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Hi, my name is Mike Summers from Jim The Shoe Doctor in Eugene, Oregon. We're going to be

talking about stretching shoes today. This is a stretching machine, this can pull the

length of a shoe, or, and the width at the same time. And it can do a pretty heavy duty

shoe, it can crank out a boot. And most of the time you're going to be limited to stretching

about a half size in length and a full size in width. Beyond that it's going to really

stress the shoe depending on materials, that's usually about the max you can get out of a

shoe is a half size in length and a full size in width. We have a number of different types

of stretchers. This stretcher stretches the instep of a shoe and what that stretcher looks

like is this right here, and this actually lifts up and stretches that instep of the

shoe, or the vamp of a shoe.

And these are width stretchers. Now a stretcher like this, you would simply slide into a shoe

and crank that up and once you've got some stress on the shoe, you would apply a stretching

solution. And you can make a stretching solution yourself using basically about a three to

one, three parts water, one part isoprophyl alcohol to make your own stretching solution.

And you can even do that when you're wearing shoes if you just spray them down and wear

them until they dry, and a lot of times that will help a shoe to fit much better. Once

you've put a stretcher in a shoe and you've got some stress on it, you would actually

go ahead and spray the shoe down, which my spray is not working real well, so you'd spray

the shoe down and then you would continue to crank that up until you've achieved where

you'd want to stop the stretch. And it's best to do in little, not to take too much of a

stretch at once because you don't want to over-stress a shoe. When you apply that stretching

solution, that will let the leather relax and give, and then when it dries it will hold

that position. We also have calf stretchers for like these really tall boots. And this

actually will stretch the calf of a boot, and this one you just twist, just like the

other stretchers, twist up twist down, and it expands the entire calf of a boot. Now

the stretchers will come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so from real small ones

to really big ones to fit most any kind of shoe. And that's pretty much how you would

stretch a shoe.

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