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- You can buy some pretty strange things on the internet,

almost anything that you want.

This definitely falls into that category.

- [Lincoln] What is this?

- These guys don't know what we're getting.

Come on in, Lincoln hop in the middle.

- Now what is this, can of-

- This is air that is canned from

all these places in the world.

Shanghai, Sydney, New York,


- Dubai. - Dubai.

Honolulu, Hawaii,

Paris, France and

- [Ky] Tokyo.

- Tokyo, Japan.

- Canned air. - Canned air.

- We need this, we have inversions so...

- I bought this off the internet for like $10.

- I don't think this is for real.

Honestly, I don't think they got this

from all of these places.

- Well, we're gonna find out.

We are going to open up each one of them

and smell the air.

Each one of them is unique.

Let me tell you what's in the air in Shanghai.

20% The Bund, remember The Bund?

It's the place with the water

and it's a place that you go by the water.

10% Oriental Pearl, 20% smog.

- That's not very good.

- That's funny.

Relieves stress, cures homesickness and helps fight.

- All of them say that.

- The thing that I like though is underneath

where it says 100% bio,

they always put something clever on it.

Whoever did this was really smart.

It says this can be delivered by pigeon post upon request.

- Pigeon post.


- So Sydney has all the different things, Sydney Harbor,

opera house, Manly Beach.

- Why do they say that they air comes from that?

The air formula.

- That's where the formula comes from.

New York City, read the interesting thing on that one.

- [Lincoln] Alright.

Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal,

Statue of Liberty

- [Daniel] It's funny they didn't even put it in order.

Like the two 20% are just randomly spread out.

- May contain traces of Bronx, Brooklyn,

Queens, or Staten Island.

- Also available in 800 most commonly used

languages in New York City.

That's New York City, it's a melting pot.

There's people from all over the world.

There's a star that says we were forced to include.

Which one were they forced to include?

Oh, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Oh, that's a burn.

Alright, let's go through these a little quicker.

Oh, this is good.

This is Dubai, Lincoln and I went there.

We had a great time.

It is super hot, super sandy, really, really cool

tall buildings.

Okay, here's something interesting.

It says store this can in an air conditioned environment.

That totally fits in with Dubai

'cause everything's air conditioning

'cause it's so stinking hot.

May contain sand from the beach.


- There's no sand.

- This is where I want to be right now.

- Yes.

- Hawaii the most out of all of them.

- [Lincoln] 20% Diamond Head, sandy beach,

downtown Honolulu, bunch of stuff.



this can is constantly expanding from volcanic eruptions.

- That's clever.

Good job.

What about Paris?

Anything interesting about Paris.

- [Lincoln] It is 20% Eiffel Tower and The Louvre

and Notre Dame.

- You even said if fancy didn't ya?

- That's how you say it, I've been there.

- Not everybody's been to Paris.

- [Lincoln] May contain traces of liberte, egalite,

I don't, it's French words.

- Alright, last but not least.

Actually the place that we're going to

for a week for spring break.

- Tokyo.

- Tokyo.

- Wait a second, what?

- It's all in like...

- [Lincoln] This can is allowed in

women only passenger cars.

- [Daniel] That must be a thing.

- [Lincoln] Shibuya Crossing.

- Shibuya.


We went there, Gold Play Button video.

Fire in _

Lining- ♪

- So, how do we open these?

Okay, I see.

- We've got this giant tool here.

Isn't this like perfect for it.

We got this as a joke and then I'm like,

what should we open these with?

This is perfect.

How do we do this?

We should do it so we all can smell at the same time.

Out of all these places, which one would you go to first?

Which one do you want to go to first?

- This one.

- Yeah, alright, what is it?

- Dubai.

- Dubai.

Moving all these guys to the side.

I think this is the game plan here,

we all get around it, we open if up

and we smell at the same time.

Air from Dubai, this is happening.

Get ready guys, get ready to smell Dubai air coming at us.

