Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Landa® MHC Hot Water Industrial Pressure Washer

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warming your chair is fine

but Landa's MHC hot water pressure washer is built for those who are

physically on

the go. The people who need a maneuver down hallways

around corners and through doorways or pens. Built on a durable one-and-quarter inch

square steel tube frame with 13-inch pneumatic tires

the MHC is mobile compact and

rugged. Its technologically superior engine-and-regulator combination

eliminates the need for a battery or electrical connection

making it a convenient and versatile choice for keeping your restaurant

resort, spa, or hotel clean and inviting.

When your work takes you outdoors, theres no need to worry about the


the super-duty horizontal cleaning coil with five-year warranty

s protected by Landas signature stainless steel top wrap. Craving power?

This baby delivers up to 3.5 gallons per minute at 3500 PSI

strong enough to blast through the most stubborn grease and grime with ease


is powered by Landas compact direct drive pump, backed by a seven-year


The strategically located control panel allows you to easily adjust the


and hour meter. We havent overlooked safety, either

the MHC is certified to rigid ETL UL-1776

nd CSA B140 pressure washer safety standards and includes safety features

like a rupture disk

wheel brake, and 24safety hose bend restrictor for

operator burst protection. he MHC is not designed for those who like to stop and

smell the roses

ts built for people who need a reliable industrial-grade cleaning tool

with mobility.

People on the go. People like you.

Click here to find out how the MHC

can keep you moving forward.

The Description of Landa® MHC Hot Water Industrial Pressure Washer