Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kate 22 11 17

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So how's Robert?

He's got a cut on his shoulder, he's a bit concussed but

apart from that, Michelle said he's going to be okay.

God when I think about what could- Hey hey don't torture yourself.

Kids running out

could happen to anyone.


Listen I feel terrible. I'm so sorry.

It wasn't your fault.

Is it okay if I drop off a present later on for him?

Yeah course. He'd like that. See ya.

Came to see Robert.

He went to see the consultant

Is everything okay?

Yeah fine, it's just a formality.


I feel terrible for what happened. It's fine Kate

It's not your fault.

But it is


My phone rang

It was on the seat next to me

I glanced down at it. By the time I looked back up, it was too late.

I'm so sorry.

Report me if you want, I'll report myself.

I'll go to the police station now- It's okay

Doesn't matter.

Robert wouldn't be in this state if it wasn't for me

Believe me Kate there are worse things, just go home.

Heya, is there any chance of table for tonight?

Yeah course. Just bear with.

Can I borrow that? What's up?

Denise Osbourne. Table for one.

Table for one. Used to make me sad

Bit daft really. Who says that couples are the be all and end all

Oh Osbourne. That's your Mum.


Although I'm sure I could sue her under trade descriptions.

Well maybe this is her way of reaching out?

A text would have been £30 cheaper.

But would you have replied to it? No. Well there you go.

She's willing to come in here and sit on her lonesome while you give her daggers all evening.

She must really want to put things right.

Well, since you seem to care about her so much

She's all yours.

Fine then but won't it be weird serving other tables and totally blanking her.

Maybe your Mum changed her mind? No.

This delay is just a bit of psychological warfare.

Mate, you're para(noid). Do you reckon?

Well I'd suggest giving her a ring but someone didn't take down their number as per (usual).

You are a treat to work with. No really I lucked out.

Well don't throw around words like paranoid then!

Now look.

Let me get the first aid kit. Leave it! You need a blue plaster!

Are you deaf?! I said leave it!

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