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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best and Worst things of all 50 States

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What is going on everyone? Welcome back to part three the best and worst of each

state if you missed the first two it really doesn't matter what order you

watch them in so I'll leave a link at the end of the video you can watch them

at your leisure and I believe that is the first time I have ever used the

phrase at your leisure kind of a grown-up term doesn't really sit well

with me I'm moving on like I said the last two videos in case this is the

first one you saw and you haven't been watching them in order every city every

town every state in the country has some good things and it has some bad things

and in a lot of cases it's really just a matter of preference

one person may hate crowds and wants to live in a small town while another one

needs to live in a city needs to be around people and living in small town

is like dying you know what some people like Phoenix and some people like

Minnesota heat vers cold it's just preference most the time except I think

when you get to crime prime pretty much universally as agreed upon as being a

bad thing anyway these videos are about the things that each state is the best

and the worst at they all have at least one and that includes New Jersey so why

don't we sit back relax and watch part three of the best and worst things about

each state number 10 Massachusetts the best did the fewest traffic fatalities

some of the best and responsible drivers come out of Massachusetts we can tell

this by the extremely low rate of traffic fatalities they also have some

of the lowest auto insurance premiums in the country but the real factor I

believe is they don't act like jackholes behind the wheel so that's good thing

the worst no happy hour unfortunately you'll not be able to take advantage of

Thursday night ladies nights or any other fun happy hour specials since the

entire state abolished happy hours in 1984 if you've ever been to downtown

Boston on the weekend you'll probably think this is a lie it does seem to be

working seeing that drunk driving deaths have declined almost every year since

the law was passed and currently the drunk driving deaths in Massachusetts

are about half the national average per capita obviously number nine Michigan

the best the most lighthouses since Michigan doesn't have the best weather

it's probably good idea they have the most lighthouses in the country

currently that's about 147 lighthouses next on the list is Maine with about 80

so there's good gap there you'd think this would go to a coastal state but no

the Great Lakes are big and Michigan has a lot of shoreline as far

as shoreline goes in States it goes Alaska with the most florida in

Louisiana Louisiana because they have major rivers running the length of the

whole state plus the Gulf so they got a lot of shoreline and then you got about

six others including Michigan with all about the same amount of shoreline so

yeah they have a lot of beautiful and a lot of lighthouses in Michigan the worst

identity theft a lot of identity theft originates in Michigan if you have a

squeaky clean record maybe you should try and stay out of Michigan the state

has the worst reputation for identity cases in the country this could ruin

someone's life for quite a while after the fact I've been the victim of this it

took me a while and an attorney to get it all fixed someone in Michigan decided

they would be me for a bit and go get a bunch of dental work done I almost had

to send them my dental records so they'd leave me alone it was bad number eight

Minnesota the best reddit's course some of the best credit scores are in

Minnesota on average they're about seven oh nine out of 850 which is the highest

average in the country you have a lot of responsible people in this state at

least with their finances so that Chinese app that pings your phone when

someone that's not paying their debts is within 50 meters you wouldn't get many

pings here and yes that's a thing look it up the worst winters Minnesota has

the most severe winters in the country they have seen temperatures get as cold

as minus 50 degrees that's cold enough to have your manhood attached to your

inner thigh in less than 20 minutes Minnesota gets 52 inches of snow on

average every year with northern parts seen almost twice as much every once in

a while this is a public service announcement about moving to Minnesota

first of all when you get there invest in ice melting windshield wiper fluid

learn how to get salt stains out of your clothes and maybe get a spouse with a

few extra pounds for warmth during the winter number seven Mississippi the best

sleep Mississippi residents get some of the best sleep in the country more than

63 percent of the residents say they sleep over seven hours a night the

average for the rest of the country is five and a half hours on average now

I've seen other studies where it says it was closer to six hours on average but

either way Mississippi average is about seven hours I guess when you have that

high of unemployment rate a lot of people getting a lot of extra sleep not

having to get up for a job or anything like that the worst shortest lifespan

the residents get a lot of sleep here and it's not helping they have the

shortest lifespan the average lifespan nationally is 80 years however in

Sippi it's only about seventy-five years a lot of people that have lived in the

state their whole life feel that's a little bit too long

number six Missouri the best giving they're very charitable here you can

find some of the most charitable individuals in Missouri st. Louis has

actually been ranked the most charitable city in the country when you get away

from the cities you have good people that are always willing to help it's

kind of a thing in Missouri they pride themselves on it the worst puppy mills

dog breeding has gotten such bad reputation from greedy dog breeders that

really don't care about the dogs they're just greedy and they want money

this gives the great dog breeders that follow the rules and regulations a bad

reputation it's really seems like it's an enforcement issue and it's too bad

like I said it gives good dog breeders a bad name Missouri has all kinds of puppy

mills legal and illegal but definitely the most puppy mills out of any other

state number five Montana the best cat owners they've got the most cat owners

it's great to be a cat in Montana there are more cat owners per capita

than anywhere else in the country cats are more cared for here as well it's

like every house has a cat tree in almost every town has a weird old cat

lady by the way you can get a cat lady action figure if you'd like on Amazon

I'll leave a link below here it is right here the average lifespan of a cat is

around 12 years depending on the breed but Montana the average lifespan is

boosted by an extra two so Morris will be coughing up hairballs for you or

possible 14 years worst traffic deaths during daytime hours in the late 1990s

Montana did not have any regulation on traffic speeds on the highways due to

the increased fatalities they had to put a cap on it it's 80 miles an hour which

is still extremely high however more regulated now the thing is they just

lead the country per capita in highway deaths it's bad number for Nebraska

indoor plumbing it's hard to imagine that indoor plumbing isn't a reality for

some of the people in this country however thankfully it is a reality for

most Nebraskans since the state has the largest percentage of homes with indoor

plumbing who knew this was a problem they also lead the country and people

named Ruth that has nothing to do with it the plumbing thing but I just thought

you should know the worst road rage the highest speed limit in some areas of

Nebraska is seventy miles an hour now that seems to be slow for these people

apparently because they have some of the highest incidence per capita of road

rage I thought one was a mistake when I first read it I

looked it up at the Department of Transportation and it was correct people

that I've met from Nebraska or when I've been in Nebraska I never seemed angry or

aggressive never seen anything like that but Nebraska is one of the top five most

boring states in the country so maybe that's how they stir up some excitement

or something number three Nevada the best the most hot springs if Nevada has

anything more than other states the obvious ones gonna be casinos so let's

go past the obvious and look at something else they have the most and

probably the best of Hot Springs Nevada is known for their wide variety of hot

springs not all of them have to do with the resort some of them are free they

just require a hike into the desert over 3 million Americans visit Hot Springs

every single year so this is kind of a big deal there's a big community that

really is into hot springs they do a couple myself pretty interesting one

apparently was all nude didn't know that till I got there and nobody there was

worth looking at the worst public schools far too many students not enough

teachers are the normal complaints in Nevada when it comes to the schools

Nevada has the largest teacher to student ratio at 26 students to every

one teacher now I've seen other reports that said it was a little bit lower and

some that said it was a little bit higher but that's about the average and

before you do stop typing I'm sure you went to school Nevada and there was only

12 of you to the teacher and had an aide and a magical unicorn that taught you

how to read write and play the sousaphone number two New Hampshire the

best the unemployment rate New Hampshire has one of the lowest unemployment rates

in the country while the national average is about 3.7 currently New

Hampshire is 2.5 percent now before you leave a comment please understand

numbers change so if you're looking at this later than let's say October 2019

when I'm making it I'm sure unemployment rates have changed so just

keep that in mind before you leave a comment the worst college tuition New

Hampshire is one of the worst places you can go when needing to save a little

money on an education the college and universities receive little state

funding this forces the universities to jack up their tuition prices to make up

for the revenue shortfall there was a time when a parent's only worry about

sending their kids to college was binge drinking and your kid dropping out of

college to follow a rock band around the country now they have to worry about the

third mortgage they took out so your kid can get a degree in Greek mythology

well done Blaine we're so happy you'd know all about

Greek mythology now now you're gonna be late for your subway shift if you don't

hurry and number one New Jersey the best diners New Jersey is known to be the

diner capital the world since just within this small state there's about

500 old-fashioned style diners still open for business and the residents love

them this one I love I enjoy a good diner I actually

enjoy a bad diner after a late night drinking with my friends nothing better

than greasy food to help out the oncoming hangover the worst speeding

tickets New Jersey leads the country in speeding tickets per capita some drivers

see a spike in their insurance rates just because they moved to New Jersey

the state is said to have speed traps every 30 miles and if you're going ten

miles over the speed limit they may give you a ticket for street racing doesn't

matter if you are in a Prius or a smart car New Jersey does on average have one

of the highest auto insurance premiums so if you have a lead foot you might

want to avoid the Garden State all right so that is number three of the best and

worst of each state hope you guys enjoyed - hope you got some information

but don't forget to leave a comment tell me what you think about this series tell

me what you think in general tell me your views on diners and everything like

that I'd really like to know anyway everybody have a great day

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