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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: AGROGESTÃO.Comercial - Software de Facturação, Gestão Financeira e Gestão Documental

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AGROGESTÃO Comercial, manegement of purchase and sale processes.

O AGROGESTÃO Comercial is an instrument for document, treasury and administrative management,

designed in order to serve one or more companies. This software is certified by AT.

At the top, the ribbons allows us to navigate throughout the application.

In the main menu there are shortcuts to the main areas of work.

Entering the menu of document management we can consult

all types of document and perform actions on them.

In the main menu there is a direct shortcut for creating all kinds of document,

from purchasing, sales, financial, stocks and hand labor.

Documents can be saved, printed or previewed,

with the possibility to export to PDF, Email, Excel and Access.

In query and listing is possible to extract the most diverse predefined listings

like maps sales, purchasing maps, monthly balances, debts or use a

wizard for construction list according to the requirements of each company.

The creation and editing of articles is a simple process.

Articles can have multiple classifications, various price lists, and also specify their composition.

Among other features, there is also the possibility of electronic invoicing (EDI);

point of sale (POS) and Auto-sale module.

The customer record has very detailed information,

as business limits, vendors,

Due Dates, discounts and numerous classifications.

In current accounts of customers is possible to filter dates, group customers,

see the details of the documents and print the current account to email.

The Description of AGROGESTÃO.Comercial - Software de Facturação, Gestão Financeira e Gestão Documental