Ready, set,


- It doesn't smell like anything.

- Doesn't smell like anything.

- Remember that smell, we're gonna go for the

place that should have what I would say

is the strongest smell of them all, Shanghai

because of the pollution.

We're going to China right now.

Remember what that smelled like.

- It didn't smell like anything.

- Okay, here we go.

- That smelled a little bit different,

a tiny bit different.

- Yeah, yeah I can smell the pollution.

- Yeah.

- I feel like I'm transported back

to the Chinese Temple in Shanghai.

- It's so nice when you just sniff in a cup

and it smells like pollution.

- Good thing that it actually has the air in there

so we didn't just buy an empty can

for $10 off the internet.

- They were all $10?

- Yeah, not a bad deal.

I mean if you're homesick.

Beach, we should smell the beach.

I think we need to go to the beach.

- Yeah, let's smell the beach.

- Okay, beach is coming.

- I need the beach.

- One, two, three.

One, two, three.

I gotta use this side.

- I don't-

- Wait, it has little grains of sand.

- Does it?

- It does. - Yeah it does.

- Maybe it's mold, I see something in there.

It doesn't really move.

It does look kinda like sand.

Look at this, this is what's inside of all three of them.

It truly is air in there.

- Nothing else.

- Did we get duped?

What do you think Ky, is this real or not?

Did it really have the air in it?

- I think it is, but it might like, I'm not sure.

- [Daniel] Lincoln, what do you think?

- It's like _.

- It's like _ bracelet, the water's not actually in it,

that we saw.

Not one drop of anything in there.

Hold on, stay there.

Let me see if this helps you at all.

By the way, a lot of people are gonna be wondering

where did we get this?

I bought it off that website Etsy.

The box came with all of them in it.

This is the best thing, it says,

it came from the Czech Republic and on the-

oh my address is gonna be on it.

(rock music)

- Well they're not gonna be able

to see your address anymore.

- One thing I love is that on the customs scan,

customs declaration, it says declare

what you have inside of here.

It says eight empty cans, souvenir tin.


So I think he basically is telling us

it's just a souvenir tin, but I choose to believe

that we really breathed in the air

from where did we go today?

- We went to Shanghai, Honolulu, Dubai.

- Okay, here's what I'm gonna do,

this is a cool idea to have these.

I think Claire would like this, our daughter Claire.

She loves Paris.

I'm gonna save this one for her.

We've still got four left.

I think we need to send one from Down Under to Ky's family.

Take that home so you guys can open it as a family.

So we still have three more.

We have Germany, New York City, and Tokyo.

Here's the plan- - Giveaway.

- Leave a comment on which one you want down below

and we will do a quick giveaway.

We'll put a giveaway in there.

We'll only leave it up for like three days.

If you want an interesting can of air,

we will mail these to three of you.

Then a lot of you have been asking about

our past giveaways like who got it, who got the Home Pod,

who got the pictures?

- Follow us on social media like Instagram.

- I would say Twitter is a big one for giveaways.

- Twitter and Instagram.

- So for the Home Pod, we shipped it off this week

and the person that won also has a Twitter account,

they're going to Tweet a picture of them with it

and then we're going to re-tweet their Tweet.

So if you want us to give you a re-tweet

if you win one of these we'll send it to you.

You can take a picture with it and we'll post it.

Everything that we say we're gonna give away, we give away.

There we go, we breathed in the air from multiple places

around the world tonight

and we're going to send you guys air

from somewhere around the world.

Well from three places.

If you guys have really unique air where you're at,

feel free to jar it up and mail it to us so we can smell it.

Just don't put stinky stuff inside of it.

Or dangerous stuff.

I wanna test it against one of these.

If you live in Honolulu or Shanghai or Dubai,

send us an empty can of air.

- Yeah, I love empty cans of air.

- Thanks internet

for letting us sit around

and sniff air from around the world.

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