Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Baby Umbrella Frock 1 Marking & Cutting

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Now we'll do the marking for the umbrella frock (for kids).

for 2 1/2 years baby.

We'll need 2 meters of fabric.

We'll keep this fabric aside.

tusser silk fabric.

butter scotch fabric for the inner lining.

First of all we'll do the marking for the body.

Mark 1 1/4" at the top for hook strap.

You can give hook or zipper. (We're using hook here.).

do a reference marking at the side.

length of the body is 8 1/2" + 1" (seam) = 9 1/2".

shoulder is 8 1/2" divide it by 2 we'll get 4 1/4".

4" for arm hole.

Neck width is 4" / 2 = 2".

neck depth 4".

2" here too.

We'll give 1" strap on the shoulder.

mark straight at here.

Chest is 20" + 4" (loosing) = 24"/4 = 6". Mark at 6".

waist is 20" + 1" (loosing) = 21"/4 = 5 1/4".

take a slight rounding at the bottom.

We'll draw a slight curve from the neck depth point to the armhole point.

If we start cutting from here It will be for full body.

We'll cut this out.

then we'll give 1" strap on the shoulders.

We'll take here extra for stitching.

and here too for stitching.

Now we'll do the cutting.

We'll cut back and front together.

Now we'll cut the shoulder strap.

mark 1/2" at the top.

total 6" strap (at the front 3" and 3" for the back).

this is for hook strap.

this marking is for shoulder strap attachment.

body cutting is over now we'll do the cutting for bottom (ghera).

first of all double the fabric.

fold the fabric as shown.

We'll cut umbrella.

our calculation for waist is 5 1/4".

mark 5 1/4". as shown.

from here it is 7 1/4". at the marking.

draw an arc of radius 7 1/4". from the tip.

1/2" for seam.

Now we'll cut the bottom.

Leaving the body height (8 1/2") mark at 22" (total body length).

1" extra for bottom folding.

mark 22" as shown.

We'll give 1" dip at the front.

because we're cutting on a cross fabric so it will fall more at the front. thats why we are reducing 1" at front.

We'll now cut the fabric according to the lining.

We'll cut 1" more at the lining fabric because we don't want to show the lining fabric outside.

double the fabric.

do just like we did with the lining fabric.

place the lining over the fabric and do the cutting.

reduce 1" at the lining.

bottom is finished now we'll do the cutting for body.

We'll cut the front part first.

now back.

now we'll cut the strap.

1" strap for shoulder.

1/2" for stitching.

2" strap.

one more 1/2" for stitching.

total 3" strap.

take 9"

this is one strap.

mark 1/2" for stitching.

mark at 6".

1/2" more for stitching.

total 7" strap.

We'll fold the strap and make it 1" then we'll stitch as shown.

this is the marking and cutting of umbrella frock for babies.

We'll add some pattern over the top.

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