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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Understand English Films - Listening Techniques

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Today, we're gonna learn how to improve our listening skills to help you better

understand English TV series and films, and we're gonna learn right now!

Do you always use subtitles when watching a film because you can't understand what

people are saying? Well in today's video I'm gonna show you two very simple

techniques, that're gonna help you develop your listening skills. Most

English learners will automatically switch on the subtitles when watching

a film. Now that's great if you want to improve your reading, but it's not going

to help you improve your listening skills. You need to be actively listening.

The following two techniques are very simple but very powerful. I've used them

myself for studying Portuguese and I can tell you they really work. I want you to

find a clip of a film or TV series that's no more than five minutes long.

Watch the clip at least five times without subtitles. The first time your

brain will focus on just a few words. Now those words are in your memory your

brain is free to focus on some new words on the second attempt. Keep repeating

this process for at least five times, and as if by magic, you'll understand almost

everything that you heard. What if you still can't understand enough? Try this

second technique. First, watch the entire clip with subtitles, so you know exactly

what is said. Then on the second attempt watch

without subtitles, but this time your brain is going to know what words to expect.

So, why don't you give it a go. But remember. To really improve your listening skills

you need to improve your pronunciation, and vice versa.

they work together.

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