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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this section we're going to talk about how to repel raccoons.

Well, I've had a few experiences with raccoons and I've learned a lot about them over the

years. And my conclusion is, they're very smart and they're very social like we are.

So they love to play with humans and to interact with us. But they're wild animals. So the

first way that you can repel the raccoons is to not make them your pets. Do not feed

them no matter what. Don't give them anything. So if you've got cats or other animals outside

where you're leaving food and water for them outside, stop doing it because it's only going

to encourage the raccoons and the skunks and everybody else in the neighborhood to come

over and have a party at your house. So first off you got to get rid of any type of food

or water access for them. And the funniest thing happened this summer, I had the kiddie

pool out and there was some water in it and I heard a bunch of splashing about two in

the morning. And I walked outside the door and opened the door and there was a mama raccoon

and her two babies playing in the kiddie pool. Just having a blast. They looked at me and

they thought, "Oh, my God, we're busted." And they took off. So from that moment on,

I emptied out the kiddie pool every night even though I filled it up almost every day

for the kids to play in through the summer. But I made sure that there was not standing

water in it at night ever. Because when you have standing water, the raccoons are going

to come to drink. They're thirsty. So if you got food and water for them, they're going

to come over. So the first way you can repel them, is don't give them any food or water.

And don't interact with them. I went to a party in Milwaukee once and it was at this

beautiful apartment building and there was a bunch of raccoons that lived in the woods.

And we were all in the little park courtyard area and they had a raccoon that was pretty

much the neighborhood pet. And everyone was feeding it and it was very sociable. Come

right, hang out with us right at the park bench. And that's a big mistake. You never

feed them. You never interact with them. You never play with them. They're wild animals.

So by trying to tame them, you're not doing them any favors. So what happened with that

raccoon is it expected food. And when you don't give it food, they get angry. And so

that raccoon came up and almost attacked us for food because he was hungry. And he expected

us to give him food. So first off, we should have never interacted with them and you should

never feed them. That's how you repel them. But if you have tried all of these secrets

and it's not working and they're coming in your yard and they're digging things up and

causing problems, there's a few other tricks. They easiest thing that I have found is buy,

if you sprinkle a bunch of cinnamon or curry or red hot chili peppers or cayenne pepper

over the flower beds or around the tree base or any area where the raccoons are hanging

out, they don't like the smell and it burns their little paws. It doesn't kill them. It

doesn't hurt them badly but it will make them mad enough to move on. So by constantly putting

some cayenne pepper or spicy pepper in the areas where they are at, they'll leave. And

if that still doesn't work, what I found too, it works with my crows and any other animals

if I catch them anytime, which is hard with the raccoons because they come out at night,

but if you come to the back yard or if you hear them getting into the garbage can at

night, which is another mistake. The garbage can should be completely tight with a big

heavy brick on top or a rock or be bungeed down. Do not leave the garbage at all open

where they can get to it. But if you do still find them trying to get into the garbage can,

take your hose and spray it down and scare them off with the hose. And eventually they'll

get the message and they will avoid your yard altogether.

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