honored to be in our next performer's new video.

- [ audience member shouts indistinctly ]

- [ audience cheering ] - [ slurring ] If I ever record

an album, I want this guy to produce my...

make me beautiful duets!

[ audience cheering ]

- 'Cause he's freaking genius!

[ audience cheering ]


- [ slurring ] If I ever record an album,

I want this guy to produce my...

make me beautiful duets!

'Cause he's freaking genius! - [ audience cheering ]

- She comes off the stage.

[ laughter, clapping ] - Anna!

- Everybody's phones were going off,

and people were wanting comments about what happened.

What did she do? What was she taking?

People said, "Oh, my God. She was higher than a kite."

- Oh! - Anna!

- Anna!

- [ crowd cheering ]

- After that, every award show

wanted Anna Nicole Smith to come and--and be there

because they got so much press and publicity

that everybody was like, "Well, how can we do that

"for our music awards? And how can we get, you know,

we want something crazy and fun, you know?"

So it was like she became the go-to person

for the music awards.

I mean, it wasn't probably the best way to get there,

but it was like that was Anna.

Like, the media used Anna,

and sometimes Anna used the media,

even when it came to, like, our relationship.

- Anna! - Anna!

- Anna! - Anna, you rock!

- Anna! - Anna!

- In public, she didn't really want it known

that I was dating her.

My role was always to stay back and be the photographer.

So you'll always kinda see me back

trailing with my camera bag.

- She always wanted the media or her fans to see her

as a sex symbol or a single, available woman.

So she didn't really talk about stuff like that too much.

- I would see her on TV, and she was,

you know, kissing up on guys or flirty,

and, you know, and all kinds of things going on,

and I knew that nobody knew that he was dating her.

I would just say, "Uh, what's going on with her?

Is she--Are y'all still dating, or is it..."

He said, "It's just TV."

- I've never had a girlfriend who was a celebrity,

never had a girlfriend who you couldn't be seen with

or you couldn't go to a restaurant or a movie,

and it was a different way to exist.

It kinda got under my skin.

One time, we were at this amusement park.

There was a moving, spinning roller coaster type thing,

and Anna wanted me to ride it with her.

Howard saw the paparazzi in the park,

and he decided, because the paparazzi was there,

that I shouldn't ride with Anna,

that he should be the one to ride with Anna,

because he didn't want pictures of me and Anna

together out in public.

So he gets in front of me and gets on the thing with her.

I said, "I'm not gonna be treated like this anymore.

"I do demand that you give me the same kind of respect

"that you want from me and that you treat me

"like I'm your boyfriend. I'm not gonna do this.

I'm just not gonna do it."

And it was like a lightbulb went off in her head.

Just a few days later,

Anna and I were at a Hooters restaurant.

She was like, "Okay, I wanna get one of those suits."

So they took her back, and they got her a suit.

She put it in on--these orange pants, this t-shirt.

She got up on these tables,

and she started dancing with the Hooters girls.

You know, I was taking pictures of it.

She was having the time of her life,

and they were eating it up.

We look outside, and there's paparazzi.

She said, "Just stay right there."

She gave me a hug. You know, she gave me a kiss.

And they were out there just firing away,

and they caught us coming out. It was a turning point

because she really was like, "It's my decision.

No one's gonna tell me who I can date."

It felt like we were getting somewhere,

and that made me feel really good.

In the summer of 2005,

for the first time we left

and went on our own private vacation,

and there was no entourage.

I was excited because she was gonna get to meet

some of my family--not all of them, but some of them.

It was really cool for a while.

But I don't know. That thing went downhill fast.

I had introduced her to my friends.

We stayed at a friend of mine's house.

Anna was mad because the friend of mine was a blonde,

and she kinda looked like Marilyn Monroe.

I think Anna just got jealous.

Anna thought it was competition.

I went down to walk my friend to her car to leave,

and I came back up, and Anna was really, really mad,

and I said, "What's wrong?"

and she goes, "I'm not talking to you."

I was looking back at my camera.

And, um, there was the picture of me and my friend,

and I kept scrolling, scrolling, scrolling,

and I got to one picture and I looked at it,

and it was like, it was Anna,

and she was giving the camera the finger and I was like,

I said, "Hey, what was this for?"

