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(cheering) (upbeat dance music)

Live from New York City, it's The Wendy Williams Show!

Oh yeah

How you doing, Wendy

Let's go

Now, here's Wendy!



Thank you for watching the show.

Say hello to my cohost Stanford and to my studio audience.


Say hello to my staffers.

Hi, boys.

And my virtual audience at home.

How you doing?

How you doing?

Doing okay, let's get started, it's time for Hot Topics.


(cheering) (clapping)

All right!


Say it isn't so.

Lammy, I'm happy for you.

But no one's happy for me being happy for you.

Why are we talking about you again, Lammy, I ask?

Well not me, they ask.

Because Lammy has just signed to be part

of Celebrity Boxing Match.

Which I call Celebrity Death Match.


Because one swift punch in his delicate head--



This all comes from TMZ Sports, by the way.

See Lammy could fight.

Although he doesn't really look like he's, you know--


Lammy, TMZ Sports is reporting that the match

will take place in Atlantic City on June 12th.

You know, that's only an hour and 1/2 from me

and three days before Guns N' Roses.

I will get the sprinter.

And you know I love boxing.

I won't sit in the front row

'cause I don't want you to sweat on me

and I'll be the girl in the hazmat uniform

with the snatched waist.

(cheering) Uh-huh, uh-huh.

And I'll be cheering you on and then probably taking a room

for the night, or for a few days, you know, 14 days,

you know, whatever.

Norman, you know what I'm saying.

I know what you're saying.

And then be there for Guns N' Roses, you know what I mean?

Won't that be fun?

All of a sudden one concert has turned into a big--

Wait no, Guns N' Roses is gonna be in--

July, right? MetLife Stadium.

Oh in July, yeah. I can't remember.

Yeah, July. Oh wait,

maybe I've been punched in the head.


The point being is that there's another activity

on an otherwise busy girl's schedule.

Listen, they are working to get big name celebrities

to fight him.

Well, don't work so hard.

Listen to me, as I tell you, Matt Barnes would be perfect.


He's tall, like Lam.

You can't get a short guy

and you also can't get an unfit fluffy guy.

It's just not fair.

You have to get somebody whose head is about the same.

I think Matt is like 6'3" or four, to Lammy's 6'5".

And then they're friends in the name of basketball

so they can have a secret agreement,

no punching in the head.

You know, Matt, I don't think has ever been punched

in the head, but he acts like it.


Right. I was just talking

about Matt, though, the other day,

when I was doing interviews and stuff.

And they said, well, then who's a celebrity

who'd you'd like to?

I said, Matt Barnes.

I didn't even breathe.

I said, Matt Barnes.

And I know that he's--

I love his girlfriend and I love their children

and I love their marriage

and I'm not the disrespectful hunter

breaking up homes and stuff.


But let me find out one day that Norman gets the alert.

You have the alert for

Matt Barnes in your phone? I have it, uh-huh, yep.


You call me right away.

I will. (laughing)

For me he's not a keeper, but he's a good weekend treat.


Already friend to the show,

we probably wouldn't even get around to the business.

We'd just be talking and eating, he loves food.

He'll take me on a hike. Oh!

Up the West Side Highway

'cause I'm not going to California.


I think that Lamar should fight Matt Barnes though.

And this is a way for Lam to be occupied.

You know, he's already in shape

but he'll get more in shape.

He'll stay healthy.

I already believe that he is sober and clean,

as clean as he can be.

You know, I'm sure he has some aches and pains

so there might be some pain pills involved.

And at the same time as you do this, Lammy,

it's very important that we get you on Zeus

for your reality show.

Because the reality show with you just by yourself,

boxing, shadow boxing, and Wendy talking about you

is not interesting, Lam.

Or pining for the Kardashians or whatever,

none of that is interesting, leave those people alone.

But a reality show with you

getting ready to fight Matt Barnes,

and then you talk real greasy about Matt,

make up why you don't like him,

make up why you'd wanna be with Gloria.

