Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sci-Fi Short Film "Prospect" | Now A Feature Film

Difficulty: 0


-Are you sure? -Yes.

Get the shovels.

This is not our world.

This will never be our world.

We are aliens here.

We are here only for the Aurealac, nothing else.

We cannot stay here.

Always stay within range,

the radios are the only thing that keeps us connected.

Know your sectors,

stay in contact.

Under no circumstances can we be separated.

If anything happens to me, take the Aurealac

and take it home.

Nothing's gonna happen.

Do not underestimate the danger.

There are others out there and they all want the Aurealac.

We have a lot of it, that makes a target.

We are small, we are smart, and the forest is big.

But we still have to be prepared.

We cannot be to careful.

Where is the ship?

54, 51.3 by 78, 87.1 west.



78, 87.01 west.

-Sorry. -Say it right.

54,51.3 by 78, 87.01 west.

Show me.

What is the launch code?

151, Alpha, Lima, Charlie, 662, Echo, Zulu, Eight.

What you do when...

Strap myself in, turn on GPCs, primary and backup.

Initiate launch sequence, code and key.

Once in orbit, only communicate with government vessels.

They will help me. Do not tell them about Aurealac.

If I see a non-government vessel,

shut down electrics and they will not find me.

Very good.

What are you doing?

Just looking through my sketches.

You are what?

My sketches.

I draw sometimes when you are busy.

These are good.

Have you always like to draw?



Maybe we should get you some paints or something when we get back.

That would be good, wouldn't it?


Anything you want.

These are really very good.

So, were we at?


Good, so how much have we made?

1.4 million.

Almost there.

Stay back.

There's someone here. He's armed.

Go to the ship.

I'll meet you there.

Wait, what are you...

My leg...'s broken.

I'm sorry.

He has the Aurealac.

I'm sorry.

Go back to the ship.

No, no, no!

I'm sorry.

You have to leave immediately.

If they made it in the sector they will find the ship.

If they haven't already.

We'll have to make a split.



Wait! What are you doing?

Hold your breath.

We will find a way to get all of them.

2742, requesting release.

We are here to harvest.

I have the location of a massive deposit of Aurealac.

The Queen's Lair.

By my estimation is the largest one we've ever seen.

Someone is approaching.

Where are you from?


How poetic.

The Queen's Lair.

Where is it?

Drop it!

Now this is something I've never seen.

In all my time in the Green.

A little girl.

We are in the same trough, you and I.

You don't have a ship.

No, I don't. But you will find a way to get home.

If you find that buried treasure.

Why should I trust you?

You are a killer.

I am indeed.

What are you?

I can offer protection.

I say together we ravage the Queen's Lair.

Even split.

Of course.

I sustained a wound.

I was hoping you had some juice.

Here's our offer.

I don't understand.

For the girl.

That is a bold offer.

Maybe you're gonna have to trust me.

You trying to trick me.

It was all in the name of self-preservation, birdie.

It was nothing personal.

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