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- [Narrator] Cute, charming, and irresistibly adorable.

That's how most of us describe babies.

But there are some babies that display unique features that

sets them apart from the rest.

It can be a unique birthmark or a medical condition that

makes them look a bit different compared to other babies.

But no matter how different they may look, they're always

a proud parent's precious little child.

Here are the top 10 kids born with incredible

and unique features!

- Amazing!

- [Narrator] Number 10, Deepak Kumar Paswaan.

Having a few extra limbs would be impressive.

But for seven-year old Deepak Kumar Paswaan,

this is a nightmare.

Nicknamed octopus-boy, the young boy has an extra set of

limbs protruding out of his chest from his undeveloped twin.

This unnatural feature of his resulted in him being

perceived as the incarnation of Vishnu, a Hindu god usually

depicted as having four arms, while others said that he

houses a demon within his body.

Regardless of what people think about him, Deepak only

wants one thing, to be able to live normally, just like

the other children in his community.

This wish of his came true on May 30th, 2010, when a team

of 15 doctors performed a complicated surgery to remove

his extra limbs.

The operation was a complete success, with doctors stating

that he is 100% fit.

Of course, Deepak, after years of being ridiculed by other

people, still needs to have a bit of counseling in order

to lead a normal life.

And while there are no updates currently about Deepak's

status, this photo of him back in 2011 is enough to

prove that he is now able to live a normal life.

Number nine, Pixie Rose Masters.

Most babies are usually born with a small amount of hair

on their heads, but Pixie Rose Masters is an exception.

When she was born back on July 4, doctors and nurses were

surprised to see that she was born with a full mop of jet

black hair.

And while it's not a rare condition per se, her hair was

unusually thicker compared to other babies born with hair.

And that's not the only unusual thing about Pixie, as she

was also born with a medical condition called microtia,

which affects one in every 7,000 newborns.

This condition is quite severe as her right ear is deformed,

making it hard for her to hear things.

And while it is possible that her parents can hide her

deformed ear with her long, black hair, her mother mentioned

that her flaws won't stop her from styling her daughter's


It is unknown whether they'll have doctors perform surgery

to fix her right ear, but for now, Pixie is enjoying the

compliments she receives from people worldwide.

Number eight, Bence and MilliAnna.

Many of us spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just to

get the hair color and style we want.

But not these babies, because they were already born

with it.

Born in Hungary, Bence was nicknamed Prince Charming

by the hospital's residents due to his platinum blonde hair.

Initially, doctors thought that he might have some sort

of albinism, which can be dangerous as his skin won't

have enough melanin to protect him from the sun's UV rays.

But in reality, Bence was a normal, healthy boy.

He was just lucky to be born with a really striking

hair color.

And in South Carolina, MilliAnna also possesses a unique

trait that sets her apart from other babies.

She has a white streak of hair on her forehead.

Surprisingly, it's not only her that has this, as her

mother, as well as her grandmother and great-grandmother,

possesses this birthmark.

This is caused by a condition called poliosis, which is

basically results in a lack of melanin on the affected area,

causing it to grow white.

Still, it doesn't stop MilliAnna's mother from telling her

that she is special and beautiful for inheriting their

family's unique birthmark.

Number seven, Fu Wengui.

From the right angles, it's hard to see what's wrong with Fu

Wengui, a 15-year old boy from China.

But once you get near him, it's impossible for you to

not notice his abnormally long neck.

Having 10 vertebrae rather than the usual seven in his

neck, it has caused Fu Wengui great distress both physically

and emotionally.

His head movement is severely hindered and even the simplest

of movements can cause him great pain.

This also causes several unwanted attention and he's

had problems with regards to socializing.

According to doctors, Fu Wengui suffers from a condition

called congenital scoliosis, a condition wherein vertebrae

within the neck aren't formed properly.

Fortunately, the doctors of Chaoyang Hospital have

formulated a treatment plan to fix this irregularity

and give Fu Wengui a normal neck.

Currently, there are no updates on how the surgery went.

Let's just hope that it went well so that he can live

a normal life.

Number six, Gabby Williams.

It's hard to treat a medical condition that has no name.

Such is the case of Gabby Williams, who suffers from a

medical condition so complex and unknown, there's no

medical term for it.

Currently at age nine, Gabby has the face of a baby and

a body similar to that of toddlers.

Her medical condition, according to experts, dramatically

slows down her aging process and causes her to age once

every four years, resulting in her still having the body

of a two-year old.

And to make matters worse, she is also plagued with a host

of ailments, such as heart defects and an abnormality in her

swallowing reflex, which requires her to be fed with

a tube in her nose.

While there are similar cases like hers on other parts of

the globe, medical experts still haven't pinpointed the

exact cause of this perplexing medical condition.

Even worse is that they don't know if Gabby will survive

her ordeal.

For now, the only thing Gabby and her family can do is

to stay positive and hope for the best.

Before we carry on, take a look at this photograph of

supposedly the darkest baby in the world, which began

circulating in 2015.

It went viral online, along with this image.