Just make it up. Oh!

Just disrespect in the name of the check.

Yeah! (clapping)

You know what I mean?

And then, Lammy, I'll invite you on the virtual to be on.

Matt, I'll insist that you come on the couch.

Oh, oh, oh!

Sorry, Lammy, but you know what I'm saying?

Don't block me.

And then you talk, you build up the fight

and you talk about it and stuff.

Do they have a ringside girl at fights or is that wrestling?

That's fights, boxing.

Aha, yes!


Ding ding!

All right, so enough about that.

Celebrity boxing, you know what to do.

And Matt, you know what to do.

And Lammy, hi.

I know.


Did I already drop a Halls in my drink?

I don't remember.

It's okay, I can double up, it's a Saturday,

I mean Friday.


The winner of Friday's Hot Topics is clearly Minka Kelly,

in the name of every woman wants to be her.

If you're in denial, you are lying to yourself.

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly have this relationship,

we've talked about it on Hot Topics.

The relationship though is moving fast.

Now he's in New York, he lives right here in Chelsea.

He lives somewhere in this neighborhood.

I think Hell's Kitchen.

Oh Hell--

In our old neighborhood.

Uh-huh. We used to live in Hell.



It's a few blocks up.

But okay, he lives in Hell's Kitchen

right around the corner from his studio.

But he's doing his show, his late night show on cable,

from his home.

I've been on his show before.

Nice man, he's got the accent, very appealing to everybody.

Aw. Aw.

Yeah, he's not my type in a--

Too much work.

You know, you have to study.

(laughing) Right.

So smart. You know, yeah.

But I like him as that smart friend.

And Minka Kelly, I didn't think

that they'd be into each other

like this because she's been with some guys

but she's never been the keeper.

And she has a type, light and black.

Trevor and, uh-huh, and--

Jesse Williams.

Jesse Williams and Derek Jeter.

Same person, I know, Marco.

Trevor is funny and he's smart and Minka and he are,

are you ready for this?

Moving in together.

But not in hell's kitchen, no.

Dirty Manhattan won't do for them.

A $27.5 million Bel Air mansion.



There are no children involved with this union yet.

Minka, if you were smart, you'd get on it,

if you know what I'm saying.

11,000 square feet, 12 bathrooms, six bedrooms.

From a cable show rich!

But he probably has one of those multi-year deals.

They probably saw him at the cable network,

they probably fell for his looks and his appeal,

his mass appeal, before they even fell for his smarts.

Once he delivered the smarts and he did it consistently

without even reading dopey writers' cue cards

and delivered his own brand of funny

without reading dopey writers' jokes,

they probably said yep, sign him up.

You know, his place in Hell's Kitchen is $20 million.

That's a deluxe apartment in the sky.

Well, he bought it for 20 million

and sold it for 22 million.

And this is before pandemic so he made money.

Like, Minka, congratulations,

but remember this, it's only his name on the mortgage.


Oh, excuse me.

But I always say, never buy together,

even if you have children,

never buy together unless there's a ring

and it's official, like with the paperwork.

(clapping) But Minka,

rush him to the altar, keep it off Hot Topics,

if you would like, you know, get a housekeeper

or something like that to get ordained for an hour,

get married, privately.

You know, stop taking the birth control and using condoms.

They've been quarantined together so everything is safe.

You get pregnant, stay in the house,

have the baby in the bathtub, Ricki Lake-style.

You know, she believes in that.


No epidural.

But I would do a no epidural for a 20--


Point five million dollars.

Which means he's got at least five times more money

in the bank and a nice stock portfolio.

He's no dumb man, and she is, apparently, but listen,

you don't have a good track record, Minka, remember this.

We don't know you for acting in anything.

I really only know you from being here on the show

or else we talk about you here on this show,

but with Derek Jeter and the other guy.

Mmhmm, him, Jesse. Jesse Williams.


