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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mouse TRAP Crawl Challenge!!

Difficulty: 0

Bryan: Ooh my...

J-Fred: That got real close

Bryan: ...gosh

Connor: It got so close

Bryan: Dude no, I felt it. I was like--

I.. I just stopped

J-Fred: Hello and welcome to the Box Run Challenge, this is Team Edge, we're in the Team Edge SPACE!

The goal of the challenge in the latter part of this video is to run across the boxes and get to the other side first

Byran: But before we get to the box run portion, we're gonna do a little...


..warm-up round. So we each have ten boxes We have to choose one of these two, step in it---it may or may not contain a food ingredient

And we have to keep working our way each row until we make it to the end. Whatever food ingredients we collected

We're gonna put it all into a blender and we have to drink it.

Connor: Dude, that was never been an issue for me apparently.


Bobby: Peanut butter milk it's fine

Gunner:Whaaat. Byran: Get out of here! Stop it! STOP!

I go first

What'd you get?

What'd you get? NOTHING!

You got nothing?


What'd you get?


No, haha. Joey, look inside the box.

There is , there's one in there! Broccoli! I don't mind broccoli.

Aw, that's not that bad.

Go Connor.




Apple cider vinegar!


Is that tape or is that a sticky-NOTHING

Dang it!

Nooooo...cream of mushroom



What's you get? Bone both! Bone broth! What's bone both?


I'm about to straight drink straight vinegar dude. I'm gonna straight great than spit chips

Nothing! I'm gonna worry cuz I need something to dilute the vinegar yes, nothing

Dude. Seriously?


Just kidding!

Turkey turkey blended turkey.

Can I get like peanut butter?

I'm actually not happy about this. It's only straight up apple cider vinegar.

Dang it, oil of oregano. Oh dude. Ya'll are wusses

He's gotta drink turkey water. Nothing in it.


Dude oh, it's something bad. It's so bad do it do it do it

[Bryan gags] Ohhhh.

[Connor making strange noises]

What a wuss.

All right! Joey's next. I've got oil of oregano broccoli and bone broth you guys don't know what bone broth is

It's like chicken broth, but the bones

[Strange noises as head of brocolli falls from the sky]

Wait-Don't look at me! They're the ones who did that.

Why would you guys try to intercept it?

Why would you throw a head of broccoli?!? It's a giant head of broccoli. Come on Bobby!

There's ten grams of protein in bone broth because of the collagen and gelatin inside.

That was better than the vinegar. What's next? Oh.

Oil of oregano. Oil of oregano.



That's strong! Mama cita!

[Le blender blending]

It's foaming!

[Le blender blending more]

Oh, it's really is foaming.

Okay, smell it. Oh, that's not

No stop dude - no stop dude stop. Stop


No it was the chunks that made me choke. There's chunks in there that can't be swallowed.

Oh, you're not gonna get that dude - lets just walk. Dude. It's just chunks, I can't swallow chunks.

Imma beast!

[High pitched screaming/velociraptor noises]

That's what beasts sound like.

[Jurassic Park theme song]

[Joey's screaming/velociraptor noises]

I'm really hoping that the turkeys-oh Jeez Louise.

Put some water in there first cream of Johnson's soup. It's not good turkey. Oh, this is the thick stuff oh, no more oh?


Oh dude. Its like a-[Joey making weird noises]

This is gonna be bad.

That's good, yes, we want to make it as far from solid food as possible

[Mouse traps going off in the background]


Just set off a bunch of..



[Joey gag laughing]

Mama I love you, if I die.

I don't want to smell it dude. It's not gonna smell bad at all. It's the taste


Just smells like turkey. It smells like spoiled milk.

It smells like-- that does not smell good

[In weird cowboy-type acccents] Smells like turkey to me!

Out of everything you've drinken, drunken whatever right now drank drank this seems like it's gonna be the eas-

don't taste it always do go fit down dude get on the mustache to


What it's actually not bad.


All right now on to the mousetrap race

You know what time it is


Mousetrap race time where Brian and I have to roll across a bunch of mouse traps to get the cheese and roll across to get

Back to the other side, but the thing is we're not mice guys while they're rolling around. I'll be taking pictures

Go check us out on Instagram @itsteamedge.

There's gonna ve exclusive photos thats gonna be on there that only you guys can see if you follow us so.

Yeah, I'm so scared.

What if I roll so slow that's he's already there and back before I start?!


[Joey high pitch screams]

Oh! Oh! Ow! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!

Oh my god!

[More ows. I'm too lazy to type them all out.]

Oh! They got my toosh.

One's got my toosh! Ow!

[Bryan making sounds of suffering]

Roll back!

[More ows.]

[Laughing as Bryan suffers. Y'all are mean.]

Oh! Look at that one!

Oh my gosh!

[More ows.]


Joey! Look!

[Joey laughing.]

That was so close!

[Camera man gets snapped by mousetrap]


Ya gotta get your cheese Bryan!

I dont wanna go-jeez!

You're a mouse! Get the cheese!

Is it still stuck to your pants? Ohhh my goodness.

It's stuck to your pants there.

No, it's stuck to him

Get the cheese Bryan! Get the cheese!

Okay, now come back!

[Bryan making noises of protest]


Okay wait-don't-don't take them off.


Ohhh-that got real close-my gosh.

That got so close!

Dude no. I felt it and I was like--I just thought.

All right, now on to the box run race where we run across boxes and try to get to the other side

But the boxes won't be able to support our weight

So we'll be falling into them..

Guys make sure you subscribe to this channel cuz we upload Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays 4 p.m

PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. For you, it's all for you. It's only for you nobody else, but you. You Kyle. I'm sure there's like at least

400 Kyle's that were like

My brother's name is Kyle. I don't care

All right as you can see there's a bunch of boxes in front of me first through the making back

Here do a full lap you got to go back and forth.


[Sounds of cardboard boxes breaking and guys groaning]



No! One's stuck on my...


I can't get up.

OW! [More laughing and struggling]

You get caught on

[Cardboard boxes breaking]


You guys have to make it back!


Oh! [Laughing]

I got it.



[Cardboard boxes break as Bryan falls on his face. Poor Bryan]



[Pained laughter]

That was WAY harder than I thought.

I know! I hit my head so hard on an edge

Dude, like I literally whipped my head into one of these like this dude. Maybe facemasks next time

We're doing this again?!?



You didn't go anywhere.

All right guys that right there is the what the Box challenge on team edge gaming?

Where we battle boxes versus boxes while trying to blend in with other boxes?

We're gonna watch this video over here that is the apples to apples

Challenge video that we did a long time ago. It was J-Fred, Matthias, and I in an epic battle

You're not going to go miss it you're not gonna want to miss it

You're not gonna want to go miss it

We hit our heads so hard that we just can't do the outro. That was fun.

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