And Anna and I get into an argument.

She got so heated, and things escalated so quickly

that it got out of hand, and the next thing I know,

she had Howard fly in.

And she takes off. They go back to California.

[ roaring ]

- He came home, and she was ringing the phone off the hook.

"Where are you? Who are you with?

When are you coming back? Are you coming back?"

I mean, she-- she wanted him back.

So that--that fight didn't last long.

- I came back. We made up.

And I remember in February,

another disagreement about something stupid.

It was exhausting, and I just said, "Look, okay,

"this is it. Enough's enough.

I'm done. I'm leaving. I'm gonna go back to Kentucky."

She reached over and she grabbed my hand,

and she put it on her stomach.

And I was like, wait a second.

That doesn't feel like the Anna Nicole stomach I know.

Something's different here.

I was like, "You're pregnant?" And she's like,

"Yeah, I'm pregnant," and I was like, "Are you serious?"

And she's like, "Yeah." She goes, "So don't leave.

"I'm just kind of--I'm all over the place, my hormones,

"and I'm sorry, and if you leave now,

you're gonna feel really stupid."

And it was like, "Wow. This can't be real."



- I was excited, and I knew that

I wanted to make the relationship work.

I was pampering. I was, like, going to the store

and buying, like, you know, one time I spent, like,

$200 on, like, chocolate cakes and pies.

It was just kinda, like, keeping her happy.

- She always wanted to have a girl after Daniel.

She literally would go out and buy baby dresses,

and she put 'em in this hope chest

that she had at the house.

- Normally, when you find out you're having a baby,

you just wanna tell everybody. You're excited.

Everybody wants to know,

"Yay! You're having a baby! I'm so excited!"

But he didn't get that opportunity to do that.


- I was sworn to secrecy.

I couldn't say a wor anyb.

Because the last thing that she thought

people wanted to see was

a pregnant diet pill spokesperson.

She also had a couple people looking at her

to do some movies, so she didn't really want the word

out there on the street that she was pregnant.

It was just kind of eating me up,

because we went months without being able to say anything.

Howard didn't seem to approve, and then that was the time

when she actually put her foot down and said,

"If, you know, if you're not happy

"or anybody's not happy in this house,

then, you know, you don't have to stay,"

and that made me feel good.

When she was pregnant, that's when I started

questioning about the medicines even more and said,

"Hey, do you think you should take those?

And she was talking to her doctor, and her doctor said,

"No, you have to stay on these medicines.

"If you don't, then you could go into a seizure,

and then you could lose the baby."

One day, she was having some headaches,

and she went to the hospital because she wanted to make sure

the baby was okay, and she got an ultrasound.

I was, like, laying in the bed with her,

and then we would listen

to the baby's heartbeat and stuff.

She was getting excited,

and she had sent Howard to the gift shop.

There was like a baby book that you could write in and stuff,

and she was, like, writing, like, a little journal,

"It's such and such date, and we're here at the hospital,

and your dad is here, and Uncle Howard is here."

I found myself in a weird position because

I had been at odds with Howard for a long time.

Howard was kinda her spokesperson.

Anna really wasn't talking to the doctors 100% directly.

Howard knew all of her medical background.

I really didn't know, like,

every single thing there was to know.

But the fact that I was in the bed with her

and that he was sitting next to us on a cot,

it became weird.

Later that night, Anna started pulling at her IVs and stuff.

Well, I woke her, and she came to,

and she thought I was yelling at her or something.

And I said, "Anna, you can't get up."

You got your IVs in. What are you doing?"

And she got upset,

and we got worried for the baby for a minute,

and suddenly Howard steps in,

and then he said, "You need to leave,"

and that was tough.


- I always felt that Howard was...somewhat manipulative,

and he had affection for her, too,

and that was very, very clear.


- Larry told me that Howard

was preventing him from seeing Anna.

I cannot tell you as a sister

how bad I wanted to get on the plane and hurt somebody.

It was just a really bad time.

So he ended up coming home.

- There were so many emotions going through my head,

that I just got on a plane and I said, "I gotta go."

