Practice English Speaking&Listening with: W3 Total Cache Settings and Configuration for Beginners

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Hello and welcome to Tech Knol.

In this video I'm gonna show you

how to configure

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Which is the best caching plugin

available for WordPress users

I contacted fredrick towns

the developer of this plugin

asking for the optimal settings


he replied saying

that he never published

any article or video explaining

the optimal settings for the

W3 Total cache plugin

so then I decided to publish

an article and video explaining

the optimal settings for this plguin

yeah here we go.

first we need to install the plugin

from your WordPress dashboard

under plugins

click on add new

search for W3 Total Cache

look for W3 Total Cache plugin

developed by Fredrick Towns

install and activate the plugin

Here I have already installed the plugin

So after installing the plugin.

you might see

A performance tab

on your WordPress dashboard

as you can see this plugin offers

many services like

page cache, database cache

object cache, browser cache

and CDN services


let's start configuring the plugin.

We will start from General settings.

Click on General settings.

under general settings

enable page cache

and select page cache method to disk enhanced.

come down


if you are using CloudFlare


then you don't need to activate this minify.

for time being

if you want to activate minify enable it.


select the minfy mode to auto

and don't

change anything in this minify settings

coming to the database cache

activate the database cache.

and keep the database cache method to disk.

similarly enable object cache


keep the object cache method to disk.

browser cache, just enable it

and the cdn

if you have any cdn services

using for your website

just enable and select the

cdn service

which you are using currently

reverse proxy

you don't need to enable it.

and these are cloudflare settings

if you have any cloudflare service

just enable it

enter your cloudflare username

I mean the account email id.

and the api key

which you can find in cloudflare settings

and the domain for which

you activated cloudflare

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