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- Welcome to the Carl and Jinger family channel.

We're still at Daily Bumps with Brian and Missy Lanning.

If you don't know who they are,

then where have you been?

You guys are crazy.

We're about ready to do some

insane RC cars tricks and stunts

right here on Carl and Jinger.

- This is not special effects.


(fun music)

- [Carl] Get out of the road!

Go faster, friend.

Wait, is that it?

Is that what we're doing?


Oh look, hey look, you guys!

Here it is, we got a new addition

to the RC squad that we have going on.

This is the Losi LST 2XL electric,

made by Horizon, this thing is a beast.

I've already got a GoPro attached to the top.

Look at the size of the tires on this,

just massive, the suspension is fantastic.

I think it's way better, bigger, and faster.

- You gotta go like this.

- [Carl] Right, my kid's done that

and showed you like a zillion times.

Look at the underbody of this,

It's all aluminum, and it's just sturdy.

We have a loop-di-loop, we have jumps,

we have dirt tracks and all kinds of cool stuff,

and we're going to take it out for its first run ever.

Ryan, what are you racing today, you got the Yeti?

- The TRAX.

- [Carl] TRAXXAS?

- The TRAXXAS Kraton.

- [Carl] That's the Kraton.

- And then we also have the Yeti.

- [Carl] The Yeti down there, awesome.

Well we're going to see how it handles

all this stuff you've got set up.

Kyle, will you go down to the RC racetrack down there,

and make sure that there's no snakes?

- Sure, I'm going to go down there

and turn around real quick.

- [Carl] Okay, sounds good, buddy.

Whoa, don't run it into the bushes.

Take it down to the dirt, dude.


Right down there where you can see

where it's been peeled out down there.

First up is the Kraton.

And the Losi.

We need to come up with a cool name.

Losi's the brand, but you guys tell me down in the comments

what should we name our new RC car?

- These are really funny.

I got a long one 'cause you can haul all the stuff, look.

'Cause I always get left like carrying everything, so,

this is like what I need.

Oh my gosh, so wait a second.

You're going to drive your new RC car on that?

- Yeah. (laughing)

- [Jinger] Nothing against you, you built it,

I'm sure it's great.

- Easy, what could go wrong?

- [Jinger] Nothing!

- Nothing.

- [Jinger] Nothing.

- You go vertical within four feet.

So it's pretty quick.

You got to be building up to speed.

You're going to have to go

at least 30 miles an hour, I figure.

At least, okay? - No problem.

- You can't mess around.

- If this works, can I go on it with the skateboard?

- [Jinger] Yeah, the boosted board, whoosh.

- That'd be awesome.

- Nothing could go wrong.

- [Jinger] Nothing.

(bangs) (awwws)

- I'll try again (laughing).

(fast-paced guitar riffing)

- Holy!

- Whoa, sorry mom.

- [Jinger] It's okay.

- It's time.

- [Brian] Who are you talking to?

- No sorry (laughs).

Is it time to do the loop-di-loop?

- [Jinger] It's time.

- It's time, so if both of us wreck, Brian,

that's like almost $2,000 worth of RC cars just scrapped.

(laughs) No pressure.

- Well that just means me and Missy can go shopping.

- Yeah.

- [Carl] Whatever.

- We're going to blow two grand.

- [Carl] No, we don't get that money back if we wreck it,

we lose it. - I'm just saying.

Equal amounts of blowing money.

- Oh, I'm saying to get even for me wasting the money,

she gets to go waste money.

Well, Losi, I've had you all of but like two hours.

Driving you around, and I'm about to send you

maybe to your death.

I guess we'll see.

Wish us luck, you guys.

I hope we make it.

- [Jinger] Okay, you guys, who are you voting for?

Are you rooting for Brian or Carl?

- I think Carl's going to do it,

'cause his car's newer, so I think.

- [Jinger] You think so?

- Brian! - I think so.

- Team Brian!

- But Brian does have more experience driving it.

- [Jinger] Oh man, Ollie, Ollie.

Team Brian or Team Carl?

Team two? (laughing)

- [Carl] Goodbye little Kraton, goodbye.

The suspense, Jinger. - I know.

- [Carl] Oh my gosh.

This is happening, here he goes.

- [Brian] No, no.

- [Carl] Ugh, dude!

- Carl, you go on that side.

- [Carl] Oh okay, good idea.

Whoa, geeze!

I don't know if I even got that on camera,

that scared me so bad.

- [Brian] Let's try again.

- [Carl] Wow.

Attempt number two.

First one was just a giant jump.

This time he's going to make the loop.


Whoa, dude!

You did it, you did it! What!

That was incredible, man,

that was amazing.

- It was a little rough on the landing,

but we did it.

- [Carl] It totally worked.

Let's do it again.

That was amazing, Brian.