- People that were so close to her and that were--

that cared for her and wanted the best for her

and had her best interests at heart,

somehow managed to make their way

or kind of just end up to the sidelines.

- I learned that Anna Nicole was pregnant from a phone call,

uh, from, uh, Howard and Anna,

and I also was told that it was Howard's baby.

- Daniel was really, really, very upset

and didn't wanna be-- didn't wanna be a part of this.

He wanted out.

He didn't wanna see his mother being manipulated like that,

and he liked Larry,

and she said, "Well, go live with Ray,"

and so I said, "Come on, Daniel. Come and--

Come and stay over at the house and let this all blow down."


- About that time when I went back to Kentucky

for the Kentucky Derby,

that's when the media picked up that Anna was pregnant,

and then all hell broke loose.

I was at the Derby, and I was taking pictures.

And a magazine reporter texted me,

and she said, "Call me ASAP."

I called the magazine, and they said,

"We've--We're getting reports that Anna Nicole is pregnant.

"We're hearing that you're the father,

and we're gonna run with the story."

I was kind of worried that Anna didn't want it out there,

and I didn't know what else to do,

and so I denied that I was the father.

But then the story came out and it said,

"Anna Nicole Smith's pregnant. "We have been told that

her boyfriend Larry Birkhead's the father."


There was a lot of finger pointing

about who told the media that Anna was pregnant.

Then Howard got into it with me, and he accused me,

and I was extremely hurt by it because I had,

for months and months, just kept the secret under wraps.

Finally, I got Anna on the phone,

and I said, "Look, Anna, I had nothing to do with this."

And she said, "You know, you need to come back,

and let's talk this out."


I went back, and I tried to make it up with Anna.

And then we got back together. We talked about baby names

and future doctor's appointments,

and, you know , she was happy about pregnancy.

She was excited, and then she said,

"What do you think about, you know,

us getting married?"

Honestly, we hadn't been getting along that great.

I was like, "You know, I, you know,

I want this to be right," but she was insistent on it,

so she said, "I want you to go and pick out any ring you can."

- This love affair with those two where, you know,

it was so back and forth.

Larry said, "We love each other.

"Even if we don't always agree on things,

at the end of the day, we love each other."

- I felt that he was her love and vice versa.

- I went jewelry shopping. I got her the ring she wanted.

It was cloudy. It was-- It was not big.

You know, she put it next to her other diamond.

I had to turn my head and say, "Okay, I failed at this one."

But I-I put it on her finger, and I remember that, uh,

she was happy, and she was glowing,

and she had a smile on her face.

Everything felt right.

Everything's fine for a while,

but she didn't wanna tell the world who the father was.

And in that timeframe somewhere,

we got into this big argument, and she left.

I didn't know where she was, and, um,

that was the last time I saw her.



- I didn't know she was picking up and leaving.

Actually, I don't think a lot of people knew

that she was gonna pick up and leave.

[ roaring ]

- I called her, and I said, "Where'd you go?"

and she said that she was told that I was gonna say

she was on medications and that I was gonna take the baby.

And I said, "Anna, what are you talking about?"

I said, "Where did you hear all that?"

She said, "Don't worry about it. I just, you know,

that's what I heard."

I said, "Anna, come back home. You know, that's crazy."

- I was angry at Anna in the beginning.

How could you do this to my brother?

Because I can't believe knowing how she

wanted to have this baby, that this would happen.

There was a piece that's missing that still hasn't been answered.

Why did she leave?

Was this something where Howard thought... [ scoffs ]

"Here's my big opportunity"?

- I was really surprised, like, Howard upped his game. Wow.

She went really quick from Larry to Howard.

What happened? What did I miss? I didn't understand.

Well, maybe she realized all along it was Howard's,

so I assumed that it was Howard's baby

because that's what, um, Howard and Anna

were claiming at the time.

- The next thing I know, she told the press,

"There's been a lot of rumors, and, yes, I'm pregnant."

- Hi. It's me... [ dog barking ]

Anna Nicole, as you can see.

I've hearing a lot of gossip in the papers.

"Is Anna pregnant? She's pregnant.

She's pregnant by some guy."

Well...let me stop all the rumors.

Yes. I am pregnant.

