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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if you're new here. My name is Zoe

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So this week I'm going to be doing a what I eat in a week at university video

I thought this would be really interesting because I feel like there's like a stereotype around college and that you eat really unhealthily

Which you can you can choose to eat burgers and pizza every single day

But I just wanted to show that there are other things you can eat and I'm not like a super healthy

Person and used to be super unhealthy, but I think I've gotten better

So if you're like curious as to what is available for university students

I thought this would be a helpful video if you're just curious about what I eat in a day

I hope you enjoy and as I like show you when I eat this week

I'll also sort of you taking me along on like my day to day life at university though

This is kind of like a week in my life that focused on what I eat

I'm not trying to follow any sort of diet


Try to like do healthy options for me personally because I used to eat really unhealthy

But like to someone else I might be eating junk food every single day. It's Monday right now my morning class got canceled

So I slept in it did not have breakfast

So I'm gonna go now and have like a brunch don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe down below right now

And I'm gonna go get my brooch

Yep, can I get peanut butter, please? The coconut vanilla granola?

If I get too greedy then we'll have before them a barrier


The raspberry blueberry blends strawberries and honey. Please very wrong here

Okay, I'm back from eating and that was like the weirdest thing that could have possibly happened and obviously like I happened to be filming

Its March 25th today

I've been here since September 1st and I've never gotten food that said it didn't have nuts and then like it ended up having nuts

On top, it's been super safe here. But today like as you heard because I recorded it. It didn't have like the normal granola

I usually get so I got a new one and it had pistachios in it

I thought it looked kind of suspicious. I thought it was maybe a sunflower seed. I took a picture of it

I like cracked it open

I'll like insert the photo here started it off of the week with a bang and I can do a storytime storytime

I almost died or storytime my university tried to kill me. Now. I take these like vitamin D gummies. I

Just take two of them and that's all I'm eating for now

I have like a meeting with my camp because like I have to do stuff before the summer

I have a meeting at one o'clock. And then I have Spanish from 2:30 to 4:00

and then I have a little break and then getting dinner with my friend Maddie and then we have a film class from 6:30 to

9:30 so I'll see you when I eat next. This is the serving area

We've got a stock grill special allergy people vegan meat salad sandwich

I'm at dinner at the dining hall with Maddy. This is a dining hall. I got some salad

I really like mice I'll explain so I got spinach and cucumbers with poppy seed dressing today

I didn't really like any of the main meal dating pastor or dish so I got some nachos waste of these tomatoes and cheese into

Our cream. I took the water and then I go out to little mini cupcakes. Love the dining

I had the vanilla one of this and it is so good

Not healthy it's a cheat day, you know another 10 would recommend the mini comes from the dining pool

Good night, good morning. It's Tuesday the best day of the week because I only have two classes today

Today's gonna be a good day. I have a psych lecture from 10:30 to 11:30

And then I have a drama lab from 11:30 to 1 right now. I'm gonna go get breakfast though. I think places yesterday

Go Plato home nuts

Got my water bottle and I'll see you there

I got a mini chocolate chip muffin round toast potatoes and I got three scrambled eggs

You can also get bacon and sausage with this a breakfast they can but I don't like baby though

I just get another egg instead and I got scrambled eggs because I'm not fancy and I don't know how to do my eggs any

other way

Tomorrow if they have the Apple muffin because I'm you need to want to talk about kind of like dessert this

Last step of my breakfast every day are my vitamin D gummies munis means

Talk to you lunch. I got some pita pit here on the lie student meal plan

You can either get a small pita with a drink or a large pita with nothing. So that's what I go out

I brought it back here so I can have water with it cuz yeah, you gotta stay hydrated

I literally almost left the line though because I asked her a large pita and the woman like doing the pita has made me a

Small one no ingredients just a small little pita

I was like, oh like ask for large and she like looked at me just like no you get in and I was like

She sure did and then her

Co-worker like started getting mad at her so she was like rolling her eyes at me and like glaring at me

Okay, girl mad at me and she made me a new one. Like they just have to heat up the pita. That's it

Actually put a small one again

and so then the one brought it to me like a different girl and I was like

I'm sorry

like I asked for a large lunch like got mad at that girl gas really mean to me and I didn't appreciate it and I

