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- [Voiceover] You farted?

- I farted.

- Literally five girls in a room and everyone's farting.


(mellow music)

- [All] Hi!

- Welcome to my bedroom.

- So, we're-- - [Girl In Front] Hi!


- It's Ladylike!

And today we're answering your questions,

on a show, maybe that's going to be called IDK.

- [Voiceover] Yes.

- Because we don't know either.

- We don't know!

Somebody tell me what making out means.


- [Voiceover] And today's topic is...

- [All] Relationships.

- Or lack thereof.

(mellow music)

- So, wait, so, you can Postmates ice cream.

Right? - [Voiceover] Yeah.

- [Voiceover] You can Postmates anything.

- Alright, so, let's get ice cream.

- [Voiceover] First question is:

How do I slay my semi formal without a date?

- I've gone to a few dances.

Some with a date and some without a date.

And I'll say,

I had way more fun just going with my friends.

- I got dumped in the school parking lot

right before my first prom.

And I went with a group of girls, and it was so much fun.

- I was a third wheel, but it was fine.

- I love third-wheeling.

- Me too.

If you find the right couple,

third-wheeling can be great. - [Girl On Left] Oh yeah!

- Slayage and date have no correlation in my opinion.

- Precisely.

- Plus like, if you have a date,

you might have to grind with them.

- [Voiceover] How do you approach

an extremely attractive person

that you've never met before,

but really want to get to know?

- I just walked up to my fiancé and said, Hi.

And I thought he was more attractive than me.

But I was like, You know what?

Let's just do it!

Put on your big-girl shoes

and your big-girl panties

and just walk across the room.

- So, when I was like 15,

I thought I was really hot shit.

So, I would go up to guys and be like,

Hey, I think you're really attractive.


That obviously never panned out

because that's the most fucking awkward

thing to say of all time.

It's just like, what do you say to that?

- Yeah, exactly.

- So, someone told me this acronym

when you're trying to talk to somebody.

It's F.O.R.D.: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams.

Where it's like, those are the four things

you talk to someone new about.

- That's so smart.

- And you just like, remember FORD.

- [Voiceover] What do I do?

I have a gorgeous straight friend who gets all the boys.

The problem is, I want to ask her out but she's straight.

I don't know what to do.

It kills me whenever she brings up a boy,

because all I want to do is hold her hand

and kiss her cheek.

- I definitely think it's a very,

very common thing for friends to start feeling.

At some point you have to like kind of come clean.

And whatever point that is;

I think that it's gonna be awkward regardless.

- If that friendship is supposed to continue on

in your life, then it will.

- People's sexuality can and do evolve and change

as you grow and figure yourself out.

But also, I do really believe

that you sorta have to take people at their word.

So, if someone says that they're straight;

then I think, Unfortunately, what that means is that,

it might be time to figure out ways to move on.

And that's also really hard, but it's like,

you're not gonna be happy pining.

There was one time a boy,

that definitely didn't like me,

who I really liked;

who I literally wrote poems about.

- I mean, we all have like, you know,

journal entries and stuff like that.

- I was 20.


- [Voiceover] I met a guy around two years ago

on a summer program and we both really liked each other.

Three months ago he messaged me

and we've been talking every single day since then,

but sometimes I'm not sure if he likes talking to me.

I have a couple reasons but the big one

is the fact that we've talked on the phone

about three times in three months.

But now he always makes an excuse

to not talk on the phone.

I wanna visit him some time soon,

but I'm afraid that he might feel

like I'm coming on too strong.

Do you think it's worth it?

- I...

- Nope.

- No.

- If someone wants to talk to you,

or hang out with you, or be with you, they will be.

- The thing that bothers me the most

about stuff like that

is when people say that they're busy,

because everyone is busy.

- If you flip it and think about

how much you like him

and how much you wanna talk to him,

you are gonna be making time for that.

But if he's not doing that for you.

- I have been in that situation so many times,

and I always end disappointed.

- I always felt like I liked someone

so much more than they liked me,

and it was always so painful.

And I was like,

I guess this is what relationships are like.

But it's really not.

- There's many people who want you so much,

that you won't be able to believe

how much they like you.

It will shock you.

- You will feel their boners through their pants.

- Okay. Alright.

- We have a question for you guys.

- Oh, god. What is it?

- What is making out?

- Oh my...

I'm done.


- [Voiceover] Candace Lowry!

- You lifted up the cheek, and then let it rip.

- [Voiceover] Were you saying something really sweet to me,

while Candace is just like (fart noises).

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