- And then that set

a whole big other media storm off.

When she said she was pregnant, she didn't say

that I was the father, and I couldn't reach her.

- We still had no idea where she was.

I was trying to reach her. Larry was trying to reach her.

Finally, Danny was able to get her on the phone.

Daniel called me and said to me,

"She bought a house in the Bahamas."


- At first, I was pretty confused why Anna

decided to run off to the Bahamas

until I did a little bit of research.

The Bahamas had this presumed father law,

which said if a lady says that there's a dad,

whoever the dad is, that's who the dad is,

and there's no way to challenge that.

It was kind of almost like they were trying to say

that I never existed.

The next time I see pictures of her,

she's on a balcony, and her stomach's sticking out,

and she's, like, visibly pregnant.

Finally, I got on the phone with Anna,

and I was begging for her to come back home.

It was almost, like, scripted, her response, in a way.

It was like, "I'm not coming back home,

and this isn't your baby."

It was like a knife going through me.

Well, after that, we didn't talk for a while.

I got to a point where I couldn't eat.

I couldn't sleep. It was consuming

of my every minute and second about, you know,

how she was doing, how the baby was doing,

if she was gonna come home.

- He was, uh, hurt and angry.

Trying to comfort him as a sister,

I would let him cry and tell him it was gonna be okay.

There was a video that Howard K. Stern filmed

of Anna Nicole was--

I mean, it was just immensely bizarre.

- Have you found a new makeup artist?

- [ childish voice ] I don't know.

- She had clown makeup on.

It was disconcerting.

- I think I'm having some gas trouble.

- Was she on something?

Or I mean, she was-- was she having a breakdown?

- My baby's over there, sleeping.

Your other--

That's another one of your baby--your baby down there.

- Your baby down here.

- Howard said that that was just Anna.

She was just playing. She liked playing like a child,

and she liked doing funny things.

- I have to say when I first saw it,

I was kinda, like, "That's weird."

But, you know, I've done clown makeup with Anna.

You know, Howard's done clown makeup with Anna.

She's done it with, like, just,

you know, random friends over time.

- Well, that's a stolen video from the house,

and it's about an hour-long video,

and what they did is they cut it down

into about 45 seconds to make it appear that Anna's on drugs

when in reality, Anna is pretending

to be a little girl, and it's just edited

to make me look bad and to make Anna look bad.

- Give it her binky. It's crying.


- Maybe she was playing a part, and maybe she wasn't.

I don't know that.

But I know that somebody recorded that,

and it was horrible.

- I got a call from Anna saying she had had the baby.

They had made arrangements for Danny to come down to--

to the Bahamas, and Daniel didn't wanna go.

I said, "You need to go down there and see your sister."

And he said, "Look, I'm very happy about Mom

having the baby and everything. I am."

He said, "But, Ray, I don't wanna go there."

I said, "You gotta do this for your mother

and your little sister," and he said, "Okay.

Don't leave me down there, Ray."

and I said, "I promise to God, Danny,

I won't leave you down there."

- As bizarre as this, I mean, the whole saga was,

there was a really special moment

in a photo of Anna Nicole and Daniel and Dannielynn.

I mean, Dannielynn meeting her brother,

her brother meeting her for the first time,

and they looked happy, and they looked like a family

and looked like a normal, joyous little family.

And then everything blew up.

- The plan was Anna

was supposed to give birth a month later.

I didn't get to see my daughter being born.

I came to find out that Howard took her in

to get her checked out, and they suggested

that they go ahead and go and take the baby early.


I got a call from a friend of my sister Judy's

who lived in the Bahamas.

He said...

"Anna Nicole's kid died,"

and something about in a hospital.

I was like, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

I thought our baby had died.


And I just kinda went into this real numbness.

I-I was shocked.


- I get a call, and Anna's screaming,

screaming and crying on the phone.

"Daniel is dead! Daniel is dead! Daniel died."

It was like I got hit in the face with a brick.

I could not... [ exhales sharply ]

You know... [ exhales deeply ]

- When Daniel died, I... found out on the radio.

I didn't believe it.

You know, it just didn't make sense.

None of it did.

- To think her son climbed into bed with her

and then died right next to her,

I mean, I mourn for her as a mom.

