Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2153 KM FIETSEN: CHALLENGE VOLTOOID!? | GIRO DI TIETEMA #6

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How long will this still work?

When will it go wrong?

Josse really doesn't feel well

We crossed of the Tour of Flanders

Now we are up for a completely new challenge

I feel empty

So more than 2000 kilometres

With 20000 meters of altitude

Can we ride to the Netherlands from the start of the Giro

Within the time the peloton needs to finish in Milan

We start when the first rider starts, and we finish when the first rider crosses the finish line

In the last episode it was a bit the weather got the better of us

If this goes on for another 1,5 weeks, it will be a real challenge to get home

Our tiredness became really known to us

The energy is gone, this will be a very nice week!

With 6 stages to go, this will be the week of truth

You are really exhausted

Will we finish with the three of us in Amsterdam?

A battle against the peloton, the time, the elements and ourselves

This is the final of

Giro Di Tietema

We passed the 2000 meters

If there was a pillow right here, I would have fallen asleep

Good morning beauty

Its rest day for me to, put that down please

Whether we would reach the finish or not, it was an insane journey

And we are going to call our coach Wilbert, to ask him how we are ever going to work our way through this last week

Would Wilbert think this is a good idea?


No, he is going to say its a very cool idea but very stupid too

When I heard the idea first, I thought this is a completely stupid idea

But when Bas made the calculations with the hours and distance, you can do it

So we can finish it, but he wasnt that pleased with the shape we were in

First, the preparation was weak, for all three of you

We know

But we do have a Tour de France in our legs


He did made an analysis on how we were doing

I will start with Josse

On paper you are very very tired, but mentally you seemed fresh

You must ride next to him for 5 hours

I didnt believe anything about that, the past days Josse is non-stop complaining about his bottom

He came back from the drugstore with a really desperate solution

I have bought tampons

You are going to ride with tampons?

I was in the store

But walked around first

But why tampons?

I sought things I can apply down there which are soft

When he said tampons, he means sanitary pad

This is quite a good idea right?

I going to stick a diaper there

Devin, on paper, you are very very exhausted.

Not only on paper

under my eyes to!

That is because Devin has got the least experience of us all

And when you look at the data from his heart rate monitor, he is relatively suffering the most

Yesterday was a hard day?

It was difficult

I saw that in your data too, many peaks

The last two hours of the ride I was very sleepy, my heart rate didnt go up anymore too

Thats a natural protection mechanism of the body, it says to not rise up too much anymore

You are to exhausted, we are controlling it to protect the vital organs

The most important advice was to rest well, and keep eating even if you are not hungry

Eat against your will, the engine should keep on burning

You should watch yourself the coming days

Wilberts worries were good, the next day it went a bit wrong

Devin is having a really hard time, he did not sleep this night

He didnt eat anything for breakfast

We are looking how we can get him through today

Are you putting on the longsleeves, or the other one?

I dont have a longsleeve one, but I will put those over it

That alright?

It isnt warm

Slept bad?

Not at all

It feels like I did not sleep at all

My legs feel like

When I was younger, I grew very fast, but that hurt my legs a lot That feeling I had tonight too, I couldnt sleep of it

We could have better done a ride yesterday

To keep the engine running

A rest day can be a disadvantage, the body is trying very hard to recover

Then you really suffer

I dont feel very fit but..

It can be worse

I really feel bad for him

You dont do this for fun

You are so exhausted that your body just quits

I think that is happening right now

I think the goal will be to get one day further

Just hope we can carry him for 6 hours

When watching the footage, it scared me how bad I looked like

But then it was just on the automatic pilot, just go

I didnt have the idea that he would finish that day, but we just started

I dont know, just start and we will see

Its 6 hours and ten minutes

What a pep talk this is

Are you counting down?

We are already 5 minutes late


We are 2,5 in, I feel as weak as a grape

But we are riding at an easy speed luckily

The tank is starting to get empty

It is 1 o'clock, we are riding till half past 4

The only thing I can do is keep on pedaling, keep on eating

I never expected to look forward to a car claxon, but it was finally there

6 hours

How did it go?

It was difficult, very difficult

I dont know how I did it, I dont know how we are going to do this in the coming 4 days

But this day is over

I am going to ride, so later!

Exactly, we are in the neighborhood of

Were you calling his mom again?

Lore am main,

We are in the neighborhood of Lor am main

We are heading to Frankfurt, to Keulen

How long do we have to ride?

6 hours, again

It is stage 17, we had a hard day yesterday

Devin was exhausted

But he is still there

We are getting closer to the Netherlands, and the closer we get

The smaller the chance that Devin is going to stop

He wants to reach the finish

I am knackered, thats not for the first time.

I can really feel that you are exhausted right now

A small hour to go

22 km to go

He looks like someone with a cat with nine lives, but I feel like you 8 have already died

Just go, I am tired

Hey, you finished your breakfast

I can't finish my yogurt and my fruit

Every day it was a question in the last week whether this would be going right or not.

And when he would finally give up, how that would have went

So it is a good conclusion that you are too stupid to stop when you only have 4 days left.

But that is the only reason why I am still riding today

Good morning from Limburg

Limburg in the Netherlands?

No Limburg an der Lan, it is in Germany

We are riding to Keulen

We are approaching the dutch border

It is 400 km to go

The first hour was hard

But when we went up the hill, Devin said he wanted to stop for a bit because he felt light in his head

I am empty

Devin felt bad for the past days, he was empty

Thats logical, but it is just 300-400 km to go

You just dont want to give up

The feeling that you want to go so badly, but your head does not, is a really really bad feeling

I felt like the body said stop


Your head says go on, go on

But it ends somewhere

Devin had to stop, from the second rest day he felt empty

Every day just one day further

But here it ended, no idea where we are

He was dizzy in his head

His body is empty, which isnt crazy after riding for 17 days

I think Devin has pushed his boundaries

We wouldnt have thought he would already got this far

But this was his finish line

But that does not mean that we are stopping here too, we have to move on!

