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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why You Should Review Your Inner Circle

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why you should review your inner circle welcome to this week's video where we

are going to discuss inner circles and what you should look for in a friend

show me your friends and I will show you who you are is a well-worn phrase but a

true one nonetheless while our habits and our self-worth

shouldn't be dependent on others we rarely succeed alone we need other

people to push us in the right direction through advice motivation and sometimes

financial help while there are no rules as to what constitutes a good friend

there are several things you should always watch out for especially in your

inner circle I'll start with the story of two good friends Marcus and Tom they

grew up in the same neighborhood attended each other's birthday parties

visited each other in the hospital with sick studied for their final

examinations together and played baseball together they were the perfect

best friends and sworn never to stop being friends

however as close as they were they were different Marcus was an academic

performer and always emerged top of the class while Tom found himself in the

middle of the list at one point in high school Tom started avoiding Marcus

because they were so different however Marcus was quick to point it out

and talk about it he explained that he performed well in school and was not

going to stop because it was the only way he could qualify for an academic

scholarship however he also pointed out that tom was the school captain of the

baseball team and performed exceptionally well in the field he had

already received several scholarship invitations to colleges to play baseball

while studying Marcus was a good friend he did not deny himself but neither was

he putting his friend down after pointing out both their strengths he

explained why it was beneficial for both of them to help each other out to be

successful in the future to date Marcus and Tom lead different lives in

different cities but still create time to see each other

Marcus is an entrepreneur lecturer and angel investor tom is a successful

baseball player continuously making headlines and also taking time to coach

students back in his hometown in the same town where two other friends

Charles and Mason they took the school bus to

the other love skating drawing and we're part of the swim team for Charles being

part of the school swim team was an opportunity for him to grow and join the

Olympic team one day every day he would get to school two hours early and take a

few laps before changing for class he tried to encourage Mason to do the same

but later realized that Mason was more intent on being popular in school during

one of their school parties one of the boys brought some drugs

Charles refused given that the swim team competitions were around the corner and

he intended to win it Mason however was all for the party life eventually they

started growing apart and stopped being friends

Charles loved Mason but he knew that he could not keep up with his life he is

glad he joined his college swim team and plans to keep working with his college

mates to become a better swimmer unfortunately Mason and his friends have

turned into the neighborhood junkies initially Charles attempted to reach out

but realized Mason was more concerned with complaining about his life instead

of trying to make it better he got addicted to drugs and for him nothing is

beyond his quick fix in both cases the friendship seemed like they could last

forever it did for those that were willing to push each other forward but

failed in the second story why because the people we keep in our inner circles

have a huge impact on who we become so what kind of friends should you look out

for in your inner circle more importantly what kind of friends should

you keep around the negative Nellie's we all go through obstacles in life which

leave us feeling sad depressed or frustrated however after some time we

also want to move past our difficult moments and elevate our lives however

some people would rather be like Mason they would rather stay addicted to drugs

and complain that their lives are not as successful as yours and as much as you

would like to help these people they will always find ways to bring your

positive energy down with their sad stories and self-destructive habits in

the end you have to decide you want people who encourage you or those who

push you down people who are smarter than you jim rohn once said you are the

average of the five people you spend most of your time with

however we underestimate the power of this statement sometimes we don't know

realize what we were capable of until the people around us pointed out other

times we know exactly what we are capable of but need people that share

our energy to push us forward from our first story Marcus was quick to point

out Tom's strengths and encourage him to work on baseball Marcus knew that he was

different from his friend but he wanted him to be just as successful as he was

he was a good friend through encouraging and supporting Tom with his academics so

that he could qualify for better scholarships take a look at your inner

circle today do you have friends that are smart enough to identify your

strengths and support you to become better the Toxic influencers while this

is a bitter pill to swallow not all friendships are good for you from our

story no one understood this concept better than Charles he was aware that he

cared for his friend Mason especially because they grew up together and spent

the majority of their life together however being addicted to drugs and

swimming would never have worked Charles refused to sacrifice his future

for a quick hi and neither should you you do not have to sacrifice your

success for a friend that is too blind to be concerned about their own life you

can try and help them overcome their difficult time but ultimately you can't

force them to change people who offer constructive criticism having a friend

who is honest with you is good they will remind you that you should not be

drinking during the week because it will affect your productivity they will tell

you to go for that workout and visit the doctor for that checkup they might even

help you craft a CV for your next job by pointing out your mistakes constructive

criticism is essential and it helps us grow however it would help if you watch

down for people that use their criticism to bring you down you'll walk into the

room and they will point out how pale your shirt looks and that you should

dress better instead of looking like a homeless guy or you'll get a new pair of

shoes and they will insist that you got conned look out for that guy that will

always listen to what you do for work and point out how unsuccessful in poor

you are maybe it's envy maybe it isn't whatever

the case criticism should be constructive what are your thoughts on

friends and inner circles do you have an inner circle and if so do your friends

push you to be better have you lost a few friends on your way to success share

your experience and it's all learn from each other thank you

so much for watching please like share and subscribe and I will see you in the

next one

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