She just gave birth to the daughter

that she always wanted.

You've got this greatest joy and the worst pain

I could ever imagine a parent feeling.

- If there was really a love of her life,

the love of her life was Daniel.

So very, very quickly, I recognized

that everything is changing at this point.

I mean, how do you-- how do you deal with that?

That' do you deal with losing your son?


- I-I was shocked.

I didn't know how to process it. I didn't know what to do.

I just felt helpless, and I just thought,

you know, I wanna do everything I can for Anna.

but I can't do anything.

- It wouldn't have happened if he didn't go.

I have guilt that I didn't go with him.

He was like a son to me.


- I finally got ahold of Anna,

and I told her that I was sorry about Daniel.

And I thought, if I can talk sense into her

to let me get to her and get her to come back home,

then I think it would be okay.

I got this letter from an attorney that said I was

sexually harassing Anna on the phone.

I was like, "What?"

So I went back and said, "I didn't sexually harass Anna.

"I just was talking to her nice.

I don't know what you're talking about."

- Hello? - Hey.

- What are you doing?

- Nothing. Seeing what you're doing.

You like the presents?

- And so I still wanted to maintain contact with her,

but I didn't wanna be accused of anything.

So I started tape recording the phone calls.

Howard was listed as the father on the birth certificate,

and so I had started talking to attorneys,

because I wasn't getting anywhere with Anna.

I told Anna, "Bring the baby back home,

"because if you don't, then I'm gonna be forced

"to do something, you know, legally,

and I don't wanna do that to you."

I am the father of Dannielynn, and I think this is, um,

a crime what--basically what these people are doing to me,

and I expect to be reunited with my daughter,

uh, with the help of my attorney, Ms. Opri.

Thank you all for coming.

I actually went on air, and I told the world

that I am the father,

and then Howard went on "Larry King Live"

and said that he was, in fact, the father.

- Anna and I have, um, been in a relationship,

and we love each other,

and it's been going on for a very long time.

- I had no idea that Howard and Anna were dating.

I didn't see it...happening. I didn't see it going on.

It was hard for me to believe.

- Howard even said that Anna didn't have a boyfriend

and that I was not the father

and that people are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame

or something to that effect.

Did he and Anna have a strong, romantic relationship

at one time?

- She never considered him her boyfriend.

- I was really torn up. I actually had...

I got to a point where I couldn't eat.

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't function, really.

And I got on the phone with Anna,

but she didn't-- she didn't wanna talk about it.

Listen, honey, I don't wanna fight with you, okay?

I do not. That's the last thing I want, okay?

I haven't slept good since you took off outta here,

I haven't had a good night's sleep,

and I don't want it to be like this.

You come home, bring the baby home,

and just come home.

Anna, don't you underst-- Don't you understand

what this is all about? Don't you understand?

You've been pushed away from me on purpose.

Anna, I have given a [ bleep ].

You listen to what Howard tells you,

and that's getting you in a lot of [ bleep ] trouble.

Nobody's a winner here. We're both losers.

We're losers because we're fighting and we shouldn't be.

No, but, Anna, would you listen to me, though?

I-I wanna get back what I lost, and that--and--and--

Yes, ma'am.

Anna, I don't think you're a drug whore.

I don't think you're a drug whore, Anna.

And then just when you think it was all over,

Anna and Howard had announced that they, um,

were going to, um, get married

and then comes this big, um, commitment ceremony.


- Howard actually asked me if I would be a best man

for their wedding, and I said, "I can't do that.

"If you can prove to me, you know,

"that the baby is definitely yours--

I'm not saying I don't believe you,

but I need some sort of proof, then I would consider it.


- I think Howard orchestrated the commitment ceremony.

He wanted to, like, have a pretend marriage to Anna.

You know, 'cause he was in love with Anna.

- Yay. [ applause ]

- Yay. [ laughter ]

- Mr. and Mrs. Stern.

- Yay. [ laughter and applause ]

- Well, Anna had a wedding dress on.

There was this big yacht. Howard had a suit on.

They both jumped off this boat and exchanged vows

and all this stuff, and it just seemed again like

it was one of these kind of stunts.