Maybe because we stopped for an hour, my body thought this was the end too

But Josse, you are not going to stop right!

Yeah but that is one thing, we have to get there in time too

Where are we?


The hart of Keulen

We lost quite sometime because Devin stopped

116 is not that much as we had hoped for

I am so jealous

I want to be you

You are here in your normal clothes

Did I mention that I woke up with a stomach ache, my inguinal is still open, my legs hurt

But Josse, when you quit with just 3 days to go you are a real loser

I am quite happy actually, that I dont have to go through this pain.

I am jealous, I think Bas is that too

But Bas cant say that in his role as tutor or torturer

This is a small ausfahrt

We were on our way to the start of stage 19, when a message came through

Stage is shortened, the riders are getting in the bus, and they will ride to milan, they will just ride 150 kilometers

100 kilometers shorter?

It was 250 originally

The riders of the Giro were on strike because of the length of the stage.

The stage was shortened by half

They are communicating that 10 minutes before the start?

The big question was, what are we going to do?

We are going to call the chairman of the Tour de Tietema riders vakbond, Harm Vanhoucke

He is in the Giro right now, nice and snug in the bus

As the chairman of the Bas Tietema union, you can ride by car to Dusseldorf, and ride on from there

We can go by car to Dusseldorf

That wasnt that generous, the riders could do 3 hours less, and we could just move for 30 kilometers

And how long should we ride today?

That depends on how fast we will ride

Are you looking forward to this or not?

Looking forward is a bit much, but I think we will ride for 3,5 hours

Dusseldorf Amsterdam is 225 kilometers, with two stages and 1 time trial to go

The race was really on

36 km/h!

We can ride a bit harder now

It is starting to look Dutch!

And finally, we ended a couple of kilometers before the Dutch border, it was just a few 100 meters

Then the day was there

My legs really, really hurt

And my ass

Such a bad night

I am hungry, but I cant think of food

It is time for the 1 but last stage of the giro

To give us a real Giro feeling, we got a special present.

What are you laughing at?

Just like Wilco Kelderman, we got a special helmet for the last stages!

Then the most important stage was there, can we get close enough to get to Amsterdam in the time trial?

We are in the Netherlands!

And directly we have a nice cycling path, everything is well ordered

I was really tired, I had much pain, I was done with it

I dont feel very strong today

My stomach, I have got cramps in my stomach

I am trying to eat but

Josses end was near, he started eating less

I really thought oof, it cant go wrong today

Josse is really feeling bad

Try to give him food today

Josse was so tired that he started to tell everything he felt

Upperlegs, hindlegs, hamstrings, not so fast!

We just passed the border and we were already spotted

Blind panic, where is Devin?

It might not be long before they would ask where Josse is

I dont like this

Did you know that some pro cyclists (Adam Hansen) did 21 of these things back to back? Three every year

I got so much respect for that

We are riding next to the Amstel

How much time do we have left?

There was the claxon

My head feels light

I have got far to less energy

One time trial to go!

The very very last

We really fought for this

Can I do it?

This is my first time!

A straight line Josse

No you have to write start!

You did this very well

To tomorrow!

Good morning

It was the last day of our adventure

My body started to attack me

20 days of suffering, today we will finish it

Just a short stage to go

You are still not looking forward to this, it is still not fun

But you feel like you are going to finish 20 days of ups and downs

That is what keeps you going

How many days will you stay of the bike after this?

Between 170-210

There was one thing I hoped for, that it stayed dry

Well guys, well tell me

Its quite cozy here

It's great what you have done these last weeks

Now the last day of the Giro di Tietema is there

Ride together the last 8 kilometers, in less time than Jay Hindley, in the maglia Rosa, is going to ride his time-trial

Best of luck!

Well Devin, I did a calculation

8,5 kilometers, thats 28 on average

There are many traffic lights, and it is raining too

I know what Bas is going to say

It will be easy

I did not say that, I just said we can do this

I hope it will be dry in ten minutes

At the Olympic stadium there is a finish line

How long do we have to go?

What a shit weather

This is a typical finish for us.



The first feeling I got was that it was really wet and that Bas went really fast

Watch out with the rain in the corners!

We can do this, but not much should work against us

This is bad!

Push the button!


Wait! I am not clipped in!

We rode for 21 days to cross the finish line, through rain, wind, and mountains

And when you are finally there, that really feels great

4 kilometers to go!

So much satisfaction, but I wouldnt advise this to anyone

That was way too hard

Josse thought this was completely unrealistic, but it feels so great when you finally can finish this with the two of us

You even have got some time left!

Thank you too!

Good work Devin

The first one is for you!

I will put this one down

When I saw them crossing the finish line, I was really happy that we accomplished this mission

It sucked that I wasnt there, but I knew I did everything I could, so I could be okay with it

I will do one sip!

Cheers guys!

Although Devin was the one who did not accomplish this challenge

He was the one who showed where his limit was, and who suffered the most!

I have really got respect for that

Its something to never forget

Enjoy it!

I will be fine!

We didnt finish with the three of us in Amsterdam

But that does not diminish the achievement we all did

We gave everything weve got

Can we finish in Amsterdam before the giro finishes in Milan?

The answer is

Yes, we can!

Well, the two of you

With the three of us

Thanks for following our adventure from Palermo to Amsterdam!

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