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I sometimes am astounded by Enric

And what have you told him?

That no,

that we couldn't do this,

just imagining him sleeping with somebody else...

If my boyfriend told me that, I would send him to hell

Well, we have friends who do it

and it's going so mother fucking well for them tell!


Yes, I have seen them;

they sleep with other guys and explain everything to each other;

that also requires a lot of trust

Yes, the only thing you two are doing is deceiving yourselves

They are incapable of keeping a relationship and they're dissimulating it in this manner

Perhaps yes

You want to last with Enric, no?

Of course

Well, do not involve third parties by any means because you will be mistaken

It was a great threesome

You know when everything fits, like in choreography?


Well, that's how it was

We didn't even need to speak,

it seemed like we were reading each other's minds,

just thinking about it gets me horny

And... that's it...

You want details?

No, what I mean is...

it did not bother you, at any moment, to see your boyfriend mounting someone else?

On the contrary! It got me hot

But, you had to feel some jealousy

That possessive thing that people attribute to sex is absurd;

sex is sex and doesn't have much importance,

and as much as outside as within the pair, we have to live life as a game

Ok, But Edu, feelings get mixed

With your partner yes,

and to fuck when there's love is great,

but it's not the only way to fuck

For me, yes

Max, it's because you are the way you are,

but you will understand it because the majority of us are not like this

There aren't many relationships like yours Edu,

for some reason there must be...

Yes for hypocrisy,

the majority of couples wish to do things that they don't dare to say ever

and they are wrong

They either break up or they stay together deceiving one another,

on the other hand we don't hide anything from each other;

in fact, we share everything,

this is sincerity Max, and the rest are stupidities

As well as you illustrate it...

it seems that there's only one way of doing things

Not really,

every relationship has to find its way of functioning and we have found this


Hi precious

Sit down

Do you know who just called me?


The guy from Tuesday, he's losing his head

What did he want? To repeat?

Now you will hallucinate,

he has invited me to San Francisco the following week

because he has some friends, I don't know, and aked if I'd going

I'm shocked dude

It's this magic that I have

And what did you tell him?

That yes, that me to San Francisco, I will happily go...

but with my Edu

If we start saving we can go this summer,

it will be good to go in June for gay pride day

Hi, How are you?


Is there something in the fridge or do we have to cook? I'm starving!

I don't know

Let's see

Today I was with Edu

and we were talking about everything concerning open relationships


It seems to work for him and his boyfriend,

they have it all figured out and they know how deal with it very well;

but you and I are different

Of course

We will get jealous, no?

And...maybe we might fall in love with somebody else;

if you can sleep with whomever you want, this can end up happening


I don't know, a short relationship

can stop being one at any moment

and I want to be with you always Enric

Max look, there is no need for us to go over it,

I lost my head and I don't even know why I said it to you

You said it because you wish to try it

This is what you want right?

The truth is that yes

Well, let's try it

Are you sure?

Yes, of course

It could be that now we are an open couple, no?

It looks like it

And what do we have to do?

I have no idea

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