- You're gonna throw it at my, uh...

- Flowers so we can jump off... - [ chuckles ]

- The whole time that Anna was in the Bahamas,

she continued to make contact with me.

She continued to wear my diamond necklace

around her neck.

She's wearing it in the commitment ceremony with Howard.

You know, she told her other friends

that the commitment ceremony was fake.

It was just for press. Anna's son just died.

This doesn't really make sense.

- Later, when I was there,

I was trying to stay in the guest house,

and then the next morning, she asked me why

I didn't sleep in the main house

or, you know, in the room with her,

and I just said, "Well, I didn't wanna

come between you and Howard."

I don't know where Howard was gonna sleep.

And she goes, "Oh, that's not real."

[ indistinct conversations ]

- Perfect time to get into somebody's head

and to turn things around.

I never bought it. I still don't buy it,

and I wanna say that I think Howard inserted himself

into her life because, I mean, as we all,

and I'm gonna say we all had some kind of an obsession

with Anna Nicole.

[ indistinct conversations, laughter ]

- I have seen things. It's not-- This is not made up.

The complicated thing about relationships--

they are true in your perception,

so Larry's truth is his truth,

and Howard's truth is his truth,

and it doesn't mean they're-- either one of them are wrong.

It's just two people with two different perspectives

on a situation.

[ indistinct conversations ]

- I was furious. None of this had to happen,

and it was so hard to see that,

and every minute you turned,

it was something else smacking him.

- It was just the game that they were playing.

"People" Magazine paid over a million dollars

for the rights to those photos, and more importantly,

it was giving a further footing to the fact that

Howard was the father.


[ seabirds calling ]

- I was asked to get a plot for Daniel,

and I got a phone call saying

that she was gonna bury him in the Bahamas,

and I said to Howard and I said to her,

"You can't do that."

I remember him saying, "Don't leave me down there.

I said, "Please, don't leave him down there.

Please bring him home."

But they were telling Anna that if she came to L.A.,

that Larry would have rights to keep Dannielynn.

And so that's the reason why she didn't come back.


And, uh...

And I...I just refused to go down for the funeral.

I could not look at those people and not be absolutely upset.


- At the funeral, Anna was so distraught,

that people literally had to keep her

from climbing into the casket.

She was crying the whole time,

and she kept looking back towards me,

"Help me, help me." I don't know what she meant by that.

I always say to Alex, "What did she mean by that?"

Um, and I went to hug her,

but then she went and climbed in the casket,

screaming Daniel's name.


- Anna was so close to Daniel

that there was no way that she was gonna recover from this.

There was just-- There was no way.

- It was such a helpless situation,

a hopeless situation.

Anna's never gonna survive without Daniel.


- One day, I got the email from her saying,

"I know I just had a baby, and I know she needs me,

but Daniel needs me, and I just wanna die."


- There's really no way to get her out of that depression.

There might have been moments

where we talked about other things,

but it would always go back to Daniel.

- She said that she was gonna go to Florida.

And I said, "Okay. Call me if you need me,

and I'm praying for you."

- We went to Florida. That day Howard hid her medication.

I didn't even know where he hid it,

and then when we left the hotel room,

the first thing she did was lock us out

and got a hold of it.

We had to get the hotel security to open the door.

She just looked like a ghost. Within the next two weeks,

they found a big abscess on her leg,

so I know that that was making her sick.

I know her lungs were still bad from the pneumonia.

I feel that her body was poisoned, you know.

- If you could please respond to the Hard Rock,

it's gonna be in reference to a white female.

She's not breathing, and she's not responsive.

She's, um, actually Anna Nicole Smith.

- Anna Nicole Smith was found unconscious in her hotel room

early this afternoon,

but efforts to revive her there failed.


- I was driving down Ventura Boulevard.

I get a phone call. It was my brother.

He said, "Ray...Anna's dead."

I said, "What?"

I pulled over to the side, and I vomited

right there on Ventura Boulevard in the car.

[ sighs ]

- Howard called Alex screaming,

"Anna passed away. Anna passed away."




The whole timeframe was...

was like living, um... something that was not real.


- I was in a dentist office. I had a TV over my head,

and I was flipping channels.

