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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RICHEST KID ON YOUTUBE! - Shiloh and Shasha - Onyx Kids

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Onyx Kids!

Yo, Yo, Yo! It's Yo Bro, Shiloh!

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(Door Bell Rings)

Who is it?

"To: A Special Person"..?

That must be me!

I wonder what's inside


(Heavenly Choir Sings)

FIVE Dollars?!

I'm rich!

(Hip-Hop Instrumental Plays)

Hey, what you got there?

Oh, nothing, just some..



How much money?!


A large amount. Not that you would care...

Man, you must be so rich! (ugh)

What I would do to be rich too..

Well, you could work for me. I mean, I have enough to pay you.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Soo much. I'll start today!

Since you're starting today, Can you get me a blanket and a pillow?


Got it!


Make it neat!



Can you get me my Batman toy?

..But that's all the way across the house!

Get it or you won't get paid.

Yes, Sir..

(Running and Panting)

Here's your Batman toy.

..Where's the Superman toy?!


You know Superman always fights with Batman!

(Exhale) Okay!

(More Running and Panting)

(Crashing Noises)

(Shasha Screaming)

(Some more Running and Panting)

..Got your Superman toy!


..Now, can I have my pay check?


Shasha! It's Tuesday!

"The Flash Show" comes on

and I always have to have my Flash toy with it.

Now please, Can you get me the Flash toy, Please? Thank you.

... Okay!



(Crashing Noises)



Shiloh! I got all your toys, now.

Uh.. (*Pant*) You know.. (*Pant*)


Well, can you do one thing for me?



I am not doing this.

You HAVE to, if you wanna be.. you know..




You're going slow, man!

Giddy up!

Giddy up!

Woah! (Screaming)

You are ONE step away from NOT getting your paycheck!

Shiloh! Please forgive me, I'm sorry!

Fine, but you must be punished

for hurting me!

THIS .. Is your punishment! (Dramatic Background Music)

(Creepy Music Plays)

Now you clean the toilet with this toothbrush,

and I am gonna play golf!

AND kiss my money!

Wait a minute..

Where's my money?!

(Running and Panting)

Haa! Hello, baby!

(Kissing Envelope) M-mmwah!


(Glass Breaking)



Come to Papa!

(Background Music Abruptly Halts)




That's IT?!


You know what..?

I'm not gonna take it.

No no no, that's wrong.

I'm gonna make him give it to me.

Shasha! Shasha! (Dramatic Background Music)

Oh, I hope she did not see inside!

(Running and Panting) Oh!

Looks like Shasha dropped it!

It looks like it's still sealed!

Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! -..

Hey, Shiloh!

Oh, hey, Shasha!

Ready to come back to work for me, again?

and you know.. Hmm..

beg for mercy?

Oh, No no no no..

I was just wondering if you were interested in buying this product?

(Background Music Halts) (Dramatic *Dun-dun-dun..*)


You have the Nintendo Switch?!

Yeah, but, I'm about to throw it out,

but I mean, Hey!

Might as well give it to the needy!

How much is it?!

Oh, I don't know. Uh,

Five dollars.


(Contemplative, Cinematic Music Plays)


(Cheerful Music Plays)


(Villainous Music Plays) Alright!

I can't wait to open up this Nintendo -..

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Wait, what?!


Oh, yeah, I forgot! The actual Nintendo Switch costs,

Uhh, One more dollar!

(*Nervous Laughter*) Yeah, I do have some. Just, give me a second.

(Busy Cinematic Music Plays)

I only have 99 cents!


Did I just hear you only have 99 cents?

Well, I guess I do kind of expect that. Since, you know, you only had



How did you know?!

I looked inside!

Now I'm the rich person now!

(Loud Maniac Laughter)

(Laughter stops) -..On the contrary


I'm Mister Nobody, and I need my money!

I don't get it!

You don't get it?

I'm "Mr. Nobody", and she's "A Special Person"

That's our names!


Here you go, I guess!


Oh, A dollar for your troubles.

(*At the same time*) A dollar?!

(*At the same time*) It's mine!

(Wrestling Noises)

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(Outro Music Plays)

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