That was absolutely amazing.

Attempt number two.

Oh my gosh!

You did it!

Yes! (cheering)

That was incredible, dude.


It almost took my shins out.

Whew, one more time.

(yells and laughs)

- All right, we are now recording

for Carl's loop-di-loop.

Carl's loop-di-loop on this one.

- Now there's even more pressure on me

because Brian just successfully did it like twice.

Three times in a row.

I'm afraid I'm just going to launch into space.

I don't even know where to stand for this.

I'm so nervous.

- [Jinger] You can do it, Carl.

- [Off Camera] Not even close.

- I panicked, I totally chickened out.

I totally chickened out.

- Mine actually went too far this way.

So I would almost turn it a little right

as you're halfway, just try and move that thing

a little right.

I don't think any.

I don't think it can hurt us at all, you know?

(whoas and laughs)

- That just pancaked right on its back.

- [Brian] That was a little too far right.

- I tried to follow your advice.

- Yeah, maybe, don't even worry about it.

- Man, this thing is durable, though.

Oh man, hang on.

I'm all frazzled now.

I'm trying to cut the turn.

I'm not familiar with the steering very well.

- [Jinger] Come on, Carl, you can do it.

Whoa! - I think that's it.

Brian was the one that successfully did it three times.

Should I try it one more time?

I'll try it one more time.


- [Jinger] Hey, that was dang.

That was dang close, did it fall off the other side?

- No, I did it, it went through the loop.

- [Jinger] Okay, good.

- That was it, that was it.

We totally did it.

- [Jinger] Oh, awesome.

- Successfully through the loop-di-loop, woo.

(oooh-ing and groans) Ouch.

- [Brian] Dude.

- Ouch.

- [Brian] Ouch for real.


Uh-oh, flip it, flip it over.

- Oh, munched.

Watch this, this is what's amazing, watch.

It's just going to pop right back up.

- [Brian] Oh.

- [Jinger] He's hoping.

Oh, that is munched.

- Ta-da, all better!

It looks brand new.

I think I'm done.

I made it around one time,

that's all I need, that's all I need.

- [Jinger] That was awesome.

- That was way cool.

Going with the Yeti.

Oh, there goes the GoPro! (laughs)


The whole top came off?

Is that the hood? (laughing)

The entire top of the truck came off.

That's amazing.

- That was pretty nice, man,

you're ready for the sand dunes now.

- [Off Camera] Dang.

- [Carl] There you go.

- [Jinger] Whoa!

Carl? - That one's broken.

- [Jinger] You just busted it?

- Something's broken on it, yeah.

- [Jinger] I was just going to say,

I think we should be done.

But I guess we are.

- We're done (laughs).

It's all coming out.

We're done.

It doesn't look broke.

- No, it's broken.

- Here's the drive train,

that's the right tire was loose,

that's why it was pulling off funny,

'cause this was probably already broken.

It was already popped out,

that's why I couldn't get the angle straight.

- [Jinger] Welp, that was fun.

- We'll take it apart, put it back together,

and try this again another day.

There, you can see, I broke this drive train.

That is all snapped off.

And it's come loose.

Back here in the back,

I did the same thing in the rear

when I slammed off of that.

That's okay, it just means it's time

to repair and customize.

Brian, thanks so much for inviting us to your home.

- I feel bad you broke yours,

so I'm going do mine on the loop-di-loop

until it breaks.

Just for you. (laughing)

- [Carl] That's its job, that's their job.

Kyle's running the Yeti over there,

having a good time.

Oh, Kyle says he's going to take it off a sweet jump.

Oh boy, that's Brian's car, be careful.

Hey, you two.

- We're having snacks.

- [Carl] Are you getting yummy snacks?

- Yeah, thanks.

- [Carl] That felt yummy?

- [Jinger] Mmmhmm, mmmm.

- [Carl] Mmm, that's a yummy snack.

What's going on here?

What's going on?

Kyle's got a chicken.

That's a real life chicken.

Here, turn around, so I can see it better.

Come out here in the sunlight. (laughing)

You got a chicken, dude?

- The name is Hei Hei from Moana.

- [Carl] Hei Hei?

Well, hey hey, chicken.

Look at that, you have a real live chicken in your hands.

That is so funny.

Well, hi. - This is not special effects.

- [Carl] No? (laughs)

This is not special effects.

No, that's the real deal right there.

- Look at her claws scratch.

- [Carl] I know, his little feet right there?

Oooh, meat lovers.

You guys, we're having a pizza party.

- Barbecue.

- [Carl] Barbecue.

Thanks so much for watching

the Carl and Jinger Family video,

we had so much fun racing RC cars today

and doing the loop-di-loop.

Click anywhere around the pizza,

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And we'll see you guys next time.

- [Unison] Bye!

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