And then somebody came in and busted in the broadcast

and said, "We have sad news to announce.

Anna Nicole has passed away."



[ exhales deeply ]


- At 2:49 this afternoon,

we were advised by hospital personnel

that Anna Nicole Smith had died.

- I was in denial about it, and I said,

"I think I can fix this. I think I could fix this.

"I can, uh, just, I wanna get on a plane.

I can fix this."

- A mass of media surrounded this Nassau church Friday

as locals and tourists pressed up against police barricades,

hoping for one final glimpse of Anna Nicole Smith.

- Larry! Larry! - [ woman shouts indistinctly ]

[ camera shutter clicks, people shouting indistinctly ]

- There were people lined up outside,

satellite trucks, red carpet.

They brought her casket in.

- I didn't wanna go to her funeral.

I did not wanna go down there and be a part of the paparazzi

and be part of all that crap,

and, you know, she was my-- my best friend.

- It was sad, just to see her laying there.

She had a pink dress on,

and she had, like, a tiara and, uh,

we were all asked to write, if we wanted to,

something to put in the casket,

and I told her in the note that

I was gonna take care of our daughter, and, um...


I listed some of the things that we did, the fun times,

some of the songs we listened to.

[ sighs ]

And I just-- just poured it all out,

and I put the note in the casket,

and they lowered the casket down, and...


That was it.


- My little brother, my baby brother,

and it's the love of his life, and you know that.

Like, you know he loved her.

- There were ups and there were downs,

and it's--it's unlike any love story you've ever heard.

I was gonna give her what she wanted in life.

She always wanted this daughter, and for a moment, she had it.


[ sniffles ]


- What are you hoping to accomplish here in the Bahamas?

- We wanna take the baby home. Thank you.

We gotta keep moving. [ indistinct conversations ]

- After Anna passed away, my attorneys were moving

to get an emergency order so we could get a DNA sample

because we wanted to make sure to prove paternity,

and, um, to get my daughter.

In the press, people were standing up,

saying they were the father. They hadn't even seen Anna.

One of the people didn't, I don't even think, met Anna.

Some family member of Anna's came out of the woodwork

and said that they thought that

Anna froze her late husband's sperm,

and this was the-- that was the father,

and it turned into a circus.

- Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband came out and said,

"I'm the baby daddy."

I about spit my tea across the room.

- It was just insane, like, but I think a lot of people

wanted to see what they can get

out of the fact that she died. It was just really weird.

- I still have a daughter that has passed on

and a grandson that has passed on,

and they shouldn't be passed on.

- Anna's mom was also trying to fight for Dannielynn.

So Howard reached out and said,

"Look, I'd like to work this out with you."

He still was at that time trying to maintain

that he thought he was the father,

but he said, "If in the event that I'm not the father,

"I would like to work something out to where

"we try to settle this privately so that Anna's mom

doesn't try to swoop in and take the baby."

- Larry is talking to Howard.

We were told that we could come and see Dannielynn.


We get there, and, um, I didn't want to

look at Howard because I was-- I was angry.

I said, "I don't-- I don't want you in that room"

'cause I thought, "You are not going to be there

the first time that we see this baby."

- [ fussing and cooing ]

- She was, like, 6 months old.

She was so cute, and she just-- she smiled ear to ear

when she saw me, and she was just laughing and giggling,

and for a second, everything I went through was worth it.

- [ fussing and cooing ]


- He was so excited. He had tears in his eyes,

rolling down his face.

And she looked like him. And it's like almost like

she knew him when he picked her up.


- How are you doing? - What do you expect today?

- You know what? I don't know. I don't know what to expect.

- Okay. - Yeah.


It was the day of reckoning. It was DNA day,

and it was my day to just put an end to all this craziness.

The DNA test was in a sealed envelope,

and I was nervous.

There was something in my mind that said,

what if for some reason, you just got it wrong?


The envelope was open,

and I swear it seemed like an eternity.

And the judge said, "Um, I'd like to announce

"that the father...

is Larry Birkhead."

I don't even think I-I... soaked it all in.

I sat there, and I...

I put my head in my hands.

And I was super happy, and I was excited.

I got up. I came out.

I'm the father, and, uh, it's been a long road,

and I'm just happy to, you know, have this behind me

and just to be able to start a life with my daughter.

My baby's gonna be coming home pretty soon, so...

I looked straight across.

Howard was straight across from me,

and he kinda gave a nod.

- Woman: All right! Yeah! [ indistinct conversations ]

- I'm obviously, uh, very disappointed.

[ crowd shouting indistinctly ] But my feelings

for Dannielynn have not changed.

Um, I am not gonna fight Larry Birkhead on custody.

We're gonna do what-- what we can to make sure

that the best interests of Dannielynn are carried out.

And I'm gonna do whatever I can

to make sure that he gets sole custody.


- Hey, Larry, what's it like to be home?

- Good. I'm just--I can't believe I'm on U.S. soil,

really, so it feels good.

- What about going through this, uh, ordeal,

to now kind of having it behind you?

- Uh...


it feels good to be home, and, you know,

just, so to come home, it's kind of full circle.

It's also where I met, uh, Anna Nicole, so, um...

see what happens. Thanks, you guys.

I appreciate it. - Larry, Larry.


- [ imitating airplane roaring ]

You look at how bad Anna wanted a little girl.

You look at everything that she wanted in life,

and I'm trying to still to this day kind of give

my daughter things that I would think that would make her proud.

There's graduations and there's honor roll,

and there's all these achievements

that Dannielynn has, and it's--it's super exciting,

and it's--it's just, you think about what it would be like

if her mom was here to share in it.


Now that Dannielynn's a little bit older,

I thought it was important to take her back to the Bahamas

so she can learn a little bit more about her mom,

but also the place where she was born.

My daughter is just my drive, and she's my everything.

The reward at the end of the day

is seeing my daughter growing into this beautiful young lady.

- All of a sudden, she's almost his height,

you know, and it's-- it's kinda like

there she is, her mother-- looking like her mother,

and with a wonderful smile and an incredible persona.

- And you know who else you had a crush on when you were a baby?

The Count from "Sesame Street."

Every time he came on, you would blush. He said...

[ imitating the Count ] One, two, three, four. Ha ha ha!

[ normal voice ] And then he'd sing a song,

and I used to sing it to you. Do you remember the song?

Yeah, you do. - How about we just...shh?

- Yeah, we'll skip that one?

All these things were happening around her,

and for so long, she didn't even understand it.

She was too young to understand it,

but I kind of put myself as a shield, and I said

I'm going to just get her to the age

to where I can start explaining to her

that one day, she might see and hear things

about her mom that might be taken out of context.

"Let me tell you about the time I spent with your mom at camp,

"where she helped all these kids,

"and let me tell you the hours I spent with your mom

at animal shelters and charities,"

and those are the things that keep me going

and keep me strong and keep me-- and got me through it.

Every time we'd come to the Bahamas,

we'd always drive by here,

but I've never really even shown you that

this is the actual hospital where you were born,

and up there on the second floor is the nursery,

and did you know what your name was gonna be at one point?

Cherry Pie--that was what your mom wanted to name you.

Cherry Pie. And I put my foot down and said

I didn't like that name as much,

but then she was gonna say Hannah Bella Rose.

And then you became Dannielynn after all.


You know, the Kentucky Derby--

it was the most craziest years of my life,

um, came from that event, and the Kentucky Derby

started becoming her growth chart,

and if you look back over the years

of every year she's went, from when she was little,

and she was wearing Anna's big pink hat.

[ sighs ]

You kind of think Anna thought somewhere...

[ sniffles ] looking down on us, that she's, you know,

she's proud of this little girl that she always wanted.

You know, if love doesn't ever come my way again,

then that might be okay.

Sometimes there's only one time that something like this

can happen in your life.

I'm--I'm okay with that.

People always say, you know, if you could go back

and change all that, what would you change?

And would you--would you not have dated her?

And I sit there, and I think,

"Well, I wouldn't have had my daughter,

and I wouldn't have had these crazy experiences."

It could have been a fairy tale.

You know, things don't always work out the way we want it.

When all is said and done, we really loved each other.

We were hopelessly in love.


The Description of Hopelessly in Love: Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead