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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Choosing a Christmas Tree

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one coke whisper is good cincuenta

hello everybody welcome back to another

video the amigas English is Punto calm

how you Isabel

I'm very good for you how are you today

I'm very well thank you

and today we have a very special video

for you because it's Christmas and where

are we gonna go today

wait well first we're gonna have brunch

you what is brunch brunch is breakfast

and lunch and then we're gonna go to the

Christmas market here in Barcelona yes

and don't forget we've got to test your

English as well so you might want to

take notes when you see vocabulary new

vocabulary because at the end we're

going to test you so pay attention okay

let's put our shoes on our coats and

let's go yep let's go what is that what

I saw or now is this those are lovely


was this a Christmas present Philip I

think yeah must have been you know you

get socks every year Christmas

great friends


we've alright here we are the market

there's lots of people around and lots

of things to see and buy there's a guy


looks like in sorting out the mistletoe

Miss Italia and

you prosper

to the dark

yep we're not gonna against each other

here in public I wonder is not mistletoe

recent nah stocking

place is packed

yeah absolutely

I found some mistletoe Philip the fancy

coming sign is on

then you just love Christmas


little bit tacky cities attract years

away terra cotta children tacky thank


cute funny that way

he says so

snowflake and look there's a store with

cockatiels kakatiyas is a typical

Catalan tradition uncle store yeah the

children at Christmas they hit cockatiel

with sticks to me they put a blanket on

top and then in putting presents

underneath and the heat is a bit

discussed in this tradition this is

falling and it has spikes

almost like all the can donate which is

ma'am during a football and making a

number to do in a number strange trance


or sizable this is a brief brief I plus

steal it now I have to find him

I'm lost

I was couple of years ago we made a

Christmas tree to me it didn't last long

did it was a very small one but this

year we're going to buy a Christmas tree

yes but I've been going around and it

was eight euros for a little bunch of

flowers so how much do you think it is

the Christmas tree I think 13 euros or

something like that and what size about


okay channel is big right actually I

won't be able to carry at home and are

you good bartering and

I'm not very good at bartering because

I'm quite shy but maybe I'll try I try

to bring the price down and ok let's see

how it goes ok we'll try and find a

Christmas cheer how much

quanto Costa is window cincuenta


25 euros better than the last one last

one was 25 euros but it was much smaller

let's go I'm going okay they get cheaper

and cheaper

this is a fake Christmas tree do you

want a fake one is about or real one I

prefer a real life maybe the fake ones

are cheaper they last longer definitely

now I look real those on one it's the

big deal


my family 22:22 least well 12 euros

this corner or shorter than the one

before down there

thank sighs now Russia has a nice trade

what do you think

I'm sure yeah I feel we got a good deal

there's one here for 25 June upon a bit

worried that doesn't happen or bad shape

it's a bit short and a bit fast but it's

a good price so you get it yeah

as our 301 in a moment that's the small

maybe I've changed my mind I know how to

run still a

it's just perfect for us we have a Merry

Christmas two more guys

laughs yeah

is she

smell good right now we have to go home

and we have to decorate

so we've got our tree before we go home

and decorate it let's just have a quick

drink in the bar

I'm private fatty

don't worry there's another place just

ran the course funny and they speak to

you in English

I am a Guinea

so how do you feel Isabel I feel better

now this stressful market now I'm

enjoying a beer yeah on you yeah oh

great there's a real Christmas

atmosphere isn't it yes this has arrived

in the city already

what do you want to Christmas is about I

don't want anything but there was one

thing that you've been talking about

getting for a long time isn't it

yes I'm thinking about having a cat but

it's not pretty I'm escaping Capri to a

win it's not a whim but you know it's a

lot of responsibility to have a cat

because cats live for 20 years or s

homicide you said that did don't in


just before Christmas Philip is getting

closer to 30 years yes in English words

appear on pushing 30 pushing 30

oh you can say you're getting on a beach

feeling I'm getting older

yeah yeah I've been here for three

decades I won't ask you how old you are

because it's not polite to ask women how

old are you getting big trouble if you

ask me that

that is about it I passed that barrier

already what would you like for


get us umbrella when we got it I would

love to have an electric skateboard okay

it's very expensive but no I don't need

anything I don't need anything

I've got everything I need what are our

plans for 2016

lots of things on our list in a no man

that is not clear yet once we've made

the decision we'll let you know

yeah let's give it cigarette for now

yeah buy a great great adventure yeah

we've got lots of exciting things

planned for next year so we're back home

we've got our Christmas tree and now

I've got some decorations here some

tinsel light mushrooms

whatever this mushrooms more tinsel

balls balls bubbles bubbles careful

because these are made of glass

my pencil and revision time mientras

estamos a $10 ball we are going to wrap

a side-on pocket a vocabulary overdone

of course

vamos a ver SI laces that oppressed and

Oh attention Dante's the video yes are

you ready okay let's see how many words

you remember Como sniff a pomelo great

fruit more Dawa mistletoe a Caliphate in

Avidan yo de los que se ponen ella


stalking eco-mode Eirias está lleno de

gente esta star Eva la gente en English

como se dice a its

packed Philly Barisan or Tara oh you are

tacky comedy fake corona the florists

wreath Irama the florists a bunch of

flowers either they are butter como se

FF also para hand blow in Mahina de el

árbol Mundi Amanda fall so tedious

fake fake diamond in Capri to win young

Gatito marrow kitten y como se fait

mesto a fur condo a lost Renta mestia

fur condo a fear tada Tereus I'm pushing


I'm pushing 30 is irrigated a lien testa

second um poco Viejo you're getting on

let's hope it's a good one so what do

you think

are you make done a good job Philip are

you happy with it quite happy yeah

now that now that you have removed those

horrible mushrooms that you decided to

buy it's much better

it's about didn't like the mushrooms but

maybe there's still one or two mushrooms

still just literally like a spotty three

yeah no one kondañña come ask me so if

you had a good day Isabel yes I have

unusually yeah was fantastic wasn't it

so are you in the Christmas spirit now


oh yeah yeah I can see we wish you a

Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry

Christmas we wish you a merry Chris

and a Happy New Year open the bottle of

champagne Wow okay we didn't have any

okay everyone thank you so much for

watching the videos thank you to all of

the people who have subscribed to us

this year and who've been following us

and leaving us lovely comments on all

our videos we really appreciate it and

we hope that you have a very Merry

Christmas and a Happy New Year Merry

Christmas my that was perfect


it take it

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