I really only know you for being the girlfriend

of really wealthy men but somehow you lose them

or they move on or you move on.

But look, how old is she now?

She is 40.

Okay, it's a little too late now to be moving on.

You can't be playing these reindeer games

for very much longer.

So lock it down before he moves onto the next one.

'Cause there are a lot of pretty girls here in Manhattan.



One of 'em over there just said, okay!



Ready to hop on.


When I think of friend of the show, Meagan Good,

I always think of timeless.

She's iconic because all the men

and the boys and the grandfathers love her.

She oozes sex appeal,

even though she's married to the head of the church.

Yup, mmhmm, mmhmm.

Even when she dresses with everything covered up

there's something about Meagan Good.

Even girls think she's good.

You know?

Me and Suzanne, we like her, we've liked her all along!


Beautiful girl with makeup, without makeup.

Meagan is talking about her BET Awards controversy.

And I think we talked with you about this before,

but why are we talking about this again?

Because she just talked about it.

Okay, there's an update.

Okay. Mmhmm.

Okay okay okay.

Shh. (laughs)

Do you remember back in 2013 where she wore this outfit?

(talking over each other)

I still want that dress to wear

on the show here!

Or at least in Miami, if they make me a friend of the show.


Andy and I have been in contact,

by the way, since yesterday.


Won't tell you what was said, but just leave me alone,

leave Andy alone, and let's see how things pan out.

Remember this show is not a go.

They haven't signed anybody on.

They don't have any housewives, it's just an idea

that I'm trying to spread like a virus to make--

I mean, not a virus.

Not a virus.


I'm trying to spread like that lovely sauce

over our chicken lunch.

Oh yes!

Oh my gosh!

You all who didn't like it here,

you complain too much, that food was dynamite.

So good!

I ate every mushroom.

I took the capers off the salm--

The salmon was hard.


And dry.

(laughing) I took the capers off

the salmon and put the salmon over there on the side

and put the capers on the ch--

Anyway, back to Meagan.

Okay, sorry, sorry.




Why would you have to put a slit on a feather skirt?

And look, it goes all the way up to here,

this is not me stretching it.

I'm thinking it's already enough, but look!

Slit cam, please!

(cheering) (clapping)

With no psoriasis.

Woo, yeah! (clapping)

Yeah, I told you!

You could show my shoes, it's okay.

I got the lymphedema, but the psoriasis has been gone.

Oh yeah.

The lymphedema lives on.

Graves' disease.

Anyway, Meagan presented for the gospel category.

But she thought she was wearing that to present in hip hop!

You know, in other words, something youthful.

So she, she dressed like Meagan Good

on the red carpet and to present.

In the meantime here's Lala Anthony over there

but Carmelo, while he is a good basketball player,

the guys around here call him a journeyman.


He's great.

He's not like Croy.


(laughing) Okay.

All right, he's great!

But why is she dressed like this?

Just because she got a little something done to her butt

or something like that, so she's all done.

I don't know.

But she's dressed like a lady of the church

and she's dressed like the girl the guys wanna see.

And the blogosphere dragged Meagan for this.

Because at the last minute, what BET did when Meagan arrived

to the show, rushed to her and her people and said,

you're going to present for the gospel category,

best gospel album.

And Meagan was like, well this is all I have to wear!

You all told me this and that.

So the update to the story is to remind you,

the next year, this is before corona, by the way,

this is back in 2013. By this point

the next year was 2014.

14, okay, so the next year BET calls up Meagan to pre--

Excuse me, to present again.

And they wanted her to wear the same blue dress.


But you remember in the name of Bevy Smith, Bevy said,

what color were the people who most couldn't stand

her showing cleavage?

Black people.

Black people turning on each other like crabs in a barrel.

Hiding behind this and that.



They wanted her to wear this dress

and they wanted to make a joke about it.

And they wanted Nick Cannon to make the jokes.

And Meagan said, no, no, no, no!

And so BET said, well, if you don't wear the dress

and you don't wanna go along with the joke,

then we're not going to let you present.

And so she told them,


(clapping) And didn't go.

And I'm on Meagan's side with this

because I feel like you're making a joke out of something,

she went home and cried for days.

You all on your comment sections, you made her cry for days.

She asked, what's wrong with me, what's wrong with me?

Asking her friends and her husband, what is wrong with me?

I thought I was going there for this

and then they flipped it on me at the last minute.

But Meagan, here's the one thing that you should have known

'cause you've been in TV longer than most of us

and that is when you do a live show,

and at that point the BET awards was live

with a full audience in the arena

and when you do live TV, anything can change

at the last minute.

And I mean, at the last minute.

Goodness knows we here at Wendy know that.

But anything could change (clapping)

at the last minute.

And you always have to be ready with a second outfit.

And understand that sometimes we can be the own worst

crabs in the barrel.

We, meaning women, who couldn't wear a dress like that.


And the husbands who were given Meagan the look.

Only Meagan's not that type of woman.

Well, Shia LaBeouf is now available, who wants him?


For a guest on the show?

Sure, why not!?

We can diagnose him!

We could diagnose him and hypnotize him

back to being a better Shia.


Yeah, we can have him live on the couch.

Well, Shia and--

See, I think that our show secretly

had something to do with this--

And his young girlfriend,

well, she's 28, he's 34, but still.

26. 26 to 38.

Oh, that's old.

26 to 34.

Same thing. Yeah.


Eight year difference.

Margaret Qualley,

who is the daughter of Andie MacDowell, they've split up.

They split up practically right after Hot Topics

ended the other day when we were talking


about their relationship and how it's so terrible.

If she's an actress and she wants to go further

on her acting and live the MacDowell legacy,

she's got to dump this guy

because he's got a lot of problems in his head

that need to be re-diagnosed on a regular basis.

And Andie MacDowell has built a career

off of being a very angelic-type woman.

She brings peace, love and light and candles

and clink clink clink to everything.


So in my mind, I believe that they were watching the show

or maybe her friends were watching the show,

somebody was watching us, okay?

And called up the family and said,

she's gotta leave this guy alone now.

And listen, young lady, Margaret, don't follow him.

I haven't checked whether you've unfollowed him,

but unfollow him.

And you can do better only because Shia is worth saving,

people like a savior story, but you know,

remember FKA twigs, he pushed her up against the car,

told her how many times a day she was supposed to say

I love you to him and he would do it on command.

When he pointed his finger, she would say, I love you.

I love you.

And then she says he gave her herpes.

Or an STD.

Oh, we can't be specific?

No, 'cause we don't know, it's an undisclosed STD.

Oh okay.


And allegedly it's an undisclosed STD.

I would like to think that Margaret was smart enough

to do this on her own and then go to her mom

and say, mom, guess what?

I'm not with him.

You know what I mean?



So this is a big weekend.

Betty White turns 99 on Sunday.

(clapping) Yeah.

That's a whole lot of living.

You know what she says does it for her?


Hotdogs, french fries and chocolate cake.


She also credits, if you wanna follow the Betty White diet,

vodka and hotdogs for longevity,

and crossword puzzles to keep your mind sharp.


I think she does hotdogs for photo ops.

I don't believe that she really eats like that at home.

You know, oh, there's a camera?

Oh, let me buy that.

Even though she's biting that one,

it's like, ugh, I'm doing this again?

And she's only biting the tip.

She'll probably spit it in her hand afterwards

and drop it on the floor.

And vodka?


How do you remember your lines?

She's still acting and doing stuff.

Uh-huh, she is.


I wonder if she's still having sex.


See those are the important que--

Not ew, Suzanne.

Oh, come on, leave her alone, she's 99.


That's what she says.

Do you realize she could be 89 and, you know, aging up?

We wouldn't even know!

We wouldn't even know.

Or she could be 110.

Aw. (laughing)

Who's to say?

Who's to say?

(dance music)

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