So my question is, can you explain the image?

I'll reveal the answer at the end so stick around!

Number five, Arnav Sharma.

Only a few people can ever hope to achieve Albert Einstein

and Stephen Hawking levels of genius.

But a young boy from India who has grown up in the UK not

only succeeded in reaching the levels of the two geniuses,

he also surpassed them.

As early as two years old, Arnav Sharma has shown remarkable

intelligence, capable of counting to 100 without being

taught by his relatives.

At age eight, he showed a great interest in singing and

dancing, participating in a contest and reaching the


And at age 11, he took the Mensa test, reaching an IQ score

of 162, which is higher than Einstein and Hawking.

Even more outstanding is that he was able to do it with zero

preparation, even explaining that he was not nervous while

taking the test.

Currently, he's studying at Crossfields School, but he's

eligible to enroll at a number of prestigious schools

including Eton College and Westminster.

When he's not studying, he can be seen partaking in

stereotypical smart kid activities like playing the piano

or reading books.

His plans for the future?

Well, he says hasn't thought of it at the moment, but I'm

pretty sure we can expect great things from him as long as

he continues to nurture his gift.

Number four, Cinar Engin.

Birthmarks are often seen as a skin imperfection, but for

Cinar Engin and his parents, his birthmark is anything,

but a flaw.

Having a birthmark shaped like a heart on his forehead,

Cinar has captured the hearts of many, including the doctors

and nurses who helped in birthing him.

His unique birthmark is so popular, that people they meet

during their walks often stop and adore Cinar and his

birthmark, with some even taking photos with him!

It even earned him the nickname love baby or hearted boy,

as dubbed by the doctors in the hospital where he was born.

His parents don't seem to mind his newfound popularity.

In fact, both of them seem to love the attention

he is getting.

For them, Cinar's birthmark is a special one, as if it was

his own way of thanking his parents for being born into

this world.

Number three, Archie Innes.

Most babies open their eyes once they're birthed into

the world.

However, this is entirely impossible for Archie Innes.

Not because he can't open his eyes, but it's because

he has no eyes to begin with.

Afflicted with the SOX2 syndrome, a medical condition that

causes abnormal development of the eyes, and a number of

other medical conditions, Archie was able to defy the odds

and survive, dubbing him as a miracle baby by the doctors.

However, even the most basic of movement, such as crawling

and walking, its especially hard for him due to his


But, this did not stop Archie's parents from pursuing

therapy in order for him to be able to live normally,

hoping that someday some type of potential treatment can

help sort out all his medical conditions in the near future.

The family has started a fundraiser for people who are

willing to help out Archie should doctors be able to

formulate a treatment plan for him.

For now, the only thing Archie's family can do is to shower

him with love, as they want him to feel special and loved,

regardless of his medical conditions.

Number two, Ollie Trezise.

Ollie Trezise, a little boy from Wales, has been called by

many, the real-life Pinocchio.

But unlike Pinocchio, his nose doesn't grow longer.

Rather, he has the round, red nose Pinocchio usually has.

This is caused by a rare medical condition called

encephalocele, which causes his brain to grow in his nose,

creating a brain sac.

If left untreated, he could contract infections including

meningitis should his nose, and effectively his brain,

get injured.

Fortunately, he was treated before his condition worsened,

thanks to the doctors of Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Today, he is a young boy actively enjoying his life,

bonding with his parents and his older sister.

Though he might have some imperfections, his parents are

still right to believe he's still a perfect little boy,

just like the boy Pinocchio's creator, Geppetto,

would like to have.

Number one, Loyalty Adonis.

The average weight of a newborn is around 3.4 kilograms.

But LaQueena Hunter Grover gave birth to a gigantic baby.

She gave birth to Loyalty Adonis, who weighed 6.35

kilograms, making him the heaviest baby for the year 2017.

And while she wasn't new to this, seeing that she gave birth

to babies way past the average weight before, Adonis was

in an entirely new league, so she was rather surprised

when she found out his weight.

Despite his large frame, Adonis is a perfectly healthy baby.

In fact, he is quite an active one, with his mother saying

that he acts like the Incredible Hulk whenever he doesn't

get something.

He immediately bawls when his mother fails to change his

diapers when he's wet or forgets to feed him when he's


But no matter how much of a troublemaker he may be, LaQueena

says that he is her own special child.

And as a final word, she said that Adonis will be her last

baby and that she is closing her womb for good.

Maybe she fears that she'll have an even heavier baby, hmm?

And now back to the world's darkest baby image.

Although many sites promoted it as being a real story,

the truth is that the photo is fake.

While its origins are up for debate, the figure shown in

the image was actually a life-like doll created by Breath

Of Heaven artist Lilah Pearsons.

The second image circulated was likely just photoshopped

to make the child look darker than it really was.

So the moral of the story.

Do more researching before believing anything

you hear online!

Did any of the real kids amaze you with their unique and

incredible features?

Do you know of any children who have unique

features themselves?

Let me know in the comments section down below.

Thanks for watching!

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