Want to leave line, but I wanted my pita more

She seemed really new though because like all the other co-workers were like getting mad her over like other stuff, too

She's just not having a good day. I'm sorry for her. I have my feet out all guys what it looks like

It's really not aesthetically pleasing or anything like that. But like it tastes good

I got a whole wheat pita with chicken cucumbers tomatoes lettuce cheese and mayo. I'm gonna finish this now. He's still dinner ever


Got three soft tacos. Usually I got a whole wheat, but he couldn't find them

So I got white with chicken lettuce tomato cheese and sour cream and then I got a strawberry raspberry smoothie do I?


vine Mexican cuisine

We're gonna eat now see you tomorrow, good morning, it's Wednesday today almost on the week halfway there

I can do it today. I have three classes. I have English from 9:30 to 10:30 than a psych lab from 10:30 to 11:30

And then a drama lecture from 11:30 to 1 so it's a pretty busy day. But my meals today are gonna be really good

I'm going to like the same breakfast place as always and one of my favorite lunch places and one of my favorite dinner places

So gonna be exciting my cousin Maddy who I had dinner with last night just texted me that she's at the breakfast place

I'm going to so I'm gonna go meet her there right now. So this is my Wednesday breakfast. I'm joined by Maddy

I got a yogurt bowl again same ingredients as last time but with a different granola then

Regrettably a chocolate muffin because they still don't have the Apple one. And then I just have my water bottle with me

If you go to my University you need to come here because Maddie didn't know about it

And then I got her hooked on it and everyone who comes here loves it

Time for three and a half hours you classes from Booster Juice. I got a chicken to pull a wrap and a mango smoothie

Hey, so I'm at loco for dinner with Maddie and Jules for dinner

I got this ham and cheese sandwich and then I got some iced tea they both got salads

On campus, there's like two retail places mainly for first years

But like for anyone lazy where we went last night and then Loco tonight it swims like butter if you want healthier options

So it's really good like a salad. Where's the other ones like mainly chicken fingers?

I changed my shirt by the way because I filmed I'm a Q&A with Mady that's gonna be out before this video

So if you haven't seen it go watch it, and I'll see you tomorrow. Hey guys, it's Thursday

It's my last name of the week cuz I don't have classes on Friday. So pretty excited about that today

I have an English

Tutorial from 10:30 to 11:30 and then a film tutorial from 11:30 to 1 and then I have a break I'm gonna get lunch with

My friend Siobhan and then I have Spanish from 4 to 5:30

And then my dad is coming to pick me up because I'm going home for the weekend

So yeah

I wasn't planning on

Continuing this throughout the weekend because like on the weekend my schedule gets really weird and like I ever eats a lot

So not really reflective of like the University

Specifically though today is like the last day I'm going to be vlogging of my food and born in the same breakfast place

Obviously and then for lunch, I'm going to dining hall with Siobhan

I have my snacks up here, by the way, as you can probably tell like I haven't eaten any snacks this week

I'm just like not hungry anymore. I don't know what it is

But like I usually don't have lunch every single day most of the time if I have breakfast

I'm not hungry for lunch if I eat breakfast and then I skip lunch. I'll have like a snack around 3 o'clock

I have a lot of bars up there. I feel like I dried mango. So I'm like healthy tip options bare paws

Bare paws are like my favorite thing now. But anyways, this is my last day and I'm gonna go get breakfast

I got the big breakfast again with a little muffin and I'm my water here

Breakfast, but this place is so good


It makes me like breakfast can't forget and look at dining hall right now and I really embarrassed commentator on vlog on my phone

I got this feed out of chicken lettuce tomato cheese and TV sauce with a little spinach consumers

Females are really repetitive because they get the same ingredients and everything. But that's just why I'm here is Siobhan by the way, I

Almost got that it's like chicken and rice

See you when I get back to my dorm

I'm going to pack now and then I'm gonna go to Spanish and then my dad is driving me home for the weekend

So I'm gonna end the vlog here because I don't have any more meals to show you. I'm working on my choices

I'm working to be a lot healthier

I know it's not the best but I will be super healthy someday, and if I'm not good luck charlie, but yeah

That's all for this video. I really hope guys enjoyed it

Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe

Down below and follow me on my social medias, and I'll see you